Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I can do it.....

I can say NO to Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I know I can do it and I'm going to feel like a million bucks walking out of there with a belly full of diet Pepsi and not DQ Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard ice cream cake. I love a challenge right? And this one is going to be easy peasy.

So tonight we are going to Scott's parents for supper (Sheppard's Pie) and then the whole family is going to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cake for Scott's uncle's birthday. We are all meeting there at 7:00, right after dinner. So my plan today is to hit the gym right after work for some HIIT and lower body weights, then I'm off to Scott's parents for supper and on to DQ where I will treat myself with.....................................a diet Pepsi! :) I figure if I order a diet Pepsi (something I never drink during the week) it will feel like I am having a treat and it will be easier to pass on the cake. I've already made up my mind that I'm turning down the cake. I was a bit wishy washy last night but this morning when I woke up, I decided I didn't need the cake and if I'm going to make a stand against these last 10 pounds, I better get a backbone and start saying NO! (thanks). Also, I've told Scott that I am turning down the cake and he's agreed to jump on board too. Although I have a feeling he will have a piece anyway. (Sorry babe, but you tend to cave around ice cream) But that's not going to soften my stand against the cake. I've made up my mind and I'm a stubborn one so I'm sticking to it.

In other news.....
I had a great OP day yesterday. 20 mins elliptical at the gym and 20 mins interval Stairmaster. Wowsa! Want to work up a super sweat? Interval train on the Stairmaster. I also did 25 mins of weights. Overall, great workout.
Tonight I'm hoping to run for 30 mins and get in 20 mins of weights. I'm in a bit of a rush today so hopefully I can squeeze it in before it's time to leave for supper.
Last night I also made the Pumpkin raisin muffins again - sans raisins. Instead I added 1/3 cup mini choco-chips. Yum!! These could be dangerous to have in the house though. Scott ate 4 of them last night! Yikes. I had 2 (Boo me...but I had the extra points left over, however not the best choice to make late at night).

Can't wait to tell you all how much I rocked the No Cake Rule tomorrow!


  1. good luck with the no cake day!! And i love your blog ;)

  2. Now THAT is one kick ass attitude girl! Woot! Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and he is up visiting for the week and I picked up two "mini" b-day cakes from the grocery store - one for him and one for FH. I had NONE and I was so ON my game that I sat there at the table with them while they ate their plate of sugar and didn't even wish I was having it! If I can, so can you! Awesome!

  3. I totally posted a comment that got eaten up. boo.

    I checked the nutritional info for the cake and just 1/10 of a 10" has 500 calories! diet coke? 0. ;)

    the exercise before hand should help curb your appetite, or at least remind you that you don't want it. Even with HIIT, it's unlikely you could burn 500 calories in 1 session!

  4. Awesome girl!!!! You are so amazing!!! I think you can totally avoid that cake NO problem!!!

    MMM, I never even thought to put chocolate chips in those muffins!!! I know what I am doing next!!!!

  5. You can totally avoid the cake!! I know you can!! Even though I try not to drink diet soda, in situations like yours, I'll have a diet soda because it feels like a treat.

  6. good luck with the ice cream cake! i would prob cave and have a 'tiny' piece so i admire your positive attitude... :o)


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