Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Good....and the Bad

The Bad.

This week has been going really well and I am really looking forward to WI this Saturday...that's right ladies, I said I was looking FORWARD to weigh in! Except I did have a little itsy bitsy slip last night. It could have been A LOT worse and I managed to control it but I really didn't know how bad it was until this goes

Last night a bunch of friends and Scott and I went out to a local Sports bar to watch the Sens-Ducks Game (Boo Ducks). We got there around 8:30 or so and I decided to have a drink. Just one fit in with the sport's bar atmosphere. I mean who actually goes to a Sport's bar and orders an ice water?? Not me, that's who. So I couldn't really think of anything to order and asked the waitress what types of coolers they had. Right there I should have asked if they had any Light varieties of these coolers but as soon as she said Orange Bacardi Breezer, I was sold. I've had a long and intense love affair with these coolers that ended abruptly last summer when I may have had one too many....ok it was more like 5 too many of these yummy coolers. Last night I was FINALLY ready to give them another chance. So I ordered one and the first sip made me fall back in love. For those of you who have tried these coolers, you may be able to sympathize with how I was feeling. One wasn't enough.....two wasn't enough......three.....well I MADE myself stop at 3 (but only because I had to get up at 6:00am for work).

The Good.

After three Bacardi Breezers, I started with the cravings. Of course everyone at our table was ordering wings and appetizers and I was constantly surrounded by the smell of yummy greasy pub food. I even asked for a menu at one point and even considered throwing in the towel for the night in favour of a large basket of Mozza Sticks and Ranch Dressing, my absolute favorite of the yummy greasy pub food family. But in the end, I made the right decision....I didn't even have one bite! Nothing, nada, zip! Just my coolers (which I found out today equaled to about 435 CALORIES!!!) I drank away almost 450 calories! Yikes! But at least I didn't touch the food..I have to congradulate myself for small victories! Take em where you can get em I guess. Tonight I am going out to dinner with Sarah but luckily she chose Vito's and it has a menu specifically designed for my meal plan so I am pretty safe there, and I will be sticking to the good 'ol ice water tonight for sure. After I am home, Scott and I are planning for an after dinner walk so I am looking forward to that. Don't I have the best husband? His comments are so great...he is the most supportive husband in the world....I would NEVER have lost 70 lbs without him!!

Thank you SO much for all your advice about the camping trip...I think everyone had the same idea and I'm going to go out and buy the 1 point hot dogs...does anyone know of any 1 point hot dog buns??? Weight Watcher maybe?? I am also going to marinade some chicken and bring a big salad! (Thanks Kate!...any marinade suggestions anyone?? I did buy honey mustard today which I will try for tomorrow)


  1. I know at my Kroger (what you have in Canada, I have NO idea! haha), they have light whole wheat buns that are only 1 point, perhaps your store might have something similar.

    As far as marinades, I have a TON of Chicken Marinades, I'll email you a few when I get home tonight!

  2. BOooo Ducks indeed. We watched the game too. We live 5 mins from the Ducks, and everyone is Ducks crazy right now. Boooo.

    I think you made a GREAT choice. I bet you if you would have had the fried food instead of the 3 drinks you would have made more damage then the 3 drinks alone. So I think you did great in the environment.

    You do have a great hubby! :D Way to go hubby if you are reading this!

  3. I made a really yummy marinade the other weekend, but it's not that low in fat.

    Mustard, honey, and Mayo and spices. It was really good, but if you're trying to keep the pnts low I would do something like Italian or something like that.

    You're right! I could have been worse if you would have eaten the pub food - just think you might have hit 1000calories or something! So things are much better where you stopped!

  4. Congrats on resisting the temptation at the bar/pub. So hard when there's so many people around w/yummy food.

    Wonder Lite White & Nature's Own White Wheat Hot Dog Bun are 1 pt. I hope they have it @ a grocery store near you! :)

  5. I think resisting bar food is really amazing! How are things going for you and how was WI havent heard from you in a few days:)


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