Thursday, February 21, 2008

I must say I'm kicking some serious butt at the gym this week.
Monday was a 10 min elliptical warm up and then a 45 min Body Scuplt Class
Tuesday was a 50 min Yoga class at lunch and after work was 10 min on the bike, 20 on the elliptical and another 20 mins on the StairMaster (aka Satan as Katie refers it to)
Wednesday was a 45 min Body Ball class (wish it could have been a little harder last night)
Today is probably 10 mins on the bike, 20 on the elliptical and another 20 on the Stairmaster. It almost took me out on Tuesday but I like a challenge. Since no one else really signs up for that machine at the gym (I think it's kind of intimidating and plus it's pretty intense) I may as well get on there and show them all how it's done!
Friday is going to be a 30 min introductory class to the new SPIN BIKES we got in! I'm so psyched that our YMCA is getting a new spin class. I've heard so much about them from everyone but have never taken one. Any tips or suggestions? Love it, hate it?

Anyone watching Big Brother this season? I missed Tuesdays episode and there is a change in the partners but they didn't say a word about it last night! What happened on Tuesday. Last night I couldn't even believe Jenn. She is way too into the game and what she said about Ryan...I would be livid. Didn't you just want to rewind the tape and show it to him?!

I'm T-4 days and counting until I start SFL. I'm actually excited and thanks everyone for the positive feedback. The plan is pretty simple and involves a lot of protein and veggies for the first 2 weeks. The "cleansing" weeks. It's not available online, I think it's more of a local nutritionist that does it and apparently they charge mega bucks for the consult. Luckily I got it form a friend (who did pay the mega bucks....but also lost mega lbs too). We'll see how I make out! I'm thinking of taking before and after pics so if I do, I'll post them!

How is everyone doing this week?


  1. On BB, the one guy had to leave the show for an emergency...they didn't say what it was, just that he was gone. So the remaining guy needed a partner, so they let him choose from the couple that had already been voted out and sequestered. Obviously he chose the girl, since the guy was a wanker. :) (Sorry I am bad with knowing any of their names...)

  2. Look at you rocking the gym! You must feel fantastic!!

    I think you should post before and after pics - pictures are fun! :)

  3. WOW girl!!! You ARE doing amazing!!!! That is absolutely fantastic!!!

    I LOVED Spinning when I did long as it remains a "spinning" class...the one I did should have been called bootcamp since it wasn't on the bike so much!!!

  4. yea post up pics soon!

    You're doing great, and I agree with katie that the stairmaster is sata.

  5. man, you are kicking some serious ass at the gym, look at all the classes you are taking! i guess if i didn't workout at work, i would take more classes in the evening but twice in one day is a bit much for me... i think you will love spinning, i know i did right from the beginning... if you're instructor is fun and has good music - it will be worth all the pain! ;o)

  6. You're kicking butt, girlfriend - and I'm back on this train with you.

    Will check up on you tomorrow.

    So glad to be back in the land of the living again! Living with the in-laws was NO fun - maybe it warranted all the chocolate I ate? Almost? Hee hee.

    Keep it up, Carolyn!!!!

  7. wow congrats on your gym workouts you are doing fabulous girl! Keep up the great work!

    You should definitely take before pics they are so fun to look back at.

  8. You are kicking butt literally at the gym! Awesome.

    OF COURSE I am watching BB! I haven't missed a single night of the showtime after hours. The thing they showed last night with Amanda was live on the Showtime after hours, and it lasted about 30 mins! It was so insane. I actually felt bad for her because literally the whole house attacked her, and then josh said the part about her hanging her self like her dad, and it was all over. She cried, and ran to the diary room and didn't come out until a hour later. Even my husband who doesn't watch the show heard all the cussing and yelling, and came in and watched it. It was bad. Last night James and chelsea made out in the HOH room, and then he passed out on the massage table. No one could wake him up, and it was scary for a second because they were making sure he was still a live. So do you have any favs yet? I'm glad Ryan stayed over Jen, but I knew that was going to play out like that since I watch the after hours. So addicting. Hahaha. :)

  9. Ok OMG I was SO pissed at that jen chick & what she said about her boyfriend. WHO would say that? Shows how low people can go, and how greedy they can get. Hopefully he doesn't come off looking like a tool by saying 'how much he loves her' the whole time he's there. I wish he could see the truth!
    Check out the uncensored fight here that night at the pool. WOWZA!

    BTw, great work at the gym & your classes!

  10. LOVE SPIN.

    (even a little more than Satan these days!)

    As long as you're doing an introductory class, I think you'll be totally fine!


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