Friday, December 28, 2007

Turkey Soup for Dummies

I would seriously buy this book if I could find it! I started making turkey soup last night, and I'm stumped. What veggies do you put in turkey soup? I made the broth and cut up all the chicken last night & I was thinking of swinging by the grocery store today to grab some of the "No Yolk" egg noodles to put in the soup but other than that, all I got is carrots. Any ideas ladies? I don't think I've ever made soup before. How crazy is that? What have we been eating all this time? I seriously need to expand my knowledge in the kitchen. Especially in the soup department. I'm hoping to make a big batch of turkey soup and then I can freeze it in lunch size portions. That's the plan anyway, if I can just get the thing

Yesterday was a great OP day. I did have one chocolate at the office but I counted it into my daily points so I'd say I'm still doing pretty well. I didn't make it to the gym since I still feel awful with this cold/flu thing. It completely wiped me out. Energy is at an all time low. Although I must admit that if I'm going to be truthful with myself, it's probably from the cold/flu & a lack of gym time. I just went home and jumped into my PJs but then I got a weird burst of energy so I spent an hour making turkey broth and cutting chicken and I also made a banana bread. Although perhaps that was a bad idea. I did bring a small slice with me in my lunch but I'm counting it in my points. We are going to a family thing tonight so I think I'll cut up the rest of the banana bread and bring it with me so I don't have it tempting me at home.

I'm still coming up with my New Year's goals but I know a big part of it is going to involve strength training. I really want to start toning this year and working more with weights. I know it's an important part of exercise but I have pretty much chosen to ignore that fact for the last year or so. But now that I have a gym membership and a new super cute pink MP3 player (Thank Scott!), I really have no excuses. Plus it will get Randi off my back (Thanks for the Christmas card!!) I'll punch out a more concrete goal though when the time comes for New Year's. I've also been trying to be more aware of the sodium content in some of the foods I am eating so that might be factored in there too.

Other than tonight, we have a pretty low key weekend. Tomorrow a few girls and I are going to see P.S. I Love You. Gotta love a cheesy chick flick with the girls every now and then! Then it's just Scott and I for the rest of the weekened! (yay!)


  1. I really don't think you can ever mess up a stew (soup) with putting in too many veggies. Onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, you name it, it can go in a stew. I never actually put the amount of the veggies required in the stew, I usually end up with at least double, they bulk it up, and make it extremely filling....and low point!

    Have a great new years!

  2. celery, maybe peas? google turkey soup and see what other recipes call for. Let us know what you come up with!

  3. Mmmmm turkey soup! You've already made the broth which really is the hard part. The best broth is when you take the turkey bones and simmer them with unpeeled celery, carrots, onions (peeled but can stay whole), a bay leaf, rosemary and/or thyme, salt and pepper and you could also add some savory etc. Once it's all simmered, flavourful and awesome, you strain everything out of it and let it cool so you can skim off the fat. Then you can return the broth to the stove, add your meat, cut up potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, turnip, parsnip etc. and let them all simmer in the broth until they are cooked. Season as you go along to taste. And a little tip is if you want to add noodles, rice etc. to it, cook it separately and then add it after it's cooked, or else, it could soak up your broth or make it starchy.

    Enjoy, yum! I hope your soup helps you feel better!

  4. Ummmm, I made some rice turkey soup. All I added to the broth was rice, turkey and carrots. As the others said anything will do. Have you ever made the veggie soup from WW? It's soooo yummy with cabbage and carrots and I toss in some frozen stir-fry veggies near the end.

  5. Veggies? Have no clue. I'm hopeless when it comes to creative concoctions! I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen...

    I want to see P.S. I love you. Looks like a tear-jerker! Let us know how it is. I'm going to see Juno tonight. Looks great!

  6. Any soup can usually start with carrots, onions and celery...then just build from there.

    I make a great turkey soup that finishes with some cream and some cooked wild rice. I add some frozen corn to it's always a hit!

  7. Whatever veggies you like...when I feel "lazy" I just throw in a bag of frozen mixed veggies. The WW veggie soup I made calls for onion, carrot, green beans, cabbage and zucchini. I always just use what I have, but always use the cabbage since it adds a lot of bulk.

    If you add noodles, don't reheat it too many times. Or just reheat individual portions so the noodles don't start to fall apart.

    My total favorite cookbook? The old Better Homes and Gardens red and white checked one. It has the total basics for so many different things. I have totally learned to cook from that thing I swear!

  8. I've never made soup either. But, if I were to make some, I'd swing by the grocery store and see what veggies they put in the canned soup. Good luck with that!

  9. Your soup is a blank slate! I'd add celery, onions, maybe some peppers for a kick, but really, you can't go wrong!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  10. Did you see my post?

    I'm a big fan of brown rice, carrots and celery.

    But just like everyone else said, anything works!

  11. Hi Carolyn! I just wanted to stop in and wish you a happy New Year! I hope your 2008 is great--and OP ;) See you in the New Year!

  12. I always use carrots, celery, bay leaves, egg noodles, black pepper.

    I so want to see PS I love you, but I will have to netflix it. We don't go to the movies much anymore because it cost us 25 bucks just to get in, so it has to be something good. Tomorrow we are seeing Sweeny Todd , which I am excited about because I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan. Have fun tomorrow!

  13. Just saw P.S. I love you... Wow. I really enjoyed despite trying really hard not to! Is there anything better than passionate, hot, Irish men? Swoon.

    How'd that soup turn out?

  14. your new years goals could be themed instead of really specific - like, run for longer distances... or something. that's what i'm thinking of doing anyhoo.

    my mom made this yummy turkey stew-type dish. it had potatos and carrots and mushrooms and some frozen veggies, along with a few packets of turkey gravy powder. yum yum. she baked it for an hour or so i think.


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