Friday, February 22, 2008

Into the Battlefield.....

that is this weekend.

I'm seriously fighting to stop the "it's my last weekend before my big mega-strict meal plan starts, better get in all the pizza, wine, peanut butter cups, Mars bars, cookies, and other similar crap that I can" mentaility. It's slowly creeping in. Like Stephen King's "The Mist" only instead of the Mist containing a supernatural flesh eating monster, it's filled with fat and empty calories. Don't even know where that one came from.....

So tomorrow is the big party at our house. Probably about 20-25 people coming over and what are they bringing with them? Food and booze. Sigh. See why I'm fighting off the last weekend binge mentality?? I can see why I wanted to throw a party (love being the hostess!) but why did I have to throw a Potluck in there too? Why did I encourage each guest to make their favorite, super yummy homemade dish and bring it with them to MY house? My house that will be overthrown with leftovers and the unbelievable remnants of a massive party Sunday morning. The same Sunday morning that I have to get up at 8:30 and drive my hubby to the airport where he will inevitably board a plane that will take him thousands and thousands of miles away from me for two whole weeks. Still following me? This also falls on the same Sunday morning that my friends and I decided it would be a great idea to go out for hangover bacon and eggs and french toast and pancakes and all those awful/wonderful things that make being hungover SO much better. Why can't all you ladies come to the party and bring your own favorite low point, low fat, low calories, super yummy homemade dish and we can all make good decisions and count our points together and talk about how great it feels to stay OP even during this rocking party? Can you come? All of you? I can give you a lift back to the airport on Sunday morning when I have to say goodbye to my husband for two whole weeks. I'm going to the aiport anyway so you won't be imposing. :)

That pretty much wraps up my weekend. Sunday afternoon will be filled with pining after my husband (did I mention he's leaving for Kansas for two whole weeks?) and also hours upon hours of preperation for my upcoming week on the new meal plan. I figure if I cook up all my lunch/dinner portions before can I say no? It's right front of me. It's called setting myself up for success and I'm doing it. All afternoon Sunday. Without my husband...who is going away for two whole weeks.

Bring on the reassuring comments ladies...apparently I need them.


  1. you can totally get thru this weekend, no problem... first of all, i would throw whatever leftovers you have, away for good... or make your friends take them - either way, out of sight, means out of mind... :o)

    second of all, you can still do the sunday morning hang-over thing but just chose ONE item instead of having 3-4... and once you made your decision, be happy with it and move on... :o)

    YOU CAN DO THIS! :o)

  2. Oh, Carolyn - this is a tough weekend - but you can do this!

    Remember - any extra calories that you consume this weekend will only put you further behind for when you start next week. And why not give your body that extra nudge forward, right?

    I am SO with Jodi - GET RID of all of those leftovers. Every last bit. It will feel painful, but you'll be SO glad you did on Sunday morning.

    As for your hangover brunch (I love them too) - do you know where you're going? Can you plan your meal in advance? Splurge a bit on some stuff, so you don't feel deprived.

    As for being without your husband, I know how you feel. My face would be stuck in the chocolate two seconds after he walked out the door. But channel your energy, okay? Make those healthy meals, read a book, go for a long walk, have a bath - just channel it towards passing the time in a positive way.

    You are SO capable of doing this. Let's both have a relatively "clean eating" weekend, okay?

  3. Ditto what both those girls said!!

    Throw out the's sad to waste food, but you didn't pay for it and you don't want to pay for it later, so get it out of there!

    As for hubby, you'll miss him, but keep yourself busy and the time will fly by. Trust me, if anyone knows, it's me!!! Keep your brain busy with your menu planning, call up girlfriends for points-friendly coffee/tea dates, keep yourself outta the house at the gym or whatever. I find that if I bundle up and sulk at home that's when the big bad munchies get me.

    You can do it!!!

  4. As the others have said, you can totally do it.

    I would pack the leftovers up, and give them away to everyone, that is totally what I do.

  5. I have no tidbits of advice, but will be anticipating them from the other lovely ladies as I head on vacation for 8 days so my mind is in the same frame as yours.


  6. aw... sorry you'll be pining away - i say after the party, throw out or give away the leftover food. you can do it!

  7. Awwww...I'd be sad too! Two weeks is a a long time! :-(

    Well I say you can still enjoy your potluck and party and just try to pawn off as much of the leftovers as possible. Be the insistent hostess who sends them home with a doggy bag!

    Your weekend does sounds like a recipe for overindulgence hun. I'd be screwed in that scenario. Put me at a party with tons of booze, tons of food to snack on while drunk and uninihibited by "points" and I wouldn't be left standing that's for sure.

    Be careful and be confident in yourself because you can enjoy it and have fun without going completely overboard. Maybe switch from wine to rum and diet coke or something a little less caloritic which allows you still to have fun with the booze and it might make up for the extra food?

  8. My advice - watch the boozey. I'm sure you can have fun still with out getting loaded. Plus not being drunk will help keep your mind in the game and not go nuts on the food. Also, get rid of leftovers, if you feel to bad throwing them out, maybe you can freeze somethings? or send doggie bags. maybe buy some ziplock containers and make everyone fill one or something?

    Missing the man I can understand as well. However, hopefully you'll think of exercising, blogging and cooking healthy food instead of watching sad movies and eating ice cream.

    remember you are excited to be doing this SFL thing! It's not a punishment or a test. It's something you WANT to do! yay!

  9. this will be a tough weekend but you know what whatever happens just remember its one day and you have flex pts for a reason. If you eat more just keep it to one day and not a week and you will be just fine:)

    Sorry to hear your hubby is leaving for two weeks thats tough for sure but hopefully that will give you lots of time to work out:)

  10. Ooooh I feel you with the 2 weeks deal. I *just* got back from taking my guy to the airport. He'll be in New Mexico for *4* whole weeks. *sigh*

    I agree with the advise listed above. You can do it, girl!!

  11. My heavens Honey I love you!! You are the best daughter a Mom could ever ever have. plus you are so cute!!!

  12. Oh man, I feel you - The Cub was away for the whole summer and we only got to see each other every 2 weeks. It's so hard! BUT.....
    I had a ****MUCH**** easier time sticking to a healthy food and exercise plan. So...maybe your timing is good for this strict phase?

    Have fun at the party and indulge sensibly, you'll be fine!

  13. I'm reading this Sunday afternoon when you are supposed to be cooking your head off. ARE YOU? And if you still have party food around throw it in the trash. Or I'll send my kiddos to come eat it all. They are great at that.

    Have a great week on SFL!!!

  14. Awwwww two weeks is a long time. I hate when mine leaves that long, but you have a great reunion to look forward to! wink wink.

    Since it's Sunday I'm not gonna say good luck, but your weekend is already over. Looking forward to the update to see how you did! :)


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