Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Biggest Loser, BB8, Christmas Challenge and other randomness :)

I think I may have went slightly overboard last night at the gym. I hopped on the elliptical for 40 mins but for about 20 mins I upped the resistance to 10 (I doubt all ellipticals have a universal standard for resistance but 10=HARD!) This morning I am paying for it. It literally hurts to walk but I'm hoping I'll get over it in time for tomorrow nights Hatha Yoga class. Tonight is a night off from working out because it is my Mother in Laws birthday today so we are heading over there for supper and cake. Although I've already made up my mind that I am NOT going to partake in the cake part. No way. Not going to happen. NO. No cake for this girl!

Who watched Biggest Loser last night? I LOVE it that Jillian's team won! I really like her a lot and I honestly think she motivates her team and is really focused on getting them healthy without putting so much pressure on the WI part. I found that last night Bob & Kim were entirely too focused on the weigh in results and not on forming good habits and eating healthy. Although I still heart Bob!

I skipped most of BB8 last night in favor of watching Biggest Loser. I did catch a few parts though. I wasn't really concerned about who won since I dislike Dick and Danielle equally. I did get to catch the part when they announced America's Player to the housemates. Eric looked pretty concerned that Jessica's feelings would be hurt. I think they are so cute together. I wonder if they will actually stay together...

Next week starts all the new fall shows. I am excited for Grey's and ER to comeback on and there are a few other ones I wouldn't mind watching (Bionic Woman, Heroes and Journey Man) but I don't want to get into too many shows because I hate spending too much time on the couch in front of the TV. On a positive note though, I can pull out my mini trampoline (which hasn't gotten much use since we joined the gym) and hop on that for an hour while I'm watching TV. Of course it's a good plan right? It's the follow through that I always have trouble with. BUT maybe the Christmas challenge will motivate my butt to get on that trampoline!

Speaking of which......

The Christmas Challenge that Randi and I are putting on starts on Friday and I've gotten quite a few e-mails. Just to clarify, ANYONE can join, you just need to e-mail me with your Christmas Goal. This Friday I will be posting a list of participants and their Christmas Goals. Randi and I will be taking turns posting the results each week but we'll keep you updated on that. Week 1 Results post will be on my site on October 1st so make sure to check it out to see how everyone is coming along with their challenge!! There are a few goals I'm still waiting for:

Ms. Kelly

I think I have everyone else so c'mon girls! Jump on the scale and give me the dirt! E-mail me or just post a comment :)

PS If you don't want to share your weight with everyone, that's no problem (I know where you're coming from, it took me 6 months to work up the courage to put my weight on my blog!) Just let me know how many lbs you want to lose by Christmas and you're in! :)


  1. Congrats on the workout and I know you can say NO to the cake. It's not easy, but you can do it.

  2. Have fun in yoga. I'm taking 45 mins/week and found it very good. It's not challenging, yet it does work out your muscles and core subtly.

  3. Saying no to cake is a huge deal for me too. Way to go!

  4. i taped BL but only the first 1/2 hour for some reason so i missed the end of the challenge and the weigh-in... i agree with you on jillian - she does a great job w/her team and keeping them motivated... she doesn't take shit from anyone! wouldn't it be cool to have someone like her, with you, all the time? :o)

  5. Hi there,

    Sorry, for not getting back to you about the xmas challenge.

    My goal is to lose 14.2 pounds. That would take me from my current 224.2 to 210lbs!

    Thanks for starting up this challenge. I really get motivated by them.

  6. yes, sign me up! I want to try to lose 8 lbs by christmas. i'm 136 right now.

  7. Im in too, I just need your email address and Ill send you over my goals:) Thanks again for adding me to the challenge:)

  8. Hi Carolyn, you are just like me but in another country. I love Biggest Loser, can't wait for your new one to be shown over here.

    I also love Greys and Heroes but, as ever, you're way in front with those shows.

    As for the Christmas challenge; I'm going to copy you and say 10lb by Chrismas. I'm 189 now and I'd like to be 179.


  9. Hey Carolyn. I'm doing the challenge too, I jst signed up over at Randi's. You can put me on your list too.
    138.6 to 132 by Christmas.

    Did you say no to the cake? :)

  10. Hiya - For the challenge my goal is 135, I started at 142, though it weighed in today at 143. Silly body didn't get the memo...


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