Thursday, February 7, 2008

Major Milestone

Yesterday I hit a huge milestone. Let me draw it all out for you ladies.

Work has been insanely busy lately so I really haven't had much time for blogging and commenting (although I have been reading all your blogs!) By the time I get home from work, I just don't feel like sitting in front of my computer at home (Hopefully we'll be getting a laptop soon so I can blog anywhere around the house rather than being stuck in the basement) anyway this is all besides the point....back to my milestone.

So yesterday morning I was working away and I called Scott to see if he wanted to meet for a coffee at lunch but he was stuck in a seminar all morning and afternoon. I knew I was going to the gym after work for my Body Ball Class so I debated on what to do for lunch. I did have a few errands to run but I just didn't feel like running around town. I pretty much sat and mulled it over for about 15 mins before I jumped up, threw on my jacket and headed to.......THE GYM! Even though I knew I wanted to keep my plans to attend the class at 5:00. I went and got in a great 40 mins cardio session and still made it to Body Ball at 5:00. How much do I rock right now? I actually went to the gym 4 times in 2 days! (Tuesday was Yoga at lunch and Cardio after work) This was huge for me and I felt so great afterwards.

Today is Cardo after work and I'm planning on:
20 mins Elliptical
20 mins StairMaster
15 mins on the Bike

I seriously don't know what has happened to me but I went from seriously dreading the gym and using every excuse possible to talk myself out of making extra stops at the gym just to get in an extra workout. Not saying I love going yet but I don't even think about not going anymore. How sweet is that? I miust be in some weird fitness zone or something.

Scott continues to bring home mounds and mounds of Peanut M&Ms from work. Someone at his work is related to or knows some perchasing person for something and last night Scott came home with a box...yes a BOX of Mega Peanut M&Ms which contained 24 king size bags of M&Ms. The day before he came home with the jumbo bags of M&Ms. I told him to hide them on me and for the most part I havent even given them a second thought. Thankfully I'm not super big on Peanut M&Ms so they really haven't been a temptation. But still...Yay me for resisting! (It does hlpe that Scott hid them from me and I literally have no idea where they are in the house)

Another temptation? This weekend is my best friend's birthday so all the girls decided to get together for a girls night on Saturday. I was put in charge of the cake so instead of getting a crappy cake from Sobey's or Superstore (Good cakes but I think I can do better) I decided to make this.......

I know, I'm torturing myself right?

BUT most of my friends aren't really dieters so I figure just because I'm watching what I eat doesn't mean I can't make something super yummy for them. I decided to allow myself one small small piece but I will cut it out before hand and stick with that. Plus it makes me feel so much better to make something really yummy for my favorite friends rather than to buy a crappy dry cake form the grocery store. My plan for Saturday is to stick with wine and enjoy my friends rather than hover around the snack table. We are also going out dancing so I'm sure I'll work off some calories there!

Tomorrow is Friday ladies! Hang in there!

Any big plans on the weekend?

Oh I almost forgot. SFL is Simply for Life. I guess it's more of a local plan but basically you go to a nutritionist who gives you a specific meal plan, very specific. Then you go back and get weighed in every single week. It's like crazy expensive and costs somewhere around $300 or more to get the plan and to get weighed. I already have the menu plans so I'm good to go on that front, it's just decided to do it and getting in the right frame of mind. But like I said before, if you do it and stick to it, you do lose a ton of weight. I lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks last time I did it and I kept it off with WW. I'm thinking about attempting it again for a few weeks to get this last 10 lbs off.


  1. Wow!
    Way to go on all of the gym time!!!
    I love the way I feel after a good workout, I'm so jealous that you get to go so much!

    That desert that you are going to make looks fantastic!!

    Good luck staying away from the M&Ms. I don't think I could find the willpower - its awesome that you can!!

  2. awesome job on the milestone! Woohoooooo!!!!

  3. look at you!!! you are quite the gym rat, aren't you?

  4. from one gym-bunny to another, good for you! and tell scott to stop bringing home the M&Ms...

    that cake looks utterly scrumptious, is that like a chocolate oreo cheesecake???


  5. Carolyn, that is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I try to get to the gym twice in a day sometimes but for some reason I ALWAYS manage to talk to myself out of it...I need to stop talking!!!

    Good luck with the M&Ms, that is brutal!!! I am not a huge fan but every once in a while I just need to have them!!!

  6. Way to kick butt at the must feel awesome!

    P.S. your cake looks so yummy. I'll be thinking about that all night tonight.

  7. That's awesome - completely monumental when you WANT to go to the gym rather than doing something else! Amazing!

    I'm lucky that my husband doesn't like sweets so he's never brought any home (only on my request, when I was pregnant)

    And yes, the cake looks divine. Have a fabulous weekend!!

  8. You are a gym superstar... I love it! Seeing your cake picture makes me think of this one:

    So simple and delicious looking - the recipes are at the top left corner if you are interested :)

  9. It's official... you're a gym bunny! Congrats! What a great feeling.

    If you do decide to do SFL....
    Will you email me or post a sample plan? I'm very curious!

  10. Ok, the weekend's halfway over, hope your doing ok! We had a big get-together today and I totally overate. blech. Guess I'll be hopping back to routine before MOnday (otherwise I'm positive I'll have gained like 3 pounds! lol)

  11. Well I'm glad you had your milestone, but does it have to mean you're done blogging now? Where are you?

  12. Carolyn, its been a week!! We are worried about you, where are you?????

  13. happy valentine's day!

    where you at girl? come back, i need you for gym motivation!

  14. I like the wine part! You can have my share!

  15. Wow! Congrats on making it to the gym. Four times in two days? That's quite a feat. Those last ten pounds don't stand a chance!

  16. You hiding? Come out, come out wherever you are.


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