Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Friday! (For me!)

Today is my Friday since I took off Thursday and (actual) Friday this week to give myself a little vacay. I have to come back to work on the 27th and 28th so I figured if I can't take off those days (seniority thing) then I may as well take off a few days before Christmas. Actually I'd rather take off the days before Christmas anyway because then I can stay home and get prepared for the Holiday and I'm not all rush rush rush.

Update on my Goals:
Day 2 Tuesday:
- Stay away from Christmas baking
- 50 mins of Cardio
- Stay away from Christmas Buffet at work

I had 2 very small Rice Krispie Squares. I took your advice ladies and I really wanted a small treat so I had one. I saved the points so I figure I'm still doing ok. As long as I count the points and limit my potions right? You guys were right, I was being a little hard on myself.

I did get in 50 mins of Cardio. 42 Mins on the treadmill (walking/running intervals) and then I did 10 mins of abs. (Thanks to Scott, I tried to talk him out of going to the gym last night but he stood firm and we went and I'm SO glad we did!)

I did stay away from the Christmas Buffet but we had a little Holiday party in the afternoon and there was mounds and mounds of food but I stuck to the veggies and 2 pieces of shrimp (I don't even like shrimp that much but it was the only other semi-healthy thing on the table besides the veggies)

Overall I think I did pretty good on yesterday's goals. Here is a reminder of the goals I have laid down for today:

Day 3 Wednesday:
- Stay away from Christmas Baking (or limit it to ONE piece but ONLY if I have the daily points left over)
- 15 mins Cardio 45 mins Strength Training
- Christmas buffet at work for lunch (my dept's turn to do the table so I want to try everyone's goodies but I'll limit myself to fruit, veggies, 2 meatballs and count ALL my points!)

My plan for the gym is 15 mins of cardio/warmup and 45 mins Body Ball strength training class. I'm excited, I really like the class and I find it's very interactive and the time flies!

I didn't bring a lunch today but so far all I've had from the buffet is 2 small tastes of homemade hummus. Yum! Bad idea though since I had a client some in and all I could smell was garlic! Oops!

Lunch will be a few meatballs and tons of veggies and fruit from Christmas Buffet table. This will be my last day with that temptation. Good riddance!

How are you ladies doing this week? Only 6 days until Christmas! Are we all ready for it? what is your plan over the Holidays? Free for all on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day? I think we should set a date to get back on track. I think everyone has the same idea about basically letting loose a little on Christmas Day so when do we get back on track? Do we really want to wait until January 1st? Not me! I'm thinking December 27. Some of us are back at work, back in routine, Christmas is behind us. What do you ladies think?


  1. I think it is a good idea. Get back on track for a couple of days before New Years (where it all goes out the window for a night).

    Thanks for stating that I was responsible for getting you to the GYM yesterday. I always read on your blog about how I am the one eating my face off right in front of you. It's nice to see that I am helping a bit. :)


  2. I am so not ready for Christmas! Still have a few more presents to gather up! But I'm enjoying the season and not letting it stress me out too much!

    Sounds like your hitting those fitness goals, Ms. Cardio! Good for you for starting strength training; it'll make your body just that much better!

  3. Is that THE SCOTT! he reads your blog? Wow! Impressive. Hubby still doesn't know what one is (even though I tell him...)

    Anyway, i'm back at it on the 27th. Not work, just the plan. Christmas day I won't be able to help it at all, then I'd like boxing day as a relaxing day. I probably won't feel like eating much as I'll likely still be stuffed but who knows. I know I won't be eating healthy things at least.
    Happy Christmas! have fun at the buffet then get outta there for holidays!

  4. Good for you for working in the rice krispie treats!!!! I think complete deprivation is a recipe for badness!!!

    I am so envious of your days off BEFORE Christmas (but I do get unpaid time off over Christmas, so I can't complain!)

    I am REALLY going to try to stay OP over biggest worries are Christmas Eve (potluck at my aunts - usually LOTS of fried finger I might try to bring something healthy!) and then boxing day (shindig at our house, also lots of finger foods, but I am MORE in control!)...I am not really a BIG dinner person (like turkey and all that) and I told Danny no chocolate in my I am going to try to rock it over earn lots of APs...*keeping fingers crossed*

  5. Sounds like your doing wonderful, go you! I think you can totally resist the Christmas buffet for one more day!

    As far as my eating idea for the holiday, I was originally planning Christmas eve and Christmas day as non-tracking days, but it looks like Christmas eve will be a quiet day without a big party to go to, so I'm going to be on plan. Christmas day I'm planning on indulging a bit, and then right back on track the 26th (no boxing day here in the states!).

  6. See ya next week. Look forward to seeing the Christmas Challenge wrap-ups.

  7. i'm just going to try and eat normally over the holidays. i won't deny myself anything, but try not to get that overstuffed feeling. except xmas dinner because it can't be avoided.

  8. Thanks to the Pottery Barn completely effing up my order, I am SO not ready for Christmas. (which is Saturday for me!!! totally freaking out over here!!!)

    As for getting back on track, it looks like it will be Jan 7 for me. Our employee appreciation party is the 4, 5, 6th and I know I'll have a hard time staying OP with the free vino flowing!

    I'm still maintaining though!
    Good for you for doing the same!!

  9. You are doing SO great!!

    I've been indulging a bit too much. I CAN NOT WAIT until thing get back to "normal" after the holidays!

  10. I'm planning on taking a break on the 24th and 25th but then back on track the 26th. I'll take new year's eve off, too, I'm sure but by then I will be LIFETIME so it's not such a big deal. Maintenance really is a great thing. a day off plan is easy to deal with when I have 3 or 4 reallyfirm days.

    You are doing so great dealing with all the temptations this week. good for you!!!

  11. also you are so lucky that today (yesterday) was friday for you. except for working a bit next week.... eewwwww!


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