Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIF!! & Day 4 back on the Wagon!

It's Friday and not a moment too soon. What a week! Today is Day 4 back on the wagon after my weekend long SPLURGE. I still can't believe I ate THAT MUCH junk and tried to justify it! I haven't gotten on the scale yet but I honestly think that I may have gained about 5 or 6 lbs from eating horrible all weekend. I could feel my clothes were not as loose and I just know how my body felt and it felt like it had put on 5 lbs. I have decided not to jump on the scale until I have at least put in a full week back on the wagon, if not more.

So last night I was thinking about it and I came up with a plan to make my new meal plan more livable and I think I may have figured out a way to avoid weekend binges, at least for now. The meal plan that I am on is SUPER strict. You HAVE to eat what's on the menu and there is no wavering. For the first 2 weeks I did awesome....ate exactly what I was supposed to and lost a ton of weight. But then those odl craving started coming back and as much as I tried to fight them....that just got stronger. I realized that the diet is so strict that it pretty much led me to a weekend binge fest. I couldn't handle it. I just love chocolate WAY too much to say good bye to it for 6 whole weeks. Last weekend I went crazy with was insane. If I listed all the junk I ate, you would be horrified!! To name a few there was Nibs, chocolates bars, brownies, pizza, more Nibs, more pizza, pasta smothered in cheese, garlic bread. YIKES!!! I'm talking MASSIVE amounts of sugar and fat. INSANE! I also decided that I may be on this meal plan for more than 6 weeks if I want to get down to my goal. I'm ok with that, I really am used to tit now and I actually look forward to my chicken and veggies for supper!! I crave it.
The only hard time I ahve is on the weekends....the weekend always kill me. Especially with summer around the corner and Scott and I have SO much planned. Every weekend there is something planned.

So What I came up with is to stick to my meal plan STRICTLY throughout the whole week and then on the weekend, allow my ONE small treat. That way I will have something to look forward to all week AND I will be able to say no to other temptations because in the back of my mind I will be thinking about that ONE treat that I am allowed to have and how great it will be. I really think this one treat thing will keep me from binging again. I may not lose weight as fast as I would like to lose it if I do indulge in this one treat then it will keep me from going mentally insane. I have also decided that this treat cannot be over 6 WW points. Just so I don't get carried away and choose a big hunk of cheesecake or a big 25 point meal as my ONE treat. So what do you all HONESTLY think?? (Sarah?? Honest opinion??) Do you think this will work? Even if I lose 1-2 lbs per week I am happy with that. Do you think this one treat will throw the whole week of strictness away?

So here are my weekend challenges:

  • Bridal Shower on Saturday night with LOADS of food and desserts (even a chocolate fondue!) On a brighter note though, there will be a veggie tray and my plan of action is to have just chicken for supper and stick to the veggie tray ONLY. I won't be partaking in alcoholic beverages at the shower so I should have a clear focused head!

  • Baking on Saturday morning: I need to make frogs and Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow squares. I have decided to make them first thing in the morning so I am not as tempted but still. C'mon, it's chocolate peanut butter marshmallow squares!!! Thankfully my Mom has offered to help and she can slap my wrist away!

  • Sunday dinner out with the family: Luckily I chose the restaurant and chose Vito's, an Italian restaurant that has a menu specifically designed for my meal plan so I can choose off of that menu and I shouldn't be TOO tempted....until the desserts are rolled out. I can do it!

  • I also would like to get in a 50-60 min power walk first thing Saturday morning as well as an afternoon walk on Sunday (maybe to the Nature Park?)

So that is it for me today, hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. Wish me luck with all my road blocks and tell me what you think of my new plan!!


  1. i know a lot of people that treat themselves on the weekend, or take a day off, and continue to have success... i think they only way you're going to know is to try it and see what happens... if you can stick to a small splurge and not end up binging - i say go for it... plus, its nice knowing that after having a strict week, you can take a break... :o)

  2. sounds great!!! I know you can do it!! one quick thing...what are frogs and how do you make chocolate peanut butter squares?!?! please do tell ;) Good Luck and have a great weekend!!

  3. I think it's a good idea to have a little treat, as long as it doesn't lead to another and another! LOL

    The fact that no food is off limits is one of the things I love about WW. If I allot for it, I can eat anything.

    You are doing great with this new plan...and you will lose those last 11 pounds before you know it!

  4. I think a treat is even better for your weight loss than not having one. It's good to shake our bodies up sometimes with a food it wasn't expecting. In my experience, when we plan for indulgences, we enjoy them that much more 'cause we don't feel guily and have looked forward to them so they taste that much better. :)

    It's all about having a plan, and what a plan you have!

  5. i agree with everyone else, you need to treat yourself or else you tend to want to binge all of a sudden! good luck with all those challenges, i'm sure you'll do awesome!! those chocolate peanut butter marshmallow squares sound yummy!! i would say post the recipe but then i'd probably eat the whole batch!

  6. I think your plan sounds great and definitely doable! When I was doing WW I would allow one meal off of points, and as long as I didn't go crazy that meal wouldn't hurt me at all. I believe I probably dipped into my flex points completely. The rest of the week I stuck to the allowed 20 points. Since you love chocolate as much as I do, have you considered eating a candy bar as your treat? You could even fit it in during the week. Sometimes after work I go into the liquor store near my work, and buy one candy bar. I don't buy the king size, just a regular one. As long as I don't go crazy with my rest of my food, and I stick to plan that candy bar never hurts me, and it totally satisfies my chocolate craving. You will just have to play with it all, and see what does and doesn't work for you. So basically I am saying yes! Go for your plan! :D


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