Thursday, June 12, 2008

I totally Rock!

Not only did I say no to ice cream cake....I said no to ice cream cake smothered in hot ooey gooey fudge! I seriously rock! To my husband's credit, he also resisted the cake (I think mostly just to support me but for the record, I would have stood my ground even with him chowing down on ice cream right beside me)

So we get to DQ last night after a very filling supper of Sheppard's pie and tossed salad (Yum!) and there is a huge cake there for 9 of us to celebrate Scott's uncle's birthday. So we do the sing and dance thing and then the cake is getting passed out. Huge pieces of delicious ice cream. hot fudge crunch and whipped cream. To top it all off, Scott's aunt ordered two huge containers of hot fudge for everyone to smother their cake in. Dear. Lord.

I politely decline the first piece that comes around to me and pass it on to Scott's father. Then I decline the next piece until everyone has a piece but Scott and I. Oh wait a minute, everyone turns and looks at Scott & I. Carolyn and Scott didn't get a piece of cake! As Scott's aunt starts cutting off a massive chunk of unnecessary fat and useless calories (this is how I must describe it to myself in order to truly convince myself that I wont' die without a piece) No thanks, no cake for me. WHAT!?!?! You don't want cake? No thanks. I'm quite full and I'm trying to be good. Then the huge hunk of cake is all of a sudden right under my nose. Are you SURE you don't want a piece??? Have a piece of CAKE! It's a BIRTHDAY! C'mon!!! Nope, none for me thanks. And that is how it all went down. Let June 11th, 2008 forever be known as the day when Carolyn took a stand against delicious ice cream cake covered in decadent hot fudge and WON!

Proud of me ladies?

After all that drama, heartache, and fuss over the cake, I jumped on the scale this morning to see NO loss form last week. Ugh.

I have decided that Monday I am jumping back on the Simply for Life bandwagon with serious determination. It won't be easy but the results will be well worth it and I'm to the point of desperation that I am ready to throw myself wholeheartedly into another plan. It worked for me last year, and it will work for me this year. I'll post more about it next week.


  1. Yaaieeeeee!!! **passes you a big shiny gold star**

    Good job girl. That would have been tough with everyone staring at you like you were insane.

    I hate that. If you say no, then why is that a big deal? You are still there celebrating. The fact that you didn't find it necessary to eat the cake doesn't make you any less supportive or festive.


  2. WOW. I am so proud of you. That would have been SO HARD.

  3. You did awesome!! I know i would have found that very hard.
    You may not see a loss today but you will see it soon ;)

  4. WAY TO GO!!! That is no easy task my friend, and you passed it with flying colours!

    So VERY proud.

  5. I am seriously bowing down to you right now!!!

    THey pushed and pushed and pushed and you STILL said no...Carolyn, that is BEYOND impressive!!!!

    I noticed on Randi's blog you mentioned the love languages book, I have to say how much I love that!!! We used it in pre-marital counseling and sometimes I give it to people as gifts! I think it is AMAZING!!!!

  6. yay! good for you! and sort of boo to the family for the pressure. But that's how everyone is. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just say no thanks and people would not care? but people don't want to feel bad about what they're doing/eating so try and make everyone do it. But maybe if you keep saying no thanks they'll eventually catch on.

    No loss, but just think if you would have had that cake, you might have seen a gain! The loss will come.

  7. Your body should just automatically drop a minimum of a pound just for the workout you gave your willpower!!

  8. You TRULY ROCK!! Wowser for the self control!!

  9. Way to go on turning down the cake!! It's so awkward when people try to force food on you but congrats on standing your ground!!

  10. I am so proud of you. It was right in your face and you said no. That is nothing short of amazing!

  11. Congrats on resisting the cake even under terribly tempting conditions!

    And I LOVE how you described the cake to yourself! I'll have to start calling food like that a hunk of fat. Wait...I'll say a hunk of lard!

  12. Congrats on the willpower - can you tell me your secret? =)

  13. Awesome!! I'm going to a Father's Day cookout on Sunday and I will NOT Have hard to do but not worth it!!! Wish me luck!!

  14. hey! tgif! the 5k was awesome, you need to sign up for one asap. it really makes you feel amazing and the adrenaline from the crowd keeps you going. i did a trial run on the treadmill and one outside but the actual race flies by and is a lot of fun. i ran/walked with a girl from work. we ran for half of it and we finished in 45 mins. so i'd say if we ran the entire time we probably could have been done in about 30-35 mins? we kept a good pace and i think that was key. but she wanted to slow down so i did too, but i feel like i could have ran the whole way.

    good job on saying now to delicious deserts - that is not an easy feat but it feels good to say no when others are indulging! how does simply for life work? i havent seen much scale movement but i know im losing inches and i see some muscles peaking through on my arms so i guess i will just gauge it by that but i agree, the scale is super frustrating lately! have a great weekend!

  15. OMG you DOOOOO rock!!!!!!! That's wicket!

    I seriously don't know why people INSIST on shoving food in people's face! No thanks should be enough!!! You did great though girl, that's truly awesome and if you can turn down cake in that kind of a situation, I have no doubt you'll kill the Simply for Life plan.

    WTG girlie!!!

  16. I am proud of you.

    But I totally would have had to eat the cake! And seconds. Wait.. that's not good...

  17. that is wonderful!!! be proud for standing up to a persuasive family member..and what a darling hubby to have stood by you like that.. :D


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