Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holiday Curse?

Well the sun is shining and I feel totally back in control of my eating habits. Chocolate Easter bunnies are a distant memory to me now. Thank goodness. Holidays always take a toll on me. It's almost like I use it as an excuse to eat unhealthy and splurge. Not almost like...that is EXACTLY what happens. Every holiday that passes I pick one day and just eat whatever I want. I guess that's not an entirely bad thing, but it sure isn't a good thing. There are really only 4 holidays I do this for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I usually try not to go over board but I don't count points as I would any other day.
Why is it that we feel we can let go on holidays? I get this feeling on weekends too, not to the same extent but I still feel like if I do great all week, I can loosen up a little on the weekend. I always stay within my flex points but the thought of even using one flex point through the week is absurd to me. Flex points are for weekends...maybe it's just a habit I have acquired over the 15 months I've been on WW because Scott and I always treat ourselves on the weekend and our big conversation on Thursday night is what we are going to use our flex points on this weekend! How do you guys use your flex points? and how do you handle the holidays?

1 cup melon - 1
1/2 cup of raspberry fat free yogurt - 1
1 granny smith apple - 1

Peanut butter and Sugar Free Jam sandwich on WW bread - 5
1 cup of melon - 1
1 fat free yogurt - 1

Taco night!
Shells - 5
Hamburger and Seasoning - 4
Tomatoes and lettuce - 0
Sour Cream - 0.5
Total: 19.5


  1. I think the same as you do for the holidays, I feel that we should endulge once in awhile, we are making lifestyle changes so 4 days out of the year is really not bad at all. As for the weekends, that's what are flex are for so as long as it is working for you and you are still losing, use them on the weekends, no worries :)

  2. Holidays are MADE for breaking the rules. I am totally the same with weekends as well (especially in the summer). It just feels like a mini holiday that needs to be celebrated. And if you're like me you celebrate with food:) Heck I'm already looking forward to my first wedding anniversary so we can get that AMAZINGLY good chocolate wedding cake outta the frezzer and enjoy it. Plus it's not till Octiober so what does that tell ya?
    Holidays give us a reason to enduldge, and it feels good. And as long as you get right back on track (which you did) you'll be fine.
    We're only human, we can't be perfect all the time.

  3. hmm, what a great idea - save flex points for the weekend... that sort of reminds me of the wendi plan which allows higher points on 1 day (and there's another plan that allows two SHDs)...

    i haven't really thought about the holidays - i guess i'm lucky that my family doesn't do big dinners so there's not much to worry about... but regardless, i still think they can be enjoyed as long as you eat in moderation... 4 holidays a year isn't so bad - that leaves 361 days to eat healthy... :o)

  4. Wow I could have wrote almost the same exact post Im another who indulges on the holidays and the weekends I dont go overboard but save them up for then.

    No worries about the holiday as long as you get back on track you need to indulge a few days a year so why not save them for the good stuff and 4 days a year wont hurt either especially when they are spread out!

  5. If you can do four days a year, then go for it, girl! My problem is that I eat too much before and too much after that one day, so it's like a 4 or 5 day event. Definitely NOT OK!

    I usually use a few flex points every day. Some days I'll use 8 or 10 even. Lately I've just been using too many.

    I'm always amazed at your ability to eat 3 meals and have an evening snack. I think I eat all afternoon long! I need to change that, but I use the kids as an excuse. They are always snacking, so I do too. Of course they are all at a healthy weight or a little skinny, too! LOL

  6. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll add you to my blog roll and definitely check back in!

    i do the same thing on holidays or special occasion, the last 2 weekends i haven't counted but am good during the week. i think it's good that we do this so we can have fun and relax a little. you've done really well!!!!

  7. thanks for your kind words babes, it means alot :)


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