Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 10 of new plan...and ANOTHER NSV!

I can't even believe that I forgot to post about possibly the biggest NSV (Non-Scale Victory) so far in my weight loss journey....I have been waiting for this one to come for almost 5 years! Monday when I got on the scale.......

I weigh LESS than my husband for the first time since we've met!

I have always been bigger, even though I am about 4 or 5 inches shorter than him, I have always been heavier throughout the five years that we have been together! Now I am 5 lbs lighter! I was so excited about it! The first thing he said when I got on the scale and saw the big 7 lbs loss is, hey you weigh less than me. Scott has never really been overweight though, he has always had a lean and fit shape. Now he has gained some weight as he has been weight lifting and building muscle but it doesn't matter...all that matters is that I weigh less than him! And the more important thing is...I'm NEVER going back!

Just wanted to share that with all of you! Again, thank you for all of the support you have all given to me. It is basically what has kept me on track for the last 10 days. I feel absolutely fantastic and I can tell that my pants are starting to get pretty loose. I tried on a size 9 at Suzy Shier about 2 weeks ago and I was really surprised that they fit, they were a little snug around the butt, so you never know, in another 3-4 weeks I could be looking at a 7. A 7!!! WOW! Coming from a size 18, a 7 sounds like it is impossible. Last year in January I would have never thought that I could even get one leg into a 7. It's amazing that I have become a different person in the past year and a half. Same person, just more confident and sure of myself. I honestly feel like this week I am on top of the world! Success is a great feeling. Especially when that success is achieved through hard work and persistence and sweat and tears. The other night Scott looked at me with this grin on his face and just said, Carolyn you have no idea how proud I am of you. Look what you've accomplished over the past year and a half, it just amazes me. He is such a great support. I said it once and I'll say it again. Support is EVERYTHING. I wouldn't have gotten through those rough days without my friends and family pushing me along and of course all my weight loss buddies on blogs!

Well I think I've patted myself on the back enough for today and I think you would all agree! Sometimes you just need to sit back though and reflect on all you've accomplished. when I first started weight watchers, I just wanted to get to 160. That was my ultimate goal, now I have blown that out of the water and I think that 138-142 will be my final goal. It all depends on how you feel though. Maybe I will only loose another few lbs and decide that I am comfortable at that weight but I have come this far, I may as well shoot big right? According to all the weight charts and doctor charts, I should be between 125-144 so somewhere in the middle would be nice.

The sun is shining today and it is supposed to go up to 20 C today so I am anxious for a nice long power walk after work. My plan is to go out for at least 45 mins but hopefully an hour and hit as many hills as possible!

How is everyone's day going??


  1. Keep up the good work:)


  2. that's a great NSV to have! i remember saying that i weighed more than the boxers this past weekend - strange... ;o)

  3. Amazing Caroyln you are doing fantastic, bravo!!!!!
    You have no idea how happy I am for you, way to go on all that hard work yeah!!!

  4. Yowsers! That is so exciting! Way to go!

  5. that is an amazing nsv! i was so happy when i finally got below my hubby too. i used to be below him but then when i got pregnant, i was way above him! way to go, and pat yourself on the back all you want, it's your blog!!!!

  6. Yup!!! You are amazing! Now you can go in a canoe with your sweet hubby!!

  7. whoo-hoo! That is so great. And I agree that it is just amazing to me to realize that I live in this leaner, thinner body.

    Good for you and keep it up. You inspire me!


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