Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday la la la

Monday already? Seriously?

I must say I did pretty well this weekend, minus a few slip ups but I kept portion control in mind all weekend and even had a few minor NSVs over the weekend. Aside from the fact that I didn't get to see my hubby at all for the whole weekend (So yes, that means Scott & Carolyn day had to be postponed, boo) It was a pretty good weekend.

Friday we tried the Mexican Pizza recipe for supper and loved it! We even cut the points down further by using an extra large pita pocket for the crust instead of dough. I topped it with a little sour cream and it was sooo yummy. I think we may be having it again tonight. I was surprised at how filling it was too! Friday night was Scott's ball game and we were meeting the family at DQ before the game for an ice cream. I know I had resolved to get a plain ice cream cone but when we got there, the waffle bowls were calling my name. Keeping in mind though that they are a whopping 17 points EACH, I asked hubby if he wanted to split one with me. While he was shovelling it in, I spent time talking to my 2 year old niece and took 1 bite for his 2. So he ended up taking int he majority of the calories but I still felt like I got a treat.

Saturday Scott was out for the whole day helping a friend work on his house (which turned into an all day Sunday event as well) so I spent the morning cleaning the house and cooking up a few things and the afternoon was spent shopping with a friend. I got together on Saturday night with a few girls for a few glasses of wine and we ended up going out dancing so I'm pretty sure I burned a few calories on the dance floor. Hopefully I burned off the chocolate bar I had after supper and the 2 handfuls of chips. Ugh.

Sunday was a lazy day and since Scott was out for the entire day working on his friend's house, I ended up going out to brunch with the girls, where I did not make good choices at all. But I did keep portion control in mind and I stopped eating when I was full and even pawned the rest of my bacon off on my friend so I wouldn't sit there and pick at it. The rest of the day was pretty on plan. Weighed myself this morning and I'm right where I thought I'd be....but no where near where I want to be so I need to step it up. Summer is basically here! 2 weeks left in the Summer Challenge and I'm still hovering around the same weight. So for the last 2 weeks of the Challenge I'm kicking it up:

5 workouts this week AND next week so a total of 10 before the Challenge is done
I want to lose 3 lbs in the next two weeks. Completely doable.

We're in the home stretch. How are you ladies preparing for Summer?


  1. The Mexican pizza is really good and not too high in points at all. We used large pita pockets as the crust and found that it was just as filling as using regular dough but about an 8th of the points. If you like taco salads, I suggest using the toppings from the Mexican pizza recipe and then adding some lettuce. It is really good and low in points.


  2. Sounds like you had an AWESOME weekend!!!!

    I LOVE that's either from ESBM or crazy plates and I have made it a couple of times!!! It's almost like a meal on pizza crust hey????? I think I added taco seasoning to mine too...cause I love taco seasoning!!!

    I am not doing great in the summer challenge but still trying to keep it up!! I figure all I can do is my best!!!

  3. I actually did house work in my bathing suit on Thursday night, so that I would get used to having to be in it for the summer. Works rather well actually... :D

  4. too bad about scott and carolyn day. just postponed not cancelled right?

    honey I've got a challenge for you! I love your 5 days a week for 2 weeks of exercise, but you have 1 weekend in the middle there that you don't want to have to regret! NEXT WEEKEND YOU ARE STAYING ON POINTS and making good choices! Got it? I can't remember what I read but it said that to lose weight you need to do 4 things or something. #1. watch your diet. #2. WATCH YOUR DIET! #3 exercise #4 sleep or drink water or something. You can't out exercise a bad diet (I am slowly learning)

    Go buy some cherries and strawberries and coolwhip. They are the best treats I could think of anyway.

  5. For summer... I'm going to start HIIT! Today! (maybe)

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend for sure!! The pizza sounds good, although I'm not a Mexican kind of girl.

    I have totally been rocking the workouts as we get closer to the 21st. I doubt I'll lose 15 pounds (not even close) but I am happy with how far I have come.

    Keep up the great hard work!!


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