Sunday, April 1, 2007

Little victories!

Well this weekend, it looks like my 1.4 lb loss is really influencing my decisions! We had our usual Friday night homemade pizza which ate up about 10 of my flex points. Usually we go out for a Friday night treat but instead, because I knew my sister in law was bringing down her yummy double chocolate homemade cake, we had grapes instead. Yesterday actually went really well. I made great choices and loved every single bite of the choc late cake! It was soooo gooood! How she does it, I just don't know!
So while we were sitting around....Hubby went back for a second piece...I was tempted join him but thought to myself "Carolyn, Do you really NEED that extra piece of cake???????" So I stuck to my guns and sat beside my hubby while he devoured another piece. I was feeling so confident and great about my choice....then hubby went back for a THIRD PIECE!!!!! I wasn't even tempted by then..I was feeling good about my choice and I was sticking to it no matter what! Go me!
I had a great visit with my little niece (Gracie, 14 months old and definitely the CUTEST baby in the entire world) I'm not bias by any means either!
Today is Sunday and Scott and I are taking it easy and are on our way out to go for a drive and check out some real estate. I love Sundays! How did everyone's weekend go?????


  1. wow only stopping at one piece, that is great. Good for you, it's little things like that we should be proud of, yeah you!

  2. WOW! I love how you brag about my cooking expertise on here! heheheh

    You did do really awesome at only having one (pretty small) piece especially when Scott had three and ate them right in front of you!

    Andrew told me about that house on Inglewood selling!!! It must of just sold recently! Your house will come along. No worries!!! Besides.. you want a bigger kitchen!!! So you can cook.. cook.. cook!

    Love you and thanks for the fun..

  3. GOOD FOR YOU SWEETHEART!!! Good for you!! And you did have 1 piece..and enjoyed every chomp!! so you didn't feel deprived! And best of all.. you counted it your daily points (or bonus points) That is what WW is all a real life and accepting the hiccups along the way.. Hey Erica.. I expect some of the choc cake when I come to visit!! YUMMY!!!

  4. Your willpower was awesome!!! I'm so impressed! And look at how great you feel now. Go you!!

    And I've said it before, but I'll say it again - your mom is just lovely! I can't believe how supportive she is of you. Carolyn's mom - you rock!

  5. Hey Sonya.. blush blush.. thank you so much for you sweet thoughts! Carolyn is a lovely women.... She got me going back to WW with her great support..and I feel so in control now.. getting back to weighing and measuring! LOVE that feeling..

  6. way to go with the self control. enjoy your birthday!


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