Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 4 of new plan

Today has been a good day...on this new plan that I am's either a really good day or a really bad day. The first few days were HARD. I felt so restricted and the task seemed unattainable. But today is a good day and I know if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. It really is mind over matter in this case. If any of you have read "The Secret", the general idea can basically be applied to anything...especially this new weight loss plan I am on.

If I think it's going to be hard and dreadful, than it will be hard and dreadful. If I think I can do it and it will be easy and I'll see fantastic results, than I can do it and it will be easy and I will see great results. It's really that simple!

It's just those darn timbits that hang around the office EVERY morning. I can practically smell them from my office...with the door closed. Grr. They are like little tiny devils calling my name. There's no way I'm going to indulge though. The mentality that I have now is that I have already put in almost 4 days on the strict "2 week cleansing phase" I'm not going to throw out all that hard work for a timbit! I don't want to have to start back at day one. I am really looking forward to week 3 as I will be able to have pita pizzas, soups and chili, I've already got my grocery list all done up so that I can get everything I need. This pre-planning thing really is the key to success in my opinion. It's so much easier to stay on track when everything is all laid out for you!

So tonight is a new ER and then 2 HOURS of Grey's! What more could a girl ask for?? Who's weighing in tomorrow? I can't wait to see the results! Tomorrow night we are heading out to dinner but I've already found out what I am allowed to have and they do offer it at Mexicali Rosa's (the place we are going). It's basically a salad with chicken but I'm sure they can make chicken and veggies taste better than I ever could so I am looking forward to it! It has been the driving force behind me week this week.

Hope everyone's week is going great!!



  1. You are just so cure and upbeat!!!

    You're right...if you expect this to be attainable and to see good results it will happen! Keep going girl. And enjoy your Mexican food tomorrow night!

  2. Lol, you are STRONGER than the timbits. I'm happy to hear the new plan is goin' well, too - your mindset is awesome.

    And ... Grey's - did you just think it was ... off? I didn't really like the whole Addison spin-off thing. :(

    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. I hate it when people leave tempting food lying around work. Yesterday someone decided to bring in pound cake with strawberries, bananas and banana cream for everyone to snack on. Well every time I was on the way to the fridge to get my carrots I had to pass frustrating! But congrats on staying strong and not having a TIMBIT, I can relate to how hard it is!

  4. Just think of Timbits as little balls of grease!! Little balls of oil or butter!! YECK!! I was very disappointed in Grey's. I thought they put too much emphasis of Addison...and not enough on the other characters!

  5. good luck on your weigh-in, i'm sure all this will be worth it when the scale rewards you with a smaller number... :o)

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  7. Hey you. :) The chocobran recipe is here:

    They're very yummy and fibre-ful.

  8. sounds like you are doing good on the new plan, like you said just think of week 3 and the pita pizzas!! grey's wasn't the greatest but we'll see how the spin off will be! have a great weekend!

  9. OH MY GOD GREY'S...what did you think?
    way to go at resisting the timbits, you are a champ. I am using the secret too and can't wait to watch the video tonight for that extra motivation. You are really doing great and have fun at mexicali's tonight, that is my favorite restaurant, so good :)

  10. my office is above a tim hortons and our building smells like donuts all day long. it's EVIL i tell you, EVIL!!


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