Friday, April 20, 2007

What the........??

Weigh in this morning was a HUGE disappointment. I was up about 1.5 lbs!!! I couldn't even believe my eyes when I looked at the scale this morning. I was expecting to see a great loss! I have done so great all week and I feel like my clothes are fitting a little looser. I even got 4 lunchtime walks in this week and 2 weight training sessions. I'm stumped. Just stumped.

But instead of letting this little setback sabotage my whole weekend, I'm going to let it inspire me! I know I FEEL great and I FEEL like I have lost weight. I'm going to keep on keeping on, eat healthy and get in lots of exercise and I'm sure the numbers will follow. I'm not too worried about it. I'm really not racing against time to get the weight off. My philosophy is that if I keep eating healthy and living an active lifestyle then I will eventually get to my goal weight, or at least a fit and healthy weight for me. Certainly if I start to see a trend of gaining then I will re-evaluate my lifestyle but everyone has that one odd week where they gain and then go...what the hell???? So I'm not stressing about it. It will just make next weeks loss even more of a victory!

1 cup of All Bran - 2
1/4 cup of milk - 0.5
1 apple - 1

1 small Wendy's Chili - 3.5
1 Fiber One bar - 2.5
Total: 9.5

Homemade Pizza....I've been looking forward to this ALL WEEK!!!! - 20
Total: 29.5

We are off to look at a few houses today after work so wish us luck!!!


  1. great attitude girl, you rock!!! Even if the scale says one thing go with how you feel and more important how your clothes feel :) Enjoy your pizza and staying focused this weekend is the best thing you can do :)

  2. so the scale isn't showing it but i bet your measurements are - have you taken those lately? sometimes you can lose inches before you lose 1 pound, go figure... and i'm sure you'll be back down next week, if not sooner - it could be all the walking you've been doing... i've been jogging a lot and gained this week too so maybe by going back on WW, i'll see a nice loss...

    enjoy your weekend... :o)

  3. If your clothes are feeling looser - that is what you need to focus on - because it means you're making great progress. Way to go on a successful week.

  4. I second the "take your measurements" the differences on those will amaze you even if the scale isn't moving.
    When I added more serious strength workouts into my routine I saw a gain too.
    It will come off, have faith.

  5. I hate it when that happens...

    The important thing is you know you are OP and living that healthy active life.

    Enjoy your PIZZA! and have a good weekend!

  6. You ROCK. You are doing amazing, and don't let the numbers fool you. It'll be an even bigger loss next week.
    Keep the one ever got fat from eating healthy and working out religiously all week. Trust your instinct not a "faulty" scale.

  7. Everybody has a week like that once in a while, I know this week I was totally on WW plan, averaged 19 pts every single day and I don't think I will see any loss this week either, but I will celebrate either way because for the first time in five attempts at Weight Watchers I have not slipped, I've journaled every single bite and point and whatever the outcome tomorrow I know I am working it. Sometimes if I don't lose it is actually more motivating to keep going strong. The most important thing is how you feel and it sounds like you feel great. It's not like the number on the scale is written on your forhead for everyone to see. What they see is what you put out there and it sure sounds like you're putting out a lot of positive energy.

  8. Hey Carolyn -- I just found your blog through a comment you left on Amanda's. Just wanted to come by and say 'welcome'! I haven't been blogging much lately because life's been busy... but I'm looking forward to reading yours in the future!

    You have a great attitude towards the gain! You're absolutely right not to worry about it -- it's probably just muscle mass since you're being so diligent in your working out! :) Good luck with the coming week!


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