Monday, June 16, 2008

I've finally had enough...

...of my pants feeling tight
...of seeing a horrid number on the scale
...of realizing that I was in fact 10 lbs lighter last June than I am now
...of feeling like I'm not giving it my all
...of totally pigging out on the weekends
...of drinking too many glasses of wine
...of overeating after consuming said wine
...of feeling anxious all the time due to these pounds creeping their way back
...of staring at the size 7 pants hanging in my closet that I never did get in to
...of going to the gym everyday but still not seeing results because of my disastrous weekends
...of the lack of structure in my diet
...of my lack of motivation, determination and accountability

So what am I going to do about it you ask?
I'm going to inject my food plan with structure. S-T-R-U-C-T-U-R-E. What a foreign concept! I think I've realized that my lack of devotion to the WW plan has allowed the pounds to slowly but surely creep back on. I am still carrying around some weight from our trip to Dominican and that is just not acceptable. My "one little ice cream, chocolate bar, piece of pizza, bag of chips" attitude has got me here and now it's time for for an overhaul. It's summer time and even the thought of going anywhere near my bikini gives me overwhelming anxiety. Fitted shirts that once showed off my small waist and flat stomach seem to be showing off mini love handles and a small pooch. Ugh. So it's finally time for me to do something about it.

Remember last May when I tried SFL (Simply For Life) Remember how focused I was...EVEN on the weekends? Remember when I lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks and kept it off for the entire summer? Remember how awesome I was then? Well I'm reuniting with my May 2007 self and these last 15 lbs will no longer be. This is supposed to be my Summer of Hotness and I'm ruining it with my cavalier weight loss efforts. So off I go.....
Tonight I will be spending the majority of my night preparing pastas, rice and tons of chicken, veggies and other foods with tons of protein. My menu tomorrow is as follows:

1 C Kashi Go Lean
1 C skim milk
1 C fruit

1 oz almonds

1 Cup stewed tomatoes and WW penne pasta
3 oz chicken breast (may add to pasta)
2 1/2 C of veggies (salad with fat free Italian dressing)

1 C watermelon

3 oz of chicken (BBQ'd)
1 C frozen California blend veggies
1 1/2 C brussel sprouts

1 C Jello

I know, the lunch looks like a massive amount of food...and it is. It's hard to eat it all the first few days but you would be amazed at what it does for your metabolism. Eating your main meal at lunch leaves you feeling over full and bloated for the first day or two but by day 4, your starving at lunch and not as much at supper. It's very interesting actually. I've tried this plan before and it works. I will post my menu everyday to help with accountability but you may notice that it looks similar each day. At least for the first 2 weeks. My one change to the plan this time around is that I am going to allow myself one cheat meal. Saturday night. I think I've realized that depriving myself entirely doesn't really work and that I will eventually break down and go wild. So allowing myself once meal to eat what I want will give me something to look forward to all week and knowing that I will have that one meal will allow me to stay focused the rest of the week.

So here I go. Day 0 of my perfect Summer of Hotness.


  1. Well it looks like you have a great plan!! Not giving up is the main thing and fighting on will help you get where you want to be. Have a great week.

  2. Here's to your Summer of Hotnest. Weekends reek havoc with alot of us. You have a solid plan I'm sure you will be saying goodbye to those unwanted pounds in not time at all.

  3. I think the hardest part is finding that "reason" why you are doing this in the first place....we get so stuck in our ways that they only way to get things moving again is to shake things up!!!
    Good luck Carolyn!! I am pretty sure this will be your summer of hotness (though I already think you are pretty hot!)

  4. I could have written this post myself, sweetie. Weekends just kill me! And then I'm in a rut. Still maintaining my loss, but I need to move ON!

    You are going to rock it! Your meal plan looks amazing.

    Here's to all around HAWTNESS!

  5. Good point Jen. the Reason has to be at the top of your mind. I think I'm going to hang an unflattering picture on the fridge (not a terrible picture really, of my neice and I, but you see my double chins in my smile, ugh).
    I take it your weekend wasn't great? ;) Mine neither. It was basically a food fest.

    That totally didn't look like that much food to me! I eat at LEAST that much. But not as much veggies, I'll try switching that up. Glad you've got a good plan!

    (ps - thanks for you comments, things are better and the book is good so far...)

  6. I am in the same boat, have my white size 6 jeans hanging in plain sight, with a 10 pound goal in mind... I HATE that I can barely get them on when I was able to wear them a few months ago! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you :)

  7. why can't you eat that stuff on WW??

    Meanwhile, sounds like you're ready to give it your all - can't wait to read about your success!!

  8. Okay Carolyn, it's in stone, no more messing around missy - if you want it bad enough, you know what you gotta do right!

    There seems to be a lot of similarities with my plan and the Best for Life plan. WIth all the added protein I can already feel the difference in my muscles. It takes less work to make them feel toned.

    Yay, I'm all excited for you!!!!

  9. having the plan is A LOT OF THE WAY TO SUCCESS!

    here's to your Summer O'Hotness.


  10. Having the larger meal at midday makes sense. I sort of did that yesterday by accident because of appointments and I wasn't as hungry in the evening. I just might try that myself on a regular basis.

    Glad you finally had enough and are back at it.

    And thanks again for the tip on "Shutter Island." I'm half way through it and having a hard time putting it down to go to sleep.

  11. Yah for summer of hotness! It's so easy when you are close to goal to allow yourself little indulgences that just mess everything up... one of this, one of that. that happens to me too.


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