Monday, December 10, 2007

Still no scale!

I had to slap my own wrist a few times this weekend when I went to grab the scale and hop on but I've managed to get through the weekend without it. No weigh in. For the first time in about 100 weeks. Sounds insane doesn't? I should be happy about not weighing in but I miss it. It's a little like going through withdrawal symptoms...but......there is a little piece of me that feels a little freer. Not in the sense that I can eat whatever I want and splurge splurge splurge but there's just this little part of me that feels more in control. I'm noticing things that I would have noticed when I was weighing in every single week or even more often. Like this morning I woke up and threw on a pair of pants and noticed they were a little bigger then they were last time I wore them. Or I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and thought "Wow, I look pretty good." Before I just relied on the number on the scale to tell me what to think or to tell me how my clothes were feeling. I know, sounds crazy right but seriously that is the kind of hold that the magic little number on the scale has on me. It determines everything, right down to what I'm going to wear that day! So I'd say that my absence from the scale has been a good one and I'm slowly learning to live without it. Although I must admit I really can't wait for this Friday so I can weight in...

So this weekend was a great one and I had one Major NSV. As most of you know, I have been going WAY overboard on the weekends, and although this weekend wasn't perfect, I do feel that I did pretty good. Friday night I went out to dinner with my best friend. We shared a chicken wrap and a few nachos at ESM. I picked at the nachos but tried to save up some points for a "treat" later in the night. After 3 hours of shopping, we headed home with 2 Gingerbread train making kits and we were up until 1:00am making treats! This is the first time in a long time that I haven't had a chocolate bar or a bag of Baked Doritos on Friday night. I was pretty proud. Saturday was Christmas baking day with Scott's family. I got up early and had All Bran for breakfast, lunch was 2 pieces of toast and supper was homemade baked beans and a biscuit. I had about 5 sweets the entire day with wasn't that bad. 3 during the baking (taste test!!) and 2 later when I got home. (more taste testing....I can't give out sweets unless I know they taste great right??) Later in the night I did have 3 pieces of pizza and a few more nachos since Scott convinced me to go out for an appetizer before the movie. I know, bad move. Didn't need it. BUT I didn't get ANY treats for the movie. I don't think I've ever gone to a movie treatless. Seriously. That one was big for me. I debated on getting some M&Ms when we go tthere but really I only wanted them because I was at the move theatre, I certainly wasn't hungry and I really didn't need them, I just wanted to munch.

Sunday was pretty good. I talked Scott out of Wendy's for supper and we had Spaghetti instead with a side of veggies. I did have too many baked goods but I've locked them all up in the freezer now so I won't be touching them again. The novelty has worn off now and I've tried all the different sweets so no excuses now!

Exercise plan for tonight -
30 mins Stairmaster
15 mins elliptical

Wish me luck ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. Not bad at all! And are you consciously trying to not tempt us by not telling us what you made with inlaws?
    no craft sale?

  2. Well I certainly would label that a successful weekend for sure! Not stepping on the scale had to have been in the back of your mind "not knowing" where you stood, so you were trying to be extra good!


  3. You did great this weekend :)


  4. Congrats on having a pretty darn successful weekend! And also on leaving the scale alone...way to go!

  5. congrats on going treatless to the movies! Good luck!

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Good move on the scale separation - you'll get over the withdrawals.

  7. So proud of you!!! This is the Carolyn I met last winter! LOL

    You did great this weekend!!!

    And I feel out of whack if I don't weigh myself first thing (after the potty) every morning. You are a stronger girl than I that's for sure!

  8. congrats on your break from the scale. it really is an evil little thing, isn't it? i'm finally back in my routine after almost a week of kinda sorta doing what i wanted. oops!!

    i'm going to try to get in lots of cardio to, to undo the damage.

  9. Carolyn. Way to go on the break with the scale. Sometimes the stupid thing is just tortuous. And of course it's not a break from accountability, just the numbers. You're doing great!

  10. WOW, I completely missed this post!!

    Congrats on slapping your hand away from the scale!!! I had to have Danny hide mine once because I was too attached to it...then I spazzed a little...not pretty!!!

    Also, that is a HUGE NSV!!! I always have the movie treat issue...and that is also why I usually bring a super sized purse with me to conceal my air popped popcorn and halloween size twizzlers!!! But it's a hard association to get away from...even when watching videos at home, my hands start to itch just wanting some kind of finger food...I usually have to paint my nails just to get away from it!!!

  11. wow - you really showed self-control! i'm not sure i can put the scale away just yet....


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