Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Foooood Finds!

Today I am posting about 2 new food finds that have recently come on board with my WW menu mainly because this is the most exciting thing going on with me right now :D Plus who doesn't LOVE a good food find? I will admit though that I think both of these foods were recommended to me by Sarah so she gets most of the credit, but since she doesn't have a blog...the glory is mine!

The first one is Becel topping and cooking spray. It is FABULOUS!!!! Scott and I had been having a difficult time trying to cook things on the stove without burning them , mainly because we were trying really hard not to use Olive Oil. I know Olive Oil, especially EVOO (which we used to use nonstop) is supposed to be healthy and good for you but I just couldn't justify spending all those points on OIL! But everytime we tried to fry up veggies, they burned! This cooking spray has 0 calories and 0 fat. Yup you heard me ladies! 0!! Now granted if you went wild and used 50 spray, it's bound to add up to a point or two but if you use a small amount (which is really all you need) it's a big ZERO! DEFINITELY worth a try!

Second find is Hellman's Dijonnaise. It only has 15 calories for 1 Tbsp. It is pretty much a mix between honey Dijon mustard and Hellman's regular mayonnaise. Before WW I was a mayonnaise FREAK! I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I love it on burgers, with French fries, BLTs....oh the BLTs!!!! I would go to subway and PILE on the mayonnaise (light of course, wouldn't want anyone to think I wasn't health conscious) Now, I barely touch the stuff but it's still nice everyone in a while. This sauce is great on wraps or sandwiches and tastes like honey mustard but with an added creaminess to it. Worth a try for sure!!!

WW Bagel - 2
1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese - 0.5
1 tsp of sugar free Smucker's Strawberry Jam - 0.5
1 cup of grapes - 1

Veggie wrap with 1 Light Flatout Wrap, baby spinach, green pepper, red onion, tomato, fat free Italian dressing - 1.5
Chocolate Crunch Rice Cake - 2
1 fat free yogurt - 1
100 Calorie pack Smart Pop popcorn - 1
Total: 9.5

85 g whole wheat flax omega 3 pasta - 5
2 tsp of basil pesto - 2
fried veggies topped over pasta and pesto
1.5 cups of brussel sprouts - 0

1.5 cups of grapes - 1.5
1 oz low fat cheddar - 2
1 Chocolate crunch rice cake - 1

Total points used: 21
Daily points target: 22

Flex points remaining: 35


  1. Both EXCELLENT condiments. We use that Becel spray like it's going out of style. Try a couple sprays on cooked veggies (broccoli is my fav). It'll rock your world!!!!
    Keep up the great work Carolyn.

  2. I heard that Hellman's Dijonnaise is some kind of wonderful-ness on the Hungry Girl website. Good to hear from a 'real' tester, too. :) Will have to pick some up (as if I need ... a 5th kind of mustard in my fridge? lol).

  3. I am off to Toronto today..and I had to read my "CJ Fix" for today! What great finds!! I will be sure to pu the Mustard thingy! We just talked about fats in WW last week.. and the health importance of fats in your diet! (I think it is 2 servings er day!! you might want to check that out!) You are so great sweetheart!

  4. I already use the spray - but the Dijonnaise is an excellent idea - I love and miss mayo so much. 15 cal for 1 tbsp? Man - that is a bargain! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I love the becel spray but haven't tried the mayo...must buy. Your menu look freaking amazing, I miss bagels :(


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