Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Sunday

We had such great weather all weekend!!

I actually got in quite a bit of exercise this weekend as well. Yesterday was Hubby's Birthday so we got up on Saturday morning and headed to the Nature park and took on one of the trails. We hiked for about1 1/2 hours and it was a really good workout. It was nice to just spend some alone time outside and to enjoy the great weather...summer is on it's way!

I did go a bit overboard yesterday with the food but I had saved all my flexies for the weekend so I think I came in right around even. I ate my usually breakfast and had a veggie wrap on the George Foreman for lunch. Supper was another story....we ended up having nachos but I measured EVERYTHING. I skimped a little on the cheese and added extra veggies to mine and they turned out to be around 18-20 points. I had lots of points left so it was all good. Scott had Chinese food (his FAVORITE) I'm not a HUGE fan of Chinese but usually once I see it, I want it. I took one bite of broccoli and I thought...that is so's bathing in so much oil that you can hardly taste the broccoli. Then on top of that he had a plate of nachos and for dessert, he had 3/4 of a McCain Deep and Delicious Frozen chocolate cake (his favorite and a birthday tradition). I'm telling you, the guy can pack it away!! Of course he will NOT see a gain on the scale, a loss if anything!! GRRR!!! I want the metabolism of a man!!!! It's not fair! We went to see Perfect Stranger last night at the movies and I have to say it was a pretty good movie. Didn't see the ending coming. It's not really a "you HAVE to go see this movie ASAP!!!!" but it was definitely worht a look.

I also got up this morning and went for a 40 min power walk on the treadmill, arms pumping and all!!! How did everyone's weekend go?

Anyway I just wanted to leave a quick post....see you on Monday! (22 degrees in New Brunswick tomorrow! My sandals are finally seeing the light of day!!!)


  1. sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

    happy belated birthday to your hubby! and I totally get what you are saying about food not tasting like it should. that's what I was just blogging about! lol

    hope you have a great monday!

  2. I love mscain cake....I hate that my boyfriend can eat whatever he wants and not gain weight drives me bonkers! Hope you have a great Monday and enjoy the weather :)

  3. men! grrr! they can pack it away and it flies off quick too! not fair. but we still love them :)

    hope you enjoyed the great weather!

  4. that sounds like a nice day! i get that too, i eat something that i normally would have loved, but since starting ww, it tastes gross! i agree, guys can pack it in and not gain a pound, so not fair!!! good for you for getting a great power walk in!


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