Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Has anyone seen my OP weekends?? I can't find them anywhere!

Thanks ladies for all the encouragement and especially to Noelle for giving me the kick in the butt I really needed. (Side bar, check out Noelle's amazing before and after pic here.) I always come on my blog and complain about my weekends and how out of control they were. It's become a habit. A bad habit. Every weekend. ZERO accountability. Noelle asked me what I am going to do about it? What AM I going to do about it? I know a few other ladies (Randi and Angie to name a few) are going through the same cycle, letting the weekends get of out hand. It's so easy isn't ladies? To forget the gym and the journal and just eat. And eat. And eat. And we're not talking veggies here. Oh no. I'm talking pizza, chocolate, nachos, too much wine. It's all in there. How do we break the cycle? It's become a habit for me. I look back at my journals and the last 2 days are blank. I know what I NEED to do but why aren't I doing it? Why aren't I journalling on the weekend? Why am I having that extra Christmas sweet when during the week it wouldn't even be an option? I don't even remember the last weekend when I actually jounrnalled. I seriously can't remember. I need an OP weekend. I'm way past due. I just need to get back into the habit of using my 35 bonus points and that's it. If I don't have the points for that Mr. Big bar, then I WON'T eat it. It's simple. Isn't it?? sigh......

I didn't make it to the gym last night because we got hit with a major winter storm. Blizzard actually and we woke up this morning with over a foot of snow. It took us forever to get home last night as the roads were awful BUT I'm not letting that get in the way of my Exercise Challenge (See Sarah or Kelly's blog) of at least 160 mins of exercise this week. Tonight I'm hitting the gym hard and I am planning on 30 mins of the StairMaster (It burns and I love it!)and then 20 on the elliptical or treadmill. Next week I am planning on starting a strength training program for 2 days a week. That will leave me with 2 days of cardio so I will up my time to probably 60 mins/session.

This Thursday I am heading to an Epicure party so if you ladies have any suggestions, I'd love to hear if you use any of the products and what you can't live without. I have tried a few of them but haven't really bought much so I'm looking forward to picking up a few new ones! This also means taste testing but I will try to limit it as much as possible and will only try the ones that I would seriously buy.

Well that's it for me today ladies! Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far!

OH wait...I need some suggestions to give hubby for Christmas, I really want to get an exercise DVD for nights like last night when the roads were too bad to make it to the gym. Any ideas? I'm basically a exercise DVD virgin so bring on the suggestions!


  1. so glad you took my comment the way I meant it. I kept reading on several different blogs yesterday about the hard weekend folks had. You would NEVER consider eating a big plate of nachos on a weekday, but we somehow give ourselved permission on the weekends AND during the holidays and then we gain a few more pounds.

    It's totally hard to stay OP all the time, but you have been soooo successful I know you can knock off these last few pounds!

  2. Hi Carolyn. I have been lurking for a few weeks (can't decide whether to start my own blog or not), and I have been having the same problem as you.
    I joined WW two years ago, and went from weighing 180 lbs, down to 152-155. I would love to get down into the 140s, but have been losing and gaining the same three pounds since the summer time.
    About 2 months ago I picked up my dusty Billy Blanks Bootcamp DVDs and started doing them again - and I love them! It kicks your butt, but makes you feel so strong when you are done. I went online to Billy's website, and they have a new system called 'Amped'. The 5 DVDs and amped bar (3 pound weight) are only around $40 - and it is so freaking awesome! I'm still eating too much to show a loss, but I am getting definition in my arms, legs and abs. It seroiusly is really fantastic.

    Sorry for the super long post, and for sounding like a Billy Blanks salesman, but I really do love the system.

    Good luck with getting yourself back on plan! You are inspiring me to kick my butt into gear!!!


  3. I know it is so hard so lose those last few pounds. It's just the math of it, as you weigh less, you use less calories daily, so even small eating slip ups can derail your weight loss. That's the time when you have to be super OP, and not miss any workouts. Of course, it's also the time when you're feeling so much better about how you look, so your motivation to lose more goes down.

    But don't give up! I used a mind game for days I knew would be difficult to stay OP, I would pretend I was on maintenance, and just try to eat smart, watching out for all or nothing thinking.

  4. oh I'm so annoyed! I just wrote this long comment and it disappeared! GRRR!
    Basically I said I also liked Billy Blanks and have lots of different dvds and videos. I like them for pilates and yoga since I don't have any classes like that. But you don't need DVDs to exercise at home. Get a fitness magazine (self or something) and check those things out. Plus you can make up your own circuit and do like burpees, pushups, squats, stair climbing, jump rope. Get your cardio and strength in 1!

  5. Weekend accountability is a hard thing, and once you get into that cycle of a free for all it's hard to break. You know what honestly has helped with my weekends? Weighing in on Sunday morning, that was I don't overeat Friday and Saturday (typically my two worst days if I didn't have WI). Who wants to mess up a hard weeks worth of work a day before? it worked for me (most of the time!).

  6. Ooooh, I bet your winter blizzard is SO much worse than ours was!
    Good for you for still going to the gym! It IS hard with bad weather. (Just think about how much worse those weekends would be without any gym!)

    This weekend is YOUR weekend!

  7. Do you have exercise tv on demand? If so, you have access to all kinds of different exercise videos. there is one I like so much I might even buy it! haha.

  8. Maybe ease yourself into a new habit by just committing to journaling NO MATTER WHAT. And then the following weekend you can both journal AND workout. And the weekend after that try journaling, working out, and making mostly good choices. But don't beat yourself up, it is a tough journey, and all-or-nothing approaches frequently gets the best of us in trouble.

  9. I found that once I started weighing in on Saturday mornings it was so much easier to get through the weekend...and then recently I found I was eating too much on the weekend, so I decided to make sure I posted on Saturday morning...it just started this past weekend, but it helped keep me accountable on saturday and sunday!!!

    I absolutely LOVE epicure!! There is a dip (not crazy point friendly, but people love it) that uses 3 onion, cheese chives and bacon and lemon dilly spices (it's called CIA dip if you ask the demonstrator), also my faves are cheese and jalapeno, tzaziki, hummus and roasted red pepper...they also make an amazing summer berry dip...um...OH and their new Pesto Artichoke...I love that one too!!!

  10. i have one carmen electra video i really like - it's in the striptease set, but doesn't have any stripping... it's to get your body into stripping shape or something. anyway - it's a really good workout.

  11. Have you tried the Biggest Loser workout? It's pretty great, plus you get to watch Bob workout. Sigh.

    Not sure why the weekends are becoming a challenge. Maybe you're a little burned out from being so stellar! Take it one day at a time. Don't look at it as a whole looming weekend - one day at a time. Just like your blog says, "One pound at a time".

    You'll get back on track, C. You will, you will!

  12. As far as exercise DVDs, I've tried so many different ones and the only thing that I felt like truely gave me an effective workout was Tae Bo, I have 2 different sets now.

  13. You I found for me, once I lost my weight, I got really cocky, and felt I looked great, and I started splurging here and there and then everywhere. I know you lost a bunch of weight, and got to the point of feeling great about how you look too. Do you think that has something to do with it? It's hard to be "good" especially this time of year. I'm struggling every day too, but I am taking it one day at a time, and doing the best I can. I told Marta..even if that means I eat well all day long and screw up at night, atleast I did something right part of the day. Hang in there.

    Keep it up on the challenge! :)

  14. Hi Carolyn,
    I really like Cathe Friedrick's step aerobics (it's called Basic Step). Her advanced stuff is crazy, but the Basic Step isn't too tough to pick up. It only had to do it three or four times before I had the routine down. Other than that, I do the gym because it's more motivating for me. Our winters are much more moderate than yours are, though, so I don't have many excuses to not go. I hope you find something you like and get back OP next weekend :) Good luck!

  15. Carolyn, when do your points reset? This time around, mine reset on Fridays, which works well for my weekend habits (when I usually eat the bulk of my flex) - I feel like I can indulge but don't want to blow the whole week, so I end up eating in moderation a bit better than when I used Monday's as my week start...

    I like the classical pilates series - such great instruction and no funny business with the music and exotic settings.


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