Friday, December 14, 2007

The Christmas buffet is wearing down my defenses!

I had a cookie. Not a Monster cookie but a cookie from the Christmas buffet at work. My cookies are better. I also had a half of a piece of Banana Bread (no butter) That's it. I told myself I would allow myself one treat at the buffet table today and now I'm done. No more. I had to post about it asap before I went back again for one of those homemade chocolate truffles that someone brought in. I'm not going back. Now that I've posted my plan, I feel better already. I feel stronger and I feel like going back to the buffet table isn't even an option. Thanks Ladies! (Randi, e-mail me at 2:00 your time would you and check in on me?) I need to know your gonna hold me accountable! I'm holding strong though....even though all my co-workers keep stopping by my office and saying "Carolyn, did you try the (insert super yummy Christmas treat here) yet?? It's soo good, you have to try it!" Ugh. I'm staying away. No more treats from the buffet table until Wednesday next week (my department's turn to do the Christmas buffet) so I'll try a few things then but from what I can tell, most of us are bringing in some decent stuff, fruit trays, veggie trays, meatballs, salad and of course I'm bringing the sweets so I can get a large chunk of them out of the house!

My plan for the weekend? (Since you didn't ask)

Friday night:
Wendy's for supper with my best friend, SIL and 2 year old niece
A few hours of shopping
Home to make a Banana bread and freeze it for company over the Holidays.

The Plan: Junior Hamburger & baked potato for supper. No treats afterwards! Maybe one, but it will be a coffee from Java Moose with a flavor shot! Mmmmm

Visiting family during the day, dropping off presents & cards etc.
Movie night with Scott. We're hitting up "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. Can't wait!

The Plan: Eat my normal breaky, a light lunch and maybe pasta for supper. Plan out movie treats and get them before we go. Probably Baked Doritos (4 pts) and a Mars Bar (6pts)

Course at 11:00 and then we are having my brother, SIL and niece over for lunch.
Surprise party for a good friend who's coming home from out West. (Lots of food and booze)

The Plan:
Having beans and Brown bread for lunch. Have a small portion. Eat a nice healthy and filling supper so I don't go crazy at the surprise party. Limit myself to 1 drink.

What are you ladies doing this weekend?? Everyone read for Santa??


  1. Hi Carolyn. I took a look at your plan and must say: Why the Mars Bar? Didn't I read that you shunned movie treats last week? You can do it again, or put a healthier snack in your purse (read, a few almonds, a protein bar). Also, you seem to have forgotten to write down when you will be working out this weekend.

  2. Good Luck with the weekend, just remember to practice self control! It's not your last meal!

    Good Luck!

  3. I feel for you having to live with the Christmas buffet. Good for you for staying strong! I'm sure you will do great next week--it's almost over now :) BTW, I thought I'd report my loss for the CC. I have already reached my weight goal, but I haven't stopped yet. I am down 1.6 lbs for the week for a total of 19.6 lbs. I should reach my ultimate goal shortly after the beginning of the year. YAY! Have a great weekend, Carolyn. You CAN stay OP!

  4. your plan sounds great! I need to copy you and plan what i eat over the weekends. i definitely gave in to 2 slices of pizza last night. no crust, which was HUGE....its a good thing i hate crust, i'm guessing the crust alone is 1-2 pts.

    ANYWAY!!....i need to absorb some of your motivation, you're kicking butt!

  5. I'm impressed carolyn!! The buffet would drive me nuts!!

    Hope you had a good weekend! :)

  6. Hey Honey... I am sure you already know this.. Uncle Bens Bistro Express (Wholegrain Medley-Garden Vegetable) for 1/2 cup is only 2 points!! A girl at WW bought that in! Can't wait!!


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