Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Baking got to me

Well my weekend wasn't a complete bust. Although the Christmas baking did get to me on Sunday while I was home all day trying to wait out the big storm we got here in Atlantic Canada. I had 8 monster cookies over the course of the weekend. Used up all of my flex points but that's what they are there for right? Other than the cookies, I think I did pretty well this weekend. I ate all of my meals at home so I was able to limit portions and make the right choices. I know I should have limited the cookies a little but it could have been a lot worse right?

I had a slight NSV on Saturday night. Scott and I hit up "I am Legend" (really good movie!! Love Will Smith!!) I bought some Baked Doritos to take with me but I wanted something chocolatey too. So I went to the candy isle in Walmart to find something sweet. Nothing looked really appealing. Then I asked Scott to swing by the Bulk Barn on the way but I got to the parking lot and then thought, "you know what I don't really want anything, let's just go to the movies, I really only want chocolate because it's Saturday and it's supposed to be a splurge day" So Yay me! (although I did have a bite of hubby's chocolate bar once we got there, it's still better than getting my own!)

Sunaday the Surprise party for my good friend was cancelled because she was stuck in Toronto and her flight to NB was cancelled. Booooo. (but Yay that I didn't have the temptation of booze and lots of food!)

I've decided to follow Christy's example and start posting my menu everyday up until Christmas. I just think it give me that extra accountability that I need and will keep me away from the Christmas baking. I'm also enforcing my previous "No Christmas Baking Monday-Friday or Something Really Awful Will Happen to Me" this week so I won't be touching it. I'm bringing a good chunk of it to work on Wednesday for a huge Potluck that my department is putting on for the whole building so I imagine there won't be much left after this week. (not a bad thing at all)

Gym plan for this week:
Monday - 50 mins of machine cardio (most likely StairMaster and elliptical)
Tuesday - 50 mins of Machine Cardio (gotta burn off those cookies)
Wednesday - 15 mins elliptical/ 45 min Body Ball Class (More Strength training Randi!)
Thursday - 50 mins Cardio OR Beginner Yoga Class for 60 mins.
Friday - No Gym time, Vacation Day!
Saturday - May hit up the gym if I can the time in, we have a lot of visiting to do that day!

Menu for Today:

1 C All Bran & 1/2 C Milk - 3 pts
1/2 C V8 Juice - 0 pts
All Bran Bites - 1 pt

Tuna Sandwich on WW bread - 3 points
Orange - 1 pt
Banana before workout - 2 pts

Homemade baked beans - 8 pts
1 slice WW bread - 1 pt

Snack (yogurt & fruit?) - 2 pts

That's it for me today. How did you ladies make out over the weekend?? 1 More week until Christmas Eve! Everyone done shopping??


  1. Wow, you guys are really getting some bad weather aren't you????

    Sounds like an awesome NSV for the movies!!!!! I keep hearing really good things about that one (I am legend) and I think I will have to go there this weekend!!!

    I think that's a really good idea to bring in your baking for a potluck...give them to those with less resolve!!!

    Sounds like a great plan this week!

  2. Yeah, the christmas baking is soooo tough, the toughest it's ever been for me for some reason. Those cookies look so crazy good though!

    Recognizing that you wanted to get the movie treats out of habit and not that you needed to fulfill a craving is definiately an NSV. The weekends are the toughest for you (and me), so munching on Baked Doritos is definately an awesome movie treat choice.

  3. Being the selfish person I am, I hope more people post daily menus becuase then I get ideas of waht other people eat! I often fall into the routine of eating the same thing over and over... so thank you for posting - tomorrow I'm hving a tuna sandwich for lunch!!

    And yay for the NSV - I often feel like I eat things just because "it's saturday and saturdays are for splurging". Just like the 25 days of advent chocolate yesterday :)

    Good luck! !

  4. I'm back on plan today and everything is looking good! We can overcome our horrendous weekends!! yay!!!!

    I have been thinking about posting my food journals too. Especially after logging everything I ate on was embarassing!!

  5. Those cookies looked TOO good. I would have eaten them ALL!!

  6. Awesome snacking choices! I sometimes sneak in those 100 calorie bags of popcorn... Yes, I carry a huge handbag... lol

    Your gym plan looks incredible. Good luck!

  7. Christmas Baking is so so hard. It's amazing I've been able to get through it with only stuffing my face once!

  8. for a weekend, not to shabby at all! Like the week plan and the food post. Interesting to see what other people eat.

    Here's the something aweful that will happen to you: you won't lose any weight!

  9. Oh Carolyn, I would have eaten 15 monster cookies, so I think your good behavior deserves a pat on the back. Way to kick ass on workouts too! Impressive!

  10. Christmas baking... mmmmmm... everything in moderation I guess. Good thing that party was cancelled haha. And your exercise plan for this week sounds very smart.

  11. I'm with ThickChick - I woul dhvae eaten twice that amount (oh wait, I did! except my enemy was chocolate dipped pretzels...)


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