Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why are the weekends just so hard???

I have had a great week so far on plan! I have been playing by the rule book and haven't stepped out of the zone once. It feels so good to be back in the zone, I swear someone could offer me a huge chunk of chocolate cake and ice cream and I don't even think I'd flinch (ok maybe this is a little extreme, I might need to at least smell it to get a small chocolate fix) But I just feel like for the past few says, I am back in business. After my long weekend splurge, I could feel the lbs come back on, my clothes weren't as loose and I just FELT awful, and bloaty and big. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. We've all been there. Last weekend I did pretty good on my weekend challenges. I did have my chocolate bar and maybe one too many glasses of wine but all in all I think I did ok. This weekend is yet another test. Why are the weekends SOO hard?? It feels like a little mini vacation where calories don't count and all foods are fat free. But unfortunately that is not the case....weekends are just regular old days where a pound of chocolate will still make you gain weight and feel terribly guilty.

This weekend we are heading camping with a ton of friends, Scott's best friend is home from Afghanistan for a few weeks so we are all heading out to brave the wilderness...well not really, we are going to a nice camp right on the water which is actually quite nice and luxurious! But still, I like to think we'll be roughing it. Camping, is always an activity which involves lots of eating and drinking. Sounds like fun, but it isn't too easy on the waistline. Especially when the roasted marshmallows are broken out and someone just happens to have brought all the requirements for SMORES! I am going to try to pre-plan...bring my chicken for the BBQ, make a big salad to munch on all day but for some reason, the smell of BBQ hot dogs drives me to madness!! I LOVE BBQ'd hotdogs.....they are my favorite!! So now I am trying to make a judgment call...should I just stay strong and stick with my chicken and veggies while everyone else is eating chips, BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, seafood etc or should I go out and buy the Schneider's 1 point hotdogs...just in case?!?!?! I am worried that I will get there and throw caution to the wind and start chowing down on those bog 5 points hotdogs and go nuts. I really DO want to stick with my chicken and veggies...I know I will feel better if I do. The next day my stomach will thank me, I'm sure of it. What does everyone think would be my best plan of action!?!?

My next WI is on Saturday before we leave for the camping trip so maybe that will direct me and give me more motivation to stay on track...unless I see a gain...then I fear for my poor stomach!! Help! :)


  1. You could always follow WW just for this Saturday. Just make sure that you stay within your normal alotted points. You can bring lots of salad (which is free). You can bring the 1 point hotdogs and 2 point buns.

    Then if you have 3 hotdogs that would be 9 points. You could have corn on the cob (about 2 points/cob). You could eat salad for free. Then you would have about 10 points left for a few drinks. Use Crystal Light as your mix (is free as well).

    Your Husband


  2. I would stop at the store and get some 1 point hot dogs, and "light" hot dog buns. Also grab some chicken a marinate it. I find even at family BBQ's everyone else is eyeing my marinated chicken, saying how good it smells as they are eating their greasy sausage, hot dogs and hamburgers, haha.

  3. Have you tried veggie dogs, by Yves? They are really yummy, and available at almost every grocery store. They have bbq one's too. They are very low fat and high protein (and preservative-free, to boot!) - this way, you can still participate in the camping fun.:-)

    As for why weekends are so difficult - I wish I knew! I think it's because there's no real "routine" on weekends, and we tend to be in relaxation mode...which leads to more eating. Weekends are my biggest challenge too.

    Have an amazing time in the wilderness!!!

  4. don't deprive yourself - if you want hot dogs, bring the right ones so you can enjoy with everyone else!

  5. Plan ahead. You can do 2 things. Plan out your pts so that you can splurge a little at the BBQ or take your own meats, veggies, etc so that you don't feel left out.

    Your trip sounds so fun! I'm jealous.

  6. that's so cute that your hubby comments!! i agree with everyone else, just bring your own, that way you can still enjoy the hot dogs, but for less points!

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  8. I'm with Sonya, Yves Veggie Dogs are really good, and healtheir than hot dogs (no idea what their point value is). If your not big on the soy side of life though I'd say buy the 1 point hot dogs and enjoy yourself.

  9. Hebrew National makes some yummy 97% fat free hot dogs. I'm not sure what point value they are, but they honestly taste like a normal hot dog.

    I think I'd bring my own food along, but I also know it would be the smores that would tempt me the most! Good luck!

  10. OMG your husband is TOOO cute!! And supportive tooo!! What a good hubby! :)

    I'd bring my own 1 pt hot dogs, and if I had to have the real thing I'd only eat one regular hot dog (save it for last) and eat my 1 pt hot dogs first. Who knows you might feel good about it and decide the other hot dog isn't worth it.

    I think your husbands plan is the best!!

  11. The quote was fabulous.. and absolutely true!! By the By..7 is a wonderful #!! (7 wonders of the world, 7 spanish angels, Size 7 for CJ) That sounds like a great saying.. Size 7 for CJ.. Size 7 for CJ.....YEH!!

  12. I say bring some lighter hot dogs, maybe some wheat buns which would be lower in pts and hey you can enjoy with the rest but remember portion control:)

    Also, what about some fruits those would be a good choice too. Maybe some watermelon??!

    I know you can do it girl!

  13. "I could feel the lbs come back on, my clothes weren't as loose and I just FELT awful, and bloaty and big."

    Yeah, I'm with you sister!! I hate that feeling, and after my vacation I was terrified to step on the scale.

    As for your camping trip - I say bring the hotdogs, it sounds like you like the ones you're talking about - and why even allow yourself to be tempted by something worse when you can beat it to the punch - right? But I think Kate is right about bringing some chicken too - who knows if you'll want that instead - just don't trap yourself in a place where you'll end up racking up pnts!

  14. Hey Girl! You can find the recipe for the Pepperoni Pizza Chili here, ENJOY!


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