Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday and no weigh in

It honestly took all I had this morning not to haul the scale out and jump on. It's like an old boyfriend that you just can't let go. Or an addiction that's just too hard to quit. I've decided to takes Glam's advice and I'll most likely weigh in next Friday mainly because I want to stay accountable and make sure I'm staying on the right track. I think Jen summed it up pretty well yesterday..."I think the scale sometimes has an adverse effect and it actually puts you down more than encourages you". That is EXACTLY why I feel that I need a break form the scale, it was ruling how I felt every week. That just can't be healthy. I was actually surprised at all the positive feedback and it's exactly the type of encouragement I needed. Thanks!!

So last night I hit up the gym for 60 mins, 40 mins on the StairMaster, 15 on the Elliptical and 5 mins of hardcore stretching since my legs were feeling pretty weak after that Stairmaster. Now I understand why Katie calls it Satan. Yikes that thing is a great workout. I like the fact that you can't slow down unless you make a conscious effort to take your magazine off the rack and lower the level. I find with the elliptical, while you are reading away or watching the news, sometimes your speed will drop without you even noticing. With the StairMaster, if you slow down, you'll fall off and it will most likely run you over. I'm also finding that working out for longer than 40 mins is pretty easy. Before I was really only working out for 35-40 mins per session but since I set my Minimum Minutes of 160mins/week, I have been upping my time. Mainly because I was only able to get to the gym 3 times this week so I had to go for longer each time. I thought it would be awful but seriously, once you get in the zone, it actually gets easier the longer you go. Does that even make sense to anyone??

Any so my weekend plans aren't too hectic. Tonight is date night with my best friend. We are hitting up some dinner (still in discussion about where we ar heading to but I'll plan it out my menu choice before we go and look up the point value) then a few hours of Christmas shopping and back to my house for some gingerbread house/train making. Looking forward to it. Tomorrow is Christmas bake day with the Scott's family so that may pose a challenge but I'm going to be good! I'm planning on packing up a lot of it as soon as I get home to get it ready to be given away, the rest goes right in the freezer! Some to Scott's work and some to my work, some to our neighbor who was kind enough to plow us out after the big storm for free! Sunday is a planless day...I haven't had one of those in months....oh wait. We have our course to go to so I guess not totally planless but we'll be home most of the afternoon anyway.

What do you ladies have planned for the weekend?

PS Epicure party last night was soooo good. I can't believe how yummy those dips are! AND they were all made with fat free sour cream and mayo. I used raw vegetables for dipping for the majority of them. I ended up buying the Chives, Cheese and Bacon, the Lemon Dilly and the Guacamole (SOOO goood!) I can't wait to use them!!


  1. 40 minutes on Satan? Carolyn! WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Good for you for avoiding the scale today!!! I think that kickass workout regime yesterday should measure your success WAY more!!!! That is amazing!!!!

    Ooh, glad you liked the Epicure! I ordered the guacamole one yesterday (I had a party last week) and I can't wait to try it!!

    And clear some freezer space before you leave to bake, that way you can just come home and RUN to the freezer!! *laughs*

  3. Take a break for sure if you feel you need to. I think I have done it three times during this xmas challenge.

    You are doing sooooo well with working out! WOW...very inspiring for sure. Keep up the good work.

    This weekend I have nothing planned sadly but studying. I have a exam on monday.

  4. 40 minutes! Wow! That's great. I can't do it, that's for sure.

    Good job avoiding the scale today. I hope this really works well for you. I agree with the idea of getting on next Friday though. Just to make sure you're still doing well.

  5. good luck this week! i know you can do it!

  6. Hey Sweetie, I'm so proud of you. You are doing great with your new 160 minute a week exercise plan. It helps motivate me more as well. Keep it up


  7. That workout plan is so great! You are doing amazing. There's no way you would have done anything like that back in your chubby days.

    And I think taking a break from the scale can be a great thing. Especially when it begins to dictate our mood.

    Have fun this weekend. I am baking today and probably tomorrow too. And the inlaws are coming to visit for a few WEEKS so that should be interesting!

  8. That's some really awesome cardio! Good job girl! Congrats on staying clear of the scale today.

    I was only ever at one Epicure party and you guys make me want to go to another one!

  9. 40 minutes? Did I read that right?! That's AWESOME. I think I would've died after ten. I think you might've talked me into giving it another shot...

    So, you decided not to weight today, huh? Good for you. Do whatever it is you need to do to stay on track AND be happy!

    Have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to bootcamp tomorrow and then recovering all weekend! lol.

  10. I am so impressed with the 40 mins on the stair climber!! I hate that machine. It's a big deal if I make it to 15mins. Hahaha. Way to go babe! :)

  11. Good Luck trying to stay on track this weekend. :)


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