Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back to old faithful

So I've been on a roller coaster of eating SFL meal plan during the week and then reverting to my old ways on the weekend. The old ways that lead to weight gain, bloating and all over badness. These old ways include wine, pizza, chocolate, garlic fingers, cookies. You name it. I ate it last weekend.

So obviously it's time to switch things ups. I can't stay on this roller coaster long. Lose 5 lbs during the week on my super clean SFL meal plan, gain 5 lbs on the weekend eating garbage that I don't need or want. Not a good cycle. I need consistency. What to do? Hmm...... Didn't I lose almost 70 lbs on Weight Watchers? Didn't I rock the plan for a very very long time? Didn't I feel successful and confident? Didn't I lose weight while still eating the foods that I love? Didn't I, didn't I didn't I?

Yes, I did.

So here we go again ladies. We are back....with a vengeance.

This is how I'm going to make Weight Watchers rock my world while I lose these last 10 lbs!!

1. Measure everything. Even the extra grape that rolled onto the counter while measuring.
2. Journal EVERYTHING, even the extra grape that rolled onto the counter while measuring.
3. Count ever SINGLE point (ok I think the grape has been counted but what about that extra little lick of PB you took when you were spreading it on your toast?)
4. Plan my weekends. Plan every single flex point BEFORE Friday afternoon. Doesn't mean it's not going to change a little but if I plan it out before the weekend, I'll be less likely to stray.
5. Post Menus online. I won't only be accountable to myself but to all you ladies too! I'm a lot less likely to lie to you guys than I am to myself!
6. Exercise on the weekends. No more taking Friday-Sunday off. If I get up Saturday and get some activity in, not only will it give me more energy but I might think twice about that Mars bar Saturday night!
7. Stay away from the wine. It's not the end of the world. One or two glasses of wine is enough on occasion. No need to be downing a bottle.....or more. I have two occasions coming up that may involve wine:
a) Bachelorette Party and I'm the maid of honor. I'm not going to kid anyone, I'm going to have more than a glass or two of wine. BUT I will allocate my flex points to the wine in my weekend plan. (See #4) I'll just have to give up the chocolate that weekend!
b) Birthday dinner with the girls. Limit myself to one glass of wine with dinner. NO MORE!
8. Cut out the processed junk. This is going to be hard one. I do love my All Bran Bites. 100 calorie packs, granola bars. Mmmmmm. Who's got a yummy substitute?
9. No more muffins, even 1 point yummy WW ones. These things have a habit of sneaking into my tummy 2 or 3 at a time. 3 one point muffins do not equal 3 points Carolyn, you know this. Stop kidding yourself.
10. Eat the majority of my points during the day. If I've learned anything from SFL it should be to eat way more protein and to make lunch my biggest meal. Before on WW, I was saving 10-12 points just for supper and nighttime snack. Not good for the metabolism.

I start back to WW on Friday morning March 21st. I can so do this. I know I can. My goal is to see 149 lbs when I hit the beach in Dominican. I've got 6 weeks. I'll find out this Friday how many lbs I have to go to hit my goal. I've got a super cute bikini hanging in my closet for motivation!

Here we go.....!


  1. Good idea!!! I Completely agree with sticking with what works!!!!

    I find that I get in some of my BEST workouts on the weekend...I need those extra points for the weekend munchies!!!

    Good luck girl! I know you can do it!

  2. sounds like you've got a plan. i need to limit my wine consumption as well. and i always try to get at least one workout in on the weekend... it feels like the damage is a lot less when monday rolls around!

  3. Replacements for processed foods...I go with fruit. Like crazy. 1 apple = 100 calories. Much more fibre than a pudding cup. If you want it to be "treat-like" you could go with berries. Berries are ridiculously good for you. I buy a huge frozen bag and just thaw some at a time. Use some splenda to sweeten.
    if you like the carby things you could do oatmeal. I guess it's more like 200 calories or something, but totally reasonable for a snack. I make mine with barely enough milk/water so it's sort of cake like instead of mushy. Could be the muffin replacement.

    There's no reason you need to completely give up SFL and switch to WW. You could eat SFL foods still and just count points right?

    Listen to me be an expert when I've been anything but the last couple of weeks. Nothing like a birthday to make you re-evaluate (mine's friday!)

  4. I enjoy the "healthy" muffins too but they just don't last long enough. I don't get the satisfaction from them that I do from eating a bag of 100 calorie popcorn or a cup of frozen grapes.

  5. Your plan sounds amazing!!!!!!!Oh my god I think you wrote that post for me...I am so following you on this. I feel the same way, always eating well during the week and then crazy binges on the weekend. I have been teeter tottering everyday and need to be accountable, hence why I started blogging again. Do you mind if I join in and we can stay accountable to each other, we can rock it out together and follow each other’s progress on our blogs.
    What do you think, let me know because I am even thinking about weighing in this Friday too because I am off from work and can go first thing in the morning.

  6. Great plan! You sound so motivated that you're even getting ME motivated! lol

    Can't wait to read all about this new and improved journey you're embarking on.

  7. Fantastic plan. WW works when you work it. I like Randi's idea of eating the SFL foods on the WW plan. Combine the best of both worlds. Good luck darling!

  8. coolio
    ok so tomorrow I am going to weigh in and start hard core, first my weigh in then the gym, then I'll update the blog and be accountable. We will rock it together so that in 6 weeks you will look so mint in your bikini :)

  9. You TOTALLY rocked on WW when I "met" you. You can so totally do, but you're right. You have to just go back to basics and do it by the book without bending all the rules.

    Like I am one to talk, huh?

    You'll be a hottie in that bikini!!!!

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  11. Sounds like a great plan! You have to do what works for you. After losing close to 70 pounds, I'd say that you have a pretty good idea of what works for you!

  12. wow great post and I couldnt agree with you 100% on everything you said. You can do this and get those last 10 lbs off by your trip!!


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