Monday, May 7, 2007

I did it!

So this weekend was...surprisingly easy. I didn't crave pizza, or Cadbury Cream eggs, or Cadbury thins or any junk food AT ALL! I was amazed. Everyday the new plan just got easier and easier. We even went out to dinner twice this weekend and not once did I even consider faltering. Mexicali Rosa's Friday night was fun. I ordered the fajita chicken salad (was a little disappointed with the taste or lack of it) but it was exactly what I was allowed to have on the plan so I stuck to it. Even ordered water and didn't even touch the homemade yummy tortilla chips that are put in front of you as soon as you sit down. I did taste the salsa, which I am allowed to have but no chips for this girl.

Saturday we babysat my little 15 months old niece and we had the best time! We took her out and EVERYONE wanted to stop and tell her how cute she is! She loves people so much....and of course she loves attention, (must take after her aunt on that one). I stuck with my plan all weekend and I feel great! I didn't even once think about chocolate or cheating. Everyday gets easier and easier! My friend Sarah (who introduced me to the new plan) is away in Mexico but I can't wait for her to get home so I can tell her how I did on my WI!

Speaking of Weigh in..........

I was so excited this morning to get up and jump on the scale. I have simply stopped using my WW scale as it is SO NOT ACCURATE! Everytime you get on, it gives you a different number ranging anywhere between 2 whole for my mental health I am using my old scale. The one I had originally used when I started on WW. It is accurate and everytime you step on it, you get the same number. SO I got on this morning....and....

I was down 7 lbs! 7 lbs!!!!!!!!

I couldn't even believe my eyes! I was ecstatic! Granted this is the first week of the new plan and everyone says you lose the most on your first week, and only expect half or less of what you lost on the first week, on your second week but STILL! I remember my first week on WW I lost 5 lbs in one week and I was soo happy. This week I ate extremely healthy, fruit, veggies, chicken, high protein...just no flex points! It feels good to be in the 150s. Not just in the 150s...WELL into the 150s. I haven't been here since Junior High.

Well I just wanted to share my success with you all. Hope everyone's weekend was fantastic!!! Can't wait to read up on all your blogs!


  1. Wow girl you did awesome this weekend and 7 lbs in one week thats fantastic...go you!

  2. 7 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! That is amazingly awesome! This plan rocks! Seriously! I am so proud of you as you are so strict with yourself and don't give in when others are eating things I am sure you would love to have!
    Your pants must be really loose eh! That is awesome!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

  3. Zipededudah!!!!!!!!!!I hear your soul singing!! I can say good for you.. but that's not enough! Seriously, we should declare this a holiday.... MAY 7...CJ is into the 50s holiday!! This is more important than your b'day!!!! I am so so proud of you!

  4. wow!!! that is awesome!!! congratulations!!! sounds like you had a fun weekend too! way to go!

  5. Congrats! The only thing better than working hard and feeling good is being rewarded for it. :) Keep it up, Miss 7-pound Loss!

    Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun, too!

  6. Congrats on your AWESOME loss! It's so motivating when you see something like that.

    Also, congrats on being in the 150's. It's awesome when you reach a weight when you haven't been in so long. I just hit the 140's this weekend, and I haven't been there since High School, it was a great great feeling!

  7. I've been MIA, and it looks like I've missed SO much! Holy smokes!

    First of all, you are such an inspiration to me, with all of the weight that you've lost...I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again.

    This new plan sounds like it's really working for you - 7lbs is incredible! Way to go!!!!!!

    And that bikini WILL be making its appearance this summer - you deserve it SO much.

    I've missed your blog tons, and will be checking in more often.

  8. i've always contemplated using another scale, but this is why i stick with my old clunker. it serves me well, as does yours.


  9. wow, that's amazing... i think i would faint if i lost 7 pounds in one week - great job! :o)

  10. what a great job - both with the weigh in AND at Mexicali Rosa's! Awesome, awesome job!

  11. CONGRATS to you!!!

    I know you must feel so good to know that you can stick to your plan and really see the rewards for it!

    You will be at your goal in NO TIME, girl!

  12. So you only have to lose 1 more pound and you are at your goal? WOW!!!! That is amazing! You rock!


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