Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back!!!

It's been sooo long. This is possibly the longest I've gone without blogging. A number of reasons why I suppose but just so you all know, everything is fine and I have been staying pretty OP...for the most part. Those darn weekends are sneaking up on me again! There have been numerous misdemeanors over the past week what with Valentine's day in the mix. Thai food, cheesecake, pizza, chips and dip and CHOCOLATES! They've all been able to weasel their way into my meal plan. I haven't written in my point journal for 4 days. Can you believe it? I'm scared to get on the scale. Just plain ol scared. So I haven't. I don't really plan on it either. My clothes are still fitting well and besides the previously mentioned bumps off the wagon, I have been trying to make healthy decisions. I was away from home for 3 meals over the weekend and I opted for Subway for 2 of them and the other was a Jr burger and potato at Wendy's. Who am I kidding? I haven't been on plan at all over the weekends. Not counting points = NOT on plan. Plain and simple. Although I did try to make healthy choices, there were a lot of choices that weren't healthy in the least bit (Subway cookie with my sub???) Even when I made choices that were relatively healthy, they weren't the healthiest options available.

I have been keeping up with your blogs and you ladies have been doing SO great! Definitely a good motivation for me. I'm taking off this last 15 lbs before the summer hits if it's the last thing I do.

So I've made a decision. I'm ready. I'm commited and I'm psyched. February 25th is the day. I'm committing myself for at least 1 month but will re-evaluate once the month is almost over. I'm jumping back on SFL (Simply For Life). It's a local meal plan with tons of protein and mountains of veggies. It's basically just very very clean eating. No bonus points (although I'm tweaking the plan to allow myself ONE small treat on Saturdays to keep me from going insane. Although I've decided this treat has to be under 10 WW points) I've spent a few hours planning out every meal for the next 2 weeks. I've made up my grocery list and I've set aside a few solid hours of cooking/preparing for this Sunday. The first 2 weeks is tough since it is the "cleansing phase" so the choices are a little more restricted. Lunch is the big meal and often it's hard to finish since it is so much food but the plan is designed that way so that after a few days your metabolism seriously gets a wicked jumpstart. I did the plan in May for about 4 weeks. 2 weeks of cleansing and 2 weeks of Fat Burn. And it worked. Seriously worked and not just taking off water weight kinda worked. It stayed off. (Well it came back gradually over the period of that last 8 months but I can only blame myself for that. A summer filled with wine, campfires, BBQs, pizza etc is a sure fire way to gain a few pounds) But in that 4 weeks on SFL I lost 15 or 16 lbs!. Funny...that's EXACTLY how much I'd like to see fly off before the summer hits. I know it won't be easy. I know I'll want to cave in on the weekend but I won't. I can't. I'm so tired of fighting this last 15 lbs that I'm just ready to get rid of it....for good. PLUS I know you ladies will be a mountain of support and I'll be checking in every single day so tell you all how fantastic I am doing on my new plan. So Feb 25th is the big day! What do you guys think?

Other than that I've been keeping it pretty low key. I've been out a lot lately with friends and have let the social schedule get away from me. Too much munching and wine and movie treats. Scott is leaving for Kansas this Sunday for 2 whole weeks. I don't think we've ever been away from each other for more than 1 night. It will be a change. But hopefully I can just channel all the loneliness into my new meal plan and in 2 weeks, when he comes home, he'll be wowed!

How is everyone else making out? Losing, gaining, maintaning?


  1. I'm glad to see you are back and that you are doing ok!
    Good luck on the SFL plan. It sounds like you are really prepared to give it your all. :)

  2. you can totally make that goal by this summer - you've always had such a great attitude! :o)

    for me, i've been doing good - not exactly losing but just trying to focus on good food and exercise... as long as i'm making a conscious effort - i think that's what matters most! :o)

  3. I've been wondering about you!!! When you don't blog, you're usually eating, girl!

    I think the SFL thing will be good for you. We all get to comfy with WW and it's good to have something to get us back on track.

    You'll do AWESOME!!!

  4. Hey Carolyn!!! I am glad to see you are back and that you are heading back on track!!!

    I have heard AMAZING things about SFL (and I have read the book before)...I agree with Noelle, sometimes we just get too comfy and need to shake things up a bit!!!

    Re: your comment, the tattoo on my ankle didn't hurt too bad...I have a couple others that hurt worse...(I have a teeny tiny one on the other ankle that might even look like a birth mark in the picture, but it's a lady bug, it's one of my faves because it's just cute!!) is more of an "annoying" feeling than pain (I also have one on my wrist that flared red half way through, and it LOOKED painful, but wasn't...I hope that makes sense)

  5. Where can I find a copy of this diet. Im interested. Im battling my last 15 too and this sounds perfect- However, chocolate seems to be my nemesis.

  6. good luck with SFL!! Sounds like you're going at it very headstrong and with a goal in mind. you can do it!

  7. ah welcome back - i think your simple plan sounds pretty good. keep us posted!


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