Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

1. I feel awesome today. No reason. The sun is out, it's warm. I like my outfit and my pants don't feel tight at all. I'm having one of those days where this whole weight loss journey actually seems possible, like I know I can do it, I just need to set my mind to it. (Aren't those the lyrics to some old 80s song?)

2. I bought the stuff today at lunch to make Red Lentil Curry. Got the recipe from Amy's blog. My kitchen is feeling neglected and the meals that I am popping out are BORING. Need to spice things up a bit. I just bought the ESBM cookbook and have only tried ONE recipe so far. Tonight, I'm going to pick 2 new recipes to try out this weekend.

3. I went over my point range yesterday without even knowing it. Guess it pays to journal, huh? I also felt like I had NO energy at the gym. I ran for 10 mins and then gave up. Boo me. To my credit, I could feel the blisters coming back on the arch of my feet so I jumped on the elliptical. I NEED to buy new sneakers this weekend. No ifs ands or buts. I did 50 mins of cardio yesterday and no weights. Boo me again.

4. I'm going to go see Sex and the City tonight with 3 other girls. Can't wait. In order to avoid the popcorn and candy, I bought a bag of baby carrots to munch on. Yay me! I also packed a supper instead of hitting up Wendy's or Tim's with the girls. I cooked some chicken on the BBQ last night, cut it up and I'm having a chicken and veggie wrap with fat free Ranch dressing for supper.

5. I ordered the Cheat to Lose Diet book from Amazon and got it on Saturday. You may have been reading about it on Angie's blog. I haven't started reading it yet but I'm anxious. The only thing that scares me is the first three weeks are cleansing, no cheats, no wine. That is big for me. I do loves me a glass or two of wine on the weekends. And with Summer here, we have something planned every single weekend. It usually involves wine and food. But if I'm going to get serious for Summer, I have to make some sacrifices right? So tough though. Obviously I need to do something since my weekends have been out of control. What do you ladies think?

6. I am almost 100% positive on signing up for a 5K on Canada Day, July 1st. Scott said he would sign up for it too but he runs quite a bit faster than I do but that's ok, he can wait for me at the finish line. If I'm going to do it, I HAVE to get some new kicks asap. I keep doubting that I can do it though and chicken out. I know I can do it....I just need to work myself up to running 5K. How long does 5K usually take anyway?


  1. for a 5k? you're looking around 30 minutes. Likely more since you're a beginner (but if you run faster it's over sooner ;) ) So if you run at 10km/hr (check the treadmill, about 6 miles/hr) for the full 5k it would be 30 minutes.

    Let me know how your curry turns out. Mine was a packaged mix that you just add onions, tomatoes and chickpeas to.

    As for the 3 week cleansing, you CAN do it! Don't go in with feeling like you won't be able to because you'll be right. You just have to decide you WANT to do it. And if you don't want to, then you'll cheat and not be able to. You gotta want it. But you are capable of it.

  2. I'm eating leftover red lentil curry now (it freezes really well). Like Amy, I subbed the tomato paste for diced tomatoes. I didn't add the chickpeas and chicken, but think I will next time.

    I always top it with a plop of plain yogurt and finds it adds a really nice taste to it.... enjoy!

    And, you're totally on the ball these days and I LOVE the attitude, it's contagious (so thank you, I need as much happy positive attitude in my life as I can get)

  3. I always do best when I am cooking and preparing meals that are interesting and fun as well as nutritious.

  4. I'm so glad that you're feeling positive and on your game, that's awesome :-) We need more of that around here so we can spread it to everyone :-)

    I think it's great that you're going to give a book a read and see what you think. Once you read it, you'll see what the whole thing is about. I never even thought of the 3 weeks as being "cleansing" because it's not described that way at all and it doesn't feel that way really, but then again, I've never done a cleanse either! And the best part about it is that the most difficult is the first week and it's overwith, then an easier second week, then easier 3rd week and then you're home free with the cheat day every week. I am so excited about my first official Cheat Day!

  5. Awesome job for planning for the movies!!! I always bring along my own snacks and then buy a diet pop there...that way I FEEL like I am getting a treat...and then none of my friends will bug me to buy anything because I don't tell them what I am buying till I get to the front of the line!!!

    3 weeks of cleansing won't be so bad in the end! I am CERTAIN you can do it!!! Just remind yourself that it's not like you won't get to have those things EVER again, just LATER (and in lesser quantities)...they aren't things that you need to survive!!!

  6. great job planning for the movies!! its a mindset like that which can help you get through that 3 week cleansing! I'm positive you can do it!!

  7. Great job planning ahead for SITC. I didn't fare so good and caved and ate MOVIE popcorn. I am a big fan and LOVED the movie...hope you do too! Have fun.

  8. oooh a 5k... that sounds fun. and i also agree angie's plan sounds really neat but i couldn't do the no-cheat weeks... not possible. i need the booze!

  9. OMG you need to post more! I keep checking and thinking google reader's not working right or something. But you're not posting! I need my daily dose of Carolyn!


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