Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is gone for another year...

Well it came and it went. It left a few pounds behind though. Too much wine/chocolate/turkey/chips and name it, I probably ate it over the course of the last week. To name a few of my discrepancies:

Christmas baking (WAY too much)
Chocolates (Ferrero Rochet is NOT intended for Breakfast!)
Eggs & Bacon
Pizza & Garlic Fingers (my last hooray last night before my wagon ride this morning)
Nuts & more Nuts
Chips and dip
Apple Pie
Chocolate Mint Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Whip cream
Nuts & Bolts

BUT the good thing about all this? It's GONE. All of it. I threw out any remaining baking, chocolate, nuts, chips. Everything went in the garbage last night in anticipation of my big OP day today. Christmas is wonderful but who needs temptation thrown in their face every second of the day?
On top of that, I woke up with something resembling the flu yesterday. I'm sweaty and nauseous and bloated and feel gross all over & I had to come back to work today. I'm sure a few OP days will get me back on track though. I think my whole system is just out of whack from the Holidays and lack of gym time. I was hoping to hit the gym after work today but depending on how this cold/flu progresses, I might just hit the hay early.

On a brighter note, has anyone started thinking about their goals for 2008? I've started coming up with a few but I've decided not to look for a number on the scale. I think I'd rather set goals like strength training twice a week, getting outdoors more, maybe a 5 or 10K, more goals related to overall fitness rather than a number on the scale. Something to think about anyway.

Hope you all had a GREAT Holiday and are all ready to get back on track with me. Even though New Year's is just around the corner, don't put off getting back on the wagon until then. You'll feel so much better (and look way hotter in your New Year's outfit) if you start now.

Short and sweet today ladies!


  1. I wish they through out all the junk food/so called treats here at tempting for me right now.

    I have decided to join Shannon for the easter challenge for 2008. There is a weekly WI and you get 'points' for exercising.

  2. Oh ick, I hope you are starting to feel better!! I find the flu just sneeks up the second you slow down!!

    Good for you for getting all the junk out of the house though!!! I have been feeding it to anyone that stops by!! Lucky them!!!

    I too am back on the wagon today (I did pretty good over the holidays - but no more flex points so I gotta pick it up over the next 2 days before WI!)

  3. Good Job throwing everything out, it makes it so much easier to get back on track when you don't have it tempting you...I did the same thing (in fact, I rejected the offers of leftovers!).

  4. i should throw out the cookies and hershey kisses sitting on my coffee table but i pray my brother and roomie will eat them instead.

    I'll just have to avoid the living room for a week...

  5. Hope you feel better. Get out for a walk as soon as you stop feeling queasy, you'll feel better about it all, and have time to think about your new goals.

  6. I threw out the rest of a cake this morning. I almost took another huge bite of it before I did, but it is GONE, thank goodness!

  7. I'm definitely working my goals for next year and maybe a little revamp of my site...still trying to figure it all out.

  8. I WISH I could throw it all out, but I'm still at MIL's house! I can't wait to get home I tell ya! I'm embarrassed how much much junk I ate, but excited about getting it in the past and moving toward a successful 2008. My goal is to reach my weight goal and a huge jump on my fitness goals by my b-day WI at the first of April so I'll be at my goal weight for our trip to Cuba. It was 20 lbs, but now I'm more like 25 lbs which is doable in 4 months if I cut the crap and excuses. So here I come...

  9. I had three bad days of eating and it's gone. (Although today I opened my freezer and found some leftover cookie dough I meant to make into some cookies for some friends of ours...rar)
    Anyway, I'm totally with you. I had a great Christmas-even the bad eating was pretty divine. But am totally raring to go with working out now. I'm excited to see your 08 goals. I think you're smart at this point to use other things besides the scale. I'm thinking the same thing.

  10. I am right along with you about throwing out everything leftover in the house, but what should I do about the office?!

    Cookies, candies.. everything sits right outside my office. Good luck with the getting back on track-- I am right with you!


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