Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It has arrived....

The Christmas buffet at work. Starting today and being constantly refilled every single day (twice a day!) until December 21st. Luckily I'm taking the 20th and 21st for vacation so there is at least two days that the Christmas buffet won't tempt me. Today I happened to walk by on my way to the water cooler (forgot about it being set up this morning) and there was fresh homemade spinach dip and bread and 4 different crackers and 3 cheese balls, shrimp ring and sauce, a mound of different cheeses, 2 open boxes of assorted chocolates, chips and salsa, bread with other homemade dip, fruit tray with dip, bags and bags of chips, a crock pot with meat balls staying warm. The smell alone is enough to make you crack. I had one cracker, although surprisingly it wasn't form the Christmas buffet, a co-worker brought in a box of All Bran crackers from the States. Anyone tried these? The Garlic and Herb are SOO good. 9 crackers for 1 point. I had 2 crackers and I tried a little teeny bit of the Spinach dip on one cracker but I didn't even really like it all that much. Although I did enlist the support of a coworker so we hit the buffet together. Strength in numbers right? That's all I had, one smidgen of spinach dip. And that's it for me today. I've started taking the alternate route to the mail room and bathroom so no excuses for me to walk by it again today. I can seriously smell it from my office. Luckily I brought a nice healthy lunch so I won't cave due to hunger.

In other news, I hit the gym hard again last night. 30 mins on the StairMaster and 20 mins on the elliptical. Time dragged on a bit yesterday, I couldn't concentrate on the article I was reading in Women's Health but I kept trucking along and eventually it was over. The StairMaster almost killed me yesterday. Today I'm thinking 10 mins treadmill, 30 mins StairMaster and 10 mins treadmill. That will bring me up to 150 mins of cardio this week. My goals is 160 minimum so I'm sure I'll knock it out this week as I'm planning on hitting the gym again tomorrow after work. I might mix it up though a little and throw in some time on the bike.

I was successful last night in making my frogs (chocolate macaroons for the many of you who didn't know what I was talking about. Don't' you guys call them frogs? EVERYONE here calls them frogs. Maybe it's an East Coast thing) After I had placed them all on the cookie sheet, I scraped the bowl clean, there was about enough for a half of a frog, I was honestly JUST about to put the spoon in my mouth when I changed my mind and threw it in the sink with the bowls and the pot and the other spoons and dumped about a half of a bottle of dish soap on them as quick as I possibly could before I changed my mind and licked everything clean. Worked for me. Didn't even lick my finger once!

That's it for me today. Just like Angie and Kelly, I'm totally in the zone this week!


  1. Wow, it sounds like you have some major NSV going on! Good for you!
    I smell in the office would make me go nuts. Airfreshener anyone?
    lol... It was nice to see they had some fruit and shrimp on the plater at least those you could have if you really couldn't resist. Mind you I know if I did head to the buffet I would probably end up with that, but also something else on my plate too.

    As for the 'frogs'...I've never heard them called that before. Very cute. My family (not speaking for the whole of ontario here) calls them "chocolate drop cookies". Not as fun, I know.

  2. Yay you! No Christmas festivities for you! definately a grinch! hehe kidding. Though I doubt I could stay away from that buffet. At least my favorite things at those sort of things are fruit trays and veggies. Though I bet I would end up not bringing a lunch and making a "meal" out of the meatballs and spinach dip and bread. (spinach is a vegetable right?) You could think of that if any of the food looks like "meal" food. That way it would be sort of like a treat but still just lunch. but if it's all chocolates and chips, then no go.

    I tried looking up frog recipes and they were all for like frog legs and frog stew! Ew! But now that I know what they are it might help.

  3. UGH, this is the worst time of year at work for me too. There are constantly cookies or some other type of baked good lying around on the lunch room table, it's so hard to resist. But major NSV for you...

    Frogs I have never heard of, must be an east coast Canadian thing, haha

  4. man - i hate when time drags at the gym - but you pulled through! i am not brave enough to face the stairmaster and luckily my new gym doesn't have one.

    way to resist those xmas treats - tis the season to be skinny!

  5. You are doing awesome, Carolyn! I am very proud of you for resisting the buffet. I am so glad that I don't work outside the home--that temptation would be tough to overcome, but you seem to have that one under control. Believe me, it will pay off in the end. Stay strong and keep up the great work at the gym!!

  6. Enlisting a friend in the fight is a brilliant idea...and maybe keeping a beautiful tray of fresh veggies and fruit in your area...or a fancy flavored tea so you'll feel like you're treating yourself but NO points.

    Thanks for the explanation of frogs...I'm a knitter so we call ripping back frogging...I knew you weren't referring to that or the animal...I even googled "frog" to no!

  7. WHAT? A Christmas buffet, in your office?! Where do you work? My mouth started watering just from your description of everything there. If my office had that crap I"d be in big trouble. So cudos to you for staying strong!!

  8. OMG you didn't lick the bowl!! Now that is impressive!! Seriously!!!

    Good luck with the buffet. Just hearing about it made me want to go. ahahaha. :)

    Awesome job on the exercise!

  9. Man, I hope when I move out there next month that the East Coast Zone gets me too!! I've been so off track for so long and I am hoping that after my move out there, I'll get back on the wagon!

    I made Haystacks the other night too....I'll have to tell DBF their new name! *ribbit

  10. ooooo, you missed a good episode girl. maybe you can watch it online? anyway they all had huge losses. neill lost 10 lbs and was in the bottom 2! ha!! he ended up going home. the people left were all on the black team, i think that is so cool. but yea, they all lost 8-10 lbs. even the girls! it was pretty awesome :)

    that buffet sounds dangerous, good job with just taking a bite! go for the shrimp and fruit tray if you absolutely have to have some, thats not bad AT ALL. as long as its just a little bit of cocktail sauce. good job with the gym, we are totally in the zone, i love the feeling. i'm taking the night off, my left calf has been SOOO tight since mondays workout, im going to give it a breather. i'll be back thursday and friday though!! woohoo!

  11. What go girl! I had a really bad today eating oreos, doritos, christmas cookies, and I could say much more. Yuck! Keep up the great work!


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