Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 2

Day 1 was a success. I stuck to the plan all day and got a good 55 min sweatfest at the gym last night. 25 mins on the bike (ramping up for the Spin class that starts on March 3rd YAY!) 18 mins on the elliptical and 12 mins on the Stairmaster. Felt soo good afterwards.

Around supper time I started the "how am I going to get through this first week on this strict plan- I want my 100 calorie packs back" mentality but I went downstairs and turned on the computer and read all your comments and I was totally back in the game. You ladies are so supportive! It's exactly what I needed to get me through Day 1. I was surprised at how many people said it would be easier to stick to plan while Scott was away and in most cases this would be correct but I am one of those lucky little ladies who has a hubby who eats super healthy (with the excpetion of the occasonal weekend blow out) and he is constantly encouraging me to make the right choices and get to the gym. Before he found out he was going to Kansas he was even trying to think of ways to change his eating so that it would better fit with my SFL plan. Sweet, right?

I made the most amazing Salmon last night. This was my first time ever even buying fish let alone trying to make a little gourmet meal out of it. I wrapped it up in tin foil, topped it with EVOO added a little salt and pepper. In a bowl I mashed up a cracker and some Epicure lemon dill spice and threw that on top of the salmon. Cooked it for 20 mins and then opened the tin foil and broiled for a few mins. It was sooo good. It was honestly like something out of a restaurant. I also bought some Haddock...any ideas on how to make this super yummy? I'm a total fish virgin.

Day 2:
1/2 cup vailla yogurt
1/4 cup cottage cheese
mixed with a cup of fruit

1 1/4 oz of low fat cheese

1 cup of pasta
2.5 cups of veggies
3 oz of chicken

1 cup of baby carrots

4 oz chicken breast cut into strips. Dipped in fat free Italian dressing and rolled in Italian breadcrumbs. Grilled on the George foreman grill. These are soo good. I tried them out last week.
1 tbsp light Ranch dressing for dipping.
2 1/2 cups of veggies (maybe a salad?)

1 1/4 cup of fat free jello OR popcorn.

Exercise today will consist of 50 min Yoga class at lunch and we are expecting a storm this afternoon so I think I'll head home after work and check in with Billy Blanks after supper.

Is it odd that I already FEEL like I'm losing weight? It's only been 1 day! I can't wait to get on the scale on Friday! (been a loooong time since I could say that eh?)


  1. Woo-Hoo, Carolyn! I knew you could do it! Your meal plan looks great. And it is so funny how good our food is when we are hungry. I had baked fish last night too.

    Just imagine how good you're going to look when he gets back!

  2. Congrats on sticking to it Carolyn!!
    Haha, the Cub really tries to adhere to my dietary plan of the moment, but eh, s'mores don't really fit in with my plan and those are his snack of choice lately! Haha!

    Your fish making sounds lovely! We eat a TON of fish, but quite honestly, I'm not the cook so I have no suggestions on how to do it! ;)

    I think it makes sense to feel thinner already - water weight is typically first to go, and it departs quickly when you whip your diet into shape, you know?

  3. Good for you! Doesn't seem too bad does it? Eating good food and yummy. Maybe you won't even go back to your 100 cal packs afterwards (I'm weaning myself completely).

    The Kashi bars really are only ok. I only liked the chocolate cherry ones because I love dried cherries. I should just eat them alone instead. I try and just use them as emergency food but I often crave carbs instead of veggies so that's why I eat my emergency food first.

    As for green tea, I sorta cheat and it's not real green tea exactly. I don't drink hot liquids, ever. I'm weird I know. So I buy the lipton green tea to go packs (like a crystal lite water bottle thing) and drink those. I think they still have a lot of the health benefits of green tea, but maybe not all of them. I could probably make real green tea and sweeten it with lemon and splenda and let it cool, but convenience right?

    longest comment ever award - goes to Randi.

  4. Great Job on sticking to your plan! Just take it one day at a time, I know you do it!

  5. No way! I totally think you can FEEL a loss right away...there are days that I just FEEL lighter and I step and the scale and there you go!!!!

    I think I might try that salmon one night!!!

    I, agree, I consider myself lucky because Danny will eat whatever I put on the table...he may eat a bigger portion, but that just means there is less for me to eat later!!! (and he also eats my restaurant leftovers which is great....so essentially I am saying he is my trash compactor...lucky guy)

  6. I think you can put salmon in foil and put in in the dishwasher for 30 minutes... or so i've heard!

  7. Good job girl!!

    When I said that you would do better on your plan while hubby is away I just meant that sometimes it's easier when you are just focusing on yourself and no one else.

    DBF will eat pretty much whatever I cook (except fish) and generally doesn't force feed me junk or anything. However, I find it tough to resist when he wants to share a bottle of wine or order in pizza. When he's away I don't have that stuff to contend with.

  8. Great job!! You can totally do this!

    As for fish, I love baking it with stewed tomatoes on top. It is my favorite way to eat fish. Yum!

  9. You are doing AMAZING! So proud of you!

    I think it's possible to feel lighter - part psychological, and part real!

    Keep it up!

  10. Yay!!! good job girl!

    Salmon is one of my FAVOURITE things to eat! It's so delicious! That lemon-dill spice would have been peeeeerfect. I'd like skip on the EVOO though just because salmon itself is already pretty oily. If you like salmon, you'll also like mackerel (i know, who eats mackerel, right? but it's soooo good!)

  11. Way to go on! I'm so impressed and just may have to jump aboard your bandwagon. I have found myself sliding and I don't want to do it. I want to keep going forward or downward. Keep up the great work!! I'm going to try your chicken recipe.

  12. Ok I'm not sure about Haddock (I'm not really a fish eater) BUT for salmon I found this yummy recipe from Chatelaine. If you like hoisin sauce then this is for you. I have a pic of it here: http://lex-d.blogspot.com/2008/01/first-meal-plan-dinner.html

    And the recipe is listed there also. Trust me, it's deliscious!! You've gotta have it with the bok choy also. Mmmmm

  13. You know, every time I "start" a new round of weight loss, I always feel lighter right away - so funny you should say that. Glad to see you're doing well - that exercise is the key, for sure. If you get bored of Billy and his strange floating eye, check out Hip Hop Abs. I've lost 20 since I got that set. It's more fun that you would ever expect to have while exercising. Really! Best of luck to you!

  14. good job girl - you seem to be on the right track :) the salmon sounds delicious. trying to catch up on my blogs but just wanted to say hi!! :)


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