Thursday, April 5, 2007

4 day Weekend!

I am so excited for the 4 day weekend coming up! I am trying to preplan my meals for the entire weekend because it would be SO easy to let it get out of hand and throw in the towel on the whole weekend! Tonight we have dinner at a friend's house and I hear that maple cranberry chicken is on the menu. Apparently the recipe is from a healthy cooking book but I'm just going to watch my portion size and try to fill up on salad if I can. Scott and I are also bringing dessert (which is yet to be determined) so I'm going to try to bring something that's not TOO bad and if it is bad, (blueberry pie is on the agenda I believe) then I will just have a SMALL piece. Blueberries are healthy right? I will definitely account for it though in my daily points. I brought a super low point lunch and had a low point breakfast in order to compensate. Friday we are pretty safe and are planning to eat at home. Saturday we are going to a BBQ at a friend but I am planning on bringing my 2 pt hot dogs and 1 point buns so that I can enjoy a good ol fashion hot dog on the BBQ...mmmmm...nothing like BBQ'd hot dogs! Sunday we have Easter dinner with Scott's family but again I'm planning on eating a low pt breakfast and lunch to help compensate and to watch my portions while I am there. Monday I am going to lunch with the girls and I think we are going to East Side Marios where I always get the Mariboli wrap so I should be safe on Sunday. So this is my game plan. I am bound and determined to stick with it so I will keep you posted! I am also planning on exercising Fri, Sat, Mon 2 cardios and a weight training session.
I realize I haven't put up a product review in a while so here goes.
I picked this up at the Superstore and was really excited to try it. Hungry Girl keeps mentioning it and I thought it would be a great addition to my shakes.....WRONGO!
I made my usual banana shake but instead of putting vanilla yogurt in, I tried out the almond Breeze. It had a bit of a weird smell to it but I was pretty optimistic about it. Then I tasted it. It had a processed and plasticy taste to it and i had to throw the whole thing out. It was awful and I definitely would NOT recommend it to anyone. Maybe the chocolate one is better but I don't think I'll risk it.

1 WW English Muffin - 1
1 tsp of sugar free Smucker's Jam - 0.5
1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese - 0.5
Veggie wrap including: spinach, carrots, mushrooms, green pepper, red onion, zucchini, hummus, honey dijon fat free dressing on a Dempster's Flatbread - 4
1.5 cups of baby carrots - 0
1 fat free chocolate fondue and cherry yogurt - 1
Total: 7
Maple Cranberry Chicken (I small breast) - 5
1/2 cup Bismati Rice - 3
1/2 cup of broccoli - 0
SMALL piece of blueberry pie - 5
Total: 20
Small dairy shake with banana and pineapple, yogurt and ice cubes. - 3
Total points used - 23
Daily Target: 22


  1. You see.. it is all in the planning!! and organization!! Good for you.... your anticipating your whole long weekend!! And how can you fail with that planning?? Keep on keeping on!! You are fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation I have never seen those before but if I do I know to stay clear of them..haha!

    I think you will do great this weekend especially since you are planning things out.

    Happy Easter and cant wait to hear what the scale says this morning!

  3. Carolyn - I'm so glad you posted about Almond Breeze!

    I recently bought this myself, and wanted to hurl! At first I saw the picture on your blog, and thought, "oh-oh - I hope she's not going to say she actually LIKED it!".


    And planning is the key to success - so, go you!!!

  4. Keep making those healthy choices Carolyn. You are doing amazing. Over the last 15 months you have completely changed your lifestyle. You have lost over 60 lbs. That is awesome. You lead a more active and healthy life. In turn you have provided me with the encouragement and support that I needed to quit smoking, start eating healthy, and begin exercising on a regular basis. I have lost aout 25 lbs and feel great.

    With your help Carolyn, I have also completely changed my lifestyle for the better. I feel great and would like to say THANK YOU.

    Your Husband



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