Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 New recipes!

Well I completely stole them from Amy's & Mandy's blog but they are new to me.

So last night after working all day, hitting the gym for 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of weights, and after spending almost 2 hours roaming around the grocery store, checking out new products, I finally came home and hit the kitchen to spark up some creative geniusness. What's on the menu?

Red Lentil Curry & Pumpkin Raisin muffins

Both are sooo good! The curry isn't what all what I had expected but I had it with rice and veggies for lunch and it was super tastey. Next time, I may add a little sour cream like Amy suggested. For some reason though, mine came out pretty thick, more like a paste. Still yummy though. The muffins are great but next time I think I'll try a different type of raisin. The once I bought are maybe too big??

Yesterday I did the worst thing ever! Got to the gym, all psyched up to sweat it out. I get to the changing room, haul all my gym crap out of my bag and start undressing.....then I reach for my workout pants. Wait...where are my pants? I pause to retrace my getting-my-gym-bag-ready steps from that morning and realize I left them in the dryer! ARGH. I'm here, I want to workout but I'm wearing dress pants. Grrr. And I have about 1 hour before I have to be at Scott's parents for supper. Crap. I wish I had some amazing story about how I overcame this minor obstacle and magically turned my dress pants into a pair of workout capris but I don't. I just left the gym. Booo me. But life happens sometimes right? I was hoping to get in a walk when I got home but we didn't get home until late so I settled with a vow of kickassness (yes, I realize this is not a word) for the gym tonight.

Finally it's Friday!

Weekend plans:

Tonight we are having Mexican Pizza for supper, yet another recipe stolen from Mandy.
Can't wait to try this one out. Looks sooo good. I might throw on a little taco seasoning too. I'm a little surprised that wasn't any on there, and maybe a few black olives too. Yum. I'll let you know how it turns out. After supper is DQ with the family (I'm ordering a small plain ice cream cone) and then Scott's soft ball game is from 9:00-12:00am. It's supposed to rain so I might just putter around at home.
Saturday Scott is out all day and night helping a friend work on his house so I'm flying solo for most of the weekend. Not much planned. Hoping to get in a little shopping with the girls and possibly go out dancing tomorrow night. I might try out a few new recipes tomorrow if I'm home for most of the day. I always feel so productive when I cook in the mornings.
Sunday is Scott & Carolyn day. Just the 2 of us. We might head out for a hike and a picnic. I love Scott & Carolyn days, my favorite days! (How cheesy am I right now?)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I will have you know that I started those pumpkin muffins! haha! (OK, fine...I stole the original banana muffin recipe from Mandy, but I switched them up for pumpkin....and then she stole it back and added craisins.)


    I love the Scott & Carolyn day! DBF and I need to do that more often. Of course, getting him to hike would be like asking me to skydive...not gonna happen.

  2. haha...I loved the part about wishing you could say you magically turned your dress pants into work out gear! lol Not many people would have been able to pull that off that's for sure. It's a piss off to actually get your ass to the gym and then can't because of something like that.

    I will try that red lentil curry for's been on my list for a while now :-)

    Scott and Carolyn time sounds awesome. I have such an itch to go for a hike it's crazy! Enjoy your weekend girl!

  3. I still remember your post about wanting to abandon your workout plans because you forgot your hair thing-y. What a transformation that you now wanted to magically transform those dress pants into workout capris!

    You are AWESOME!

  4. scott and carolyn day sounds so adorable. you are cute!

  5. You should totally keep a full set of workout clothes in your car all the time. They can be junky ones that you don't really like to wear but they're there for emergencies, like your old shoes, just some sweats etc. And if you only have one set of workout clothes - BUY MORE!!! Definately good incentive to workout to wear cute clothes!

    so jealous of scott and carolyn day. We haven't had a DAY for years! :(

    Get a workout in on the weekend, you'll be glad you did!

  6. Aw!!! I want a Scott and Carolyn day...only with me and Danny (well, not that I wouldn't mind hanging out with you and Scoot!!!)

    I LOVE those muffins! I actually put almonds in mine (but next time maybe pecans) because I don't really like raisins...and I think I just used 1/3 of a cup so the calories stayed the same....

    I definitely couldn't work out in dress pants...or really any other pant except for sweats or workout pants...I don't think you could have done it any differently! BUT at least you were disappointed and not relieved that you didn't have to go to the gym right??? That has GOT to count for something!!!

  7. Not cheesy at all! I think it's sweet :) I love Katie & Wade days the most too, I'll admit it! Haha! And good luck this weekend sticking to the points, I know weekends are always the worst for me staying on track. I'm sure you'll rock it though! I've been following your blog, but I don't think I've posted a comment before now, eek! Sorry, bad me. Anyway, thought I'd leave my mark this time :) Have a great weekend (and Scott and Carolyn day, haha!)

  8. that's for the recipe ideas. I totally want to start cooking more.


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