Thursday, April 12, 2007

Good intentions...

Yesterday I had all intentions of going home and getting in a good 45 min workout but in the afternoon at work I got a massive headache and started to feel instead of a great 45 min workout, I went home and fell asleep instantly. I woke up briefly to make supper and was so out of it that I burnt the Taco Shells to the point where they were all BLACK and the fire alarms were going off (which REALLY helped my headache!) Overall, not a super great night but I'm feeling much better today and I am raring to go for my workout tonight. At lunch I also walked up to the market and met hubby. In total got about 45 mins of brisk walking in. I am going right after work for an upper body weight training session. I can't wait to own my own home so I can work up my own little gym and I will be able to do my workouts in the morning! I always have so much more energy in the am. The search is on for our first home so wish us luck!!
So at the beginning of the week, I decided not to weigh in on Friday due to my Easter splurge but I have decided that jumping on that scale tomorrow and seeing a gain (hopefully a small one) might help to motivate me. I have to hold myself accountable for my Easter splurge and getting on the scale tomorrow morning is how to do it! So wish me luck. It might ruin my day but it will get my butt in gear! We are going out to dinner tomorrow night at East Side Mario's and I'm still undecided about what to get (usually I like to pre-plan before I go because I find it helps me to stick to my pts) I'm sure my weigh in tomorrow morning will be a determining factor! How is everyone's week going??

All Bran - 3
1/4 cup Skim milk - 0.5
apple - 1

Lasagna with Vegetables Frozen dinner - 5
1 fat free yogurt - 1
Total: 10.5

Grilled Cheese made with low fat cheddar and WW bread on the George Foreman (YUM!) - 6
Large Banana Shake - 4
Total Used: 20.5

Daily points target: 20.5
Flex pts remaining: 35 East Side Mario's here I come!!!


  1. ah, sorry you got a headache, that sucks big time! glad you're feeling better today though! i love east side mario's, very yummy! and good luck with your wi tomorrow!

  2. You have been a busy girl...sometimes when you are busy, it is hard to keep on track..... and please plan your ESM meal! Perhaps eat something just before you go out...Like WW toast with PB...then you are not STARVING!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow my eyes will be there!! Look up.. look way up!!! ILU

  3. I'm right there with you. I normally WI on Tuesdays but had to go see my oldest dd do a thing at school so I convenietly skipped WI. I really want to go WI tomorrow though to just get it over with and move on to next week.

    ~~~~~skinny vibes for you~~~~~

  4. Hope that today the headache is gone on this lovely Friday the 13th

    and don't worry about the weigh in :)


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