Monday, May 14, 2007

Catch up

Well I did pretty well on my weekend challenges...not perfect but I did pretty well considering. We skipped the Friday night movie because we were just too tired and decided to spend the night relaxing at home after a few hours of Mother's day shopping (we bought Scott's Mom "The Secret" and she loved it) Saturday I did great all day, managed to get in all my meals but left out my evening snack as I knew there would be a veggie tray at the party we were going to and I would pick away at that since I usually get the munchies after a few drinks.

So we hit the party and knocked back a few Raspberry crystal light and orange vodka drinks (REALLY good!!) I stay close to the veggie tray all night and did really well just eating the veggies. Scott and I both had a great time and I had stuck to the veggie tray all night.....until about 1:30 or 2 am (of course this is the best time to binge) I had about4 or 5 crackers with bruschetta sauce, a few pretzels and a handful of baked lays and multigrain tostitos so all in all it wasn't THAT bad but it certainly could have gone better! Ahh well you can't be perfect ALL of the time. The big test was Sunday. I woke up and instantly thought of Delicisio Pizza. After I rolled out of bed (quite late and just in time for lunch) I served up some cottage cheese and grapes and I stuck to the plan for the whole day yesterday. I even surprised the hell out of myself! Last night around 7 Scott and I were debating going down to the store to rent a move and we both had the same idea...we knew if we went down there we'd both be way to tempted to get chocolate bars and chips and ice cream so we scratched the movie idea and had some popcorn instead.

I weighed in on Saturday morning and I was down another 3 lbs! So that is a total of 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I have only another 13 lbs to go to get to my ultimate goal of 139!! I don't think I ever remember seeing the 130s. I swear in grade school I went from a normal 125 to 150 overnight.

I also bought a great dress this weekend for my graduation on Friday. (I finished school in December but there was no convocation ceremony until May) I will have to post some pics of me in the dress. I look smokin hot if I do say so myself! It's the first time I have worn a dress (excluding bridesmaid dresses) since.........well I don't even remember. It's been at least 7 or 8 years anyway. And to top it all off, I got it at eclipse and it is a size small!!! Yikes!

How did everyone's weekend go?????

This weekend is a long weekend!!


  1. Yeah!!!! That is so exciting about the loss! I can't wait to see your dress and I am sure you look awesome in it!!! You are doing so awesome!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, and a great weigh in to boot ;) Congrats.

    Also, sounds like you did great sticking by the veggie tray. Good Choice!

  3. congrats on another big loss this week, you'll make your goal in no time... :o)

  4. Carolyn, way to go!! It sounds like that eating plan was just what you needed to kick the weight loss back into place! I love reading about your success. I'm sure you're going to look smoking hot in your grad dress, I can't wait to see the pics. I noticed on your comment on my blog that your heaviest weight when you started to lose is my current weight, and your goal weight is pretty much the same as mine. Now you know you're going to be my roal model, right? ;)

    Take care,

  5. Good Job on a great weekend, girl! I'll be doing an update on my blog tonight. I have some good news, too!

  6. WOooHoooOOo on the loss babe!! NICE!! And congrats on being so close to goal. Even sweeter! Sounds like you did pretty good over the weekend. I am impressed you stuck to the veggies so long! :)


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