Thursday, December 13, 2007

Randi would be proud....

So I managed to stay away from the Christmas buffet at work for the rest of the day yesterday so I'm counting that as a major success. Today it's filled with fruits and veggies so I had one piece of pineapple but I think I'll stick to my lunch for the rest of the day. The dips get me everytime so it's better to just stay away, fruits & veggies or not.

So after work yesterday I hit the gym but just wasn't really feeling the StairMaster or the elliptical. I was pretty much dreading it, although I knew there was no way I was not going to workout so I decided to just tough it out and deal with it. But when I got to the board, I couldn't figure out what to sign out, they all just looked dull and unappealing. Then comes the light bulb moment. There is a fitness class that starts everyday at 5:00 at my gym. I looked it up and Body Ball was on the menu. So I jumped on the elliptical for 15 mins for a warm up and then hit the class. One word. Ouch. Basically the class was a full body strength training session with the stability ball (Yes Randi, finally a little strength training!). It burned let me tell ya! I thought I wouldn't be able to walk today but actually I'm doing ok....and the best part? The time FLEW by! I couldn't believe 45 mins had passed. So add that session to my previous 100 mins of cardio time and I've already made my goal of 160 mins this week! Sweet! But I'm still planning on going today after work. Even if it's just a little treadmill time. I'm still going. I made my goal so Kelly, it's your turn now!

Now for the awfulness that is my willpower. I broke. I broke twice. & I feel awful.

1. I ate 1 of my Monster cookies last night. But it was just one thank goodness.

2. I had a brief love affair with the scale this morning.

Both made me feel like a big sleazy cheat. I learned my lesson. I made 5 dozen Monster cookies last night (Peanut Butter, oatmeal, walnuts, Smarties, and chocolate chips all in one cookie!) I had one cookie. Half a cookie from the first batch and 1/2 a cookie from the third batch. To my defense I really was trying to figure out how long to cook them for. I ended up over cooking the first 3 batches but the last 2 are just right. My first time making them so I will know for next time. But afterwards I felt so guilty! I know it was only one cookie but I promised myself no Christmas treats during the week. Will not happen again. I promise myself and I promise all of you!

The scale....I just couldn't stay away. It's been 13 days since I last stepped foot on that little devil. I was down 1 lb from last time. Yay right? Not really. The thing is, I was feeling SO great before I jumped on the scale, I felt really good this week like I was really making progress at the gym, food wise, controlling my weekends. I felt skinny. You know that feeling when you can just tell your smaller. Tummy feels flatter, arms feel fit and your legs are starting to look toned? I had all of that. I assumed that I had probably lost a few pounds since I was feeling so great. Nope, just one. That stupid number on the scale took all those good feelings away and today I feel defeated and only half as great as I felt yesterday.


I'm saying goodbye for now. I think this morning really proved that my addiction to the scale really isn't good for me anymore and we need time apart. I want to feel good because I've spent 200 mins at the gym this week, or because I bought a pair of pants in a smaller size or because I said no to that extra chocolate or no the seconds at dessert time. I want to feel good for those reasons and not because a number on the scale says I should. So I'm taking a tip from Katieo and wrapping up the scale. I figure it's the only way we can stay apart. Come the New Year, I may be ready to try again but for now, I want to be the one in control for once.

Thoughts? Advice?


  1. Yes - Definately get rid of that scale. You are doing so great and have to focus on other things - like how great it felt to not indulge in those frogs.

  2. Hey there,

    You are doing great. Don't trust the scale. The day after a good strength training session, you might actually weight more than you did before. It's your muscles trying to hold onto water and repair themselves. Also, with strength training you are changing your body composition; you're losing fat and gaining muscle. My weight has only changed by a few pounds in the past nine months, but I'm wearing smaller clothing sizes than I have ever before, and it's all thanks to a good mix of strength training and cardio. Keep up all your good work! :-)

  3. I agree, get rid of the scale! Honestly it's so much better to FEEL good and skinny then let the scale dictate how you are going to feel. Think of how you felt before you stepped on and after you did - that should answer your question!

    And what's with the darn potlucks? One every day from now until basically CHristmas is torture! I'll be sending you all the "Stay away from the evil potluck" vibes that I can (must keep some for myself too).

    Good gym classes are awesome- and I always find teh time flies by! I always have the most success (losing inches, toning, etc..) when I do as many different workouts as I can. When I stick to one or two machines, I know it's good and I'm burning caloies etc., but I don't get the results I want until I start doing a cross training - with classes, walking, running, weights, strength training etc.... so way to go!!!!

  4. Randi IS proud! yay for sore muscles!

    Haven't you heard any of those stories about people who lost like 4 dress sizes but only lost 5 lbs? The two are not linked! which would you sooner have? Skinny or light? I choose skinny. I dunno. I sorta don't understand how so many of you get so affected by that little number, but it's obvious you do so I guess you know what's best.

    I always take measurements when I get something i'm not expecting on the scale. That way I know if it's "real" or not.

    I understand the cookie thing. But next time, you don't need to eat a whole half a cookie to tell if they're cooked. Just a small nibble, or just breaking it in half should do. No more excuses!

  5. You were the wise one that made the connection between how you were feeling and what the scale said. I remember your very clever post about what was going on in your head before you stepped on the scale and then how much it changed after you stepped on the scale. That was awesome. Your now transitioning between measuring your successes from the number on the scale to measuring it in all of those wonderful other ways like exercise and good nutrition. Stepping on that scale is not a failure at all if you learn from it. We HAVE to 100% fall here and there along the way because if we don't, we don't get the opportunity to learn from those mistakes. You are still getting your confirmation about your relationship with the scale and you tested it. Now you know for sure that it's too influencial to how you feel.

    I don't feel bad about going back on your commitment to peeking on the scale, but bad because of how the scale made you feel. Don't feel bad about peeking, because you're still trying to confirm your theory.

    You lost a pound and that really is great! AND just imagine how much good your body is doing frmo all of that exercise! It's like cloud 9 when you are dreading the workout and you get through it and not only that, you did something new and didn't have to look at your watch ever second!

    You are seriously doing phenomenal!

  6. wow, those cookies sound delicious!

    Congrats on the NSV of avoiding the buffet, I can imagine that is hard when you have it day after day at work. I would go nuts, at least here its only one day a week!

    I think your right about getting rid of the scale, it's amazing how easy you can become obsessed. I was an everyday weigher (in fact like 8 times a day), and I was crazy about it. I cut back to WW guidelines of just once a week, and I feel much much happier.

  7. hahaha. I highly recommend it the "wrap up." (I say as I just unwrapped mine this morning. It's because I'm starting a new program, I would really like started stats. Did you read glam's post the other day. Made me want to wrap it right back up! :)

  8. oh, and by the way, this is Katieo, not Aaron!

  9. OK...I am the opposite. I weigh myself every morning. And I feel a little off if I don't start my day that way.

    I USED to weigh myself at every trip to the like 8-10 times a day, so this is progress for me.

    That being said, my weight fluctuates by 3-5 (sometimes even more) pounds from morning til night. Since you are normally a first thing weigher, there is probably a big difference in your weight after a full day like yesterday and what a morning reading would be.

    Even though I weigh all the time, I use other things to tell me how I am doing. I can't control that scale, but I CAN control so many other things.

    So do what you need to do...but my scale is safe in the bathroom for now! LOL

  10. I can totally relate to the scale thing. I can't stay away either--even when I promise myself I will. Unfortunately I can't wrap mine up because I'm not the only one who uses it. I just need to exercise more will power. Really, I have to NOT want to get on the dumb thing--I haven't gotten to that point yet so I'll keep fighting with myself. Way to go on the gym minutes! I'll be heading there myself shortly. And stay strong with the buffet!

  11. hm...i weigh myself like 5 times a year and i've maintained my current weight for a LONG time now. it shows that the number is inaccurate! because it's all about how hard you work...strength training, what you eat, sweat sessions...etc. i go by how my clothes fit! keep at it!

  12. Very good idea. It is so hard to do, but definitely makes sense when you are already feeling good about how you're feeling and what you're doing. And girl, you had ONE cookie! And you made FIVE BATCHES! I would consider that a big success!

  13. I just read an article..It said "Ladies, throw out the scales! Weighing yourself every day is as stupid as a man measuring his 'manhood' every day' Instead of beating myself up for the 10 things I didn't do, I am going to appreciate the 2 things I did do!!" This seemed appropriate for the last few posts!! But kidding aside...I am so darn proud of you! Your are my inspiration!!

  14. *laughs* big sleazy weren't a cheat!!! I think the fact that you stayed away for so long is great!!! AMAZING in fact!! ANd ONE cookie??? Trust me, a while ago, for me, that would have been like 50 cookies, so one would be a HUGE NSV!!!

    That is so awesome that you took in a class!!! I find them WAY better than just a plain old cardio workout (some days I love them, some days I hate em...) but the classes just FLY by and you end up with MORE of a workout!!!


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