Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christmas Challenge 2007

Here it is ladies, the moment you've all been waiting for (Well at least Randi and I have...we're seriously overexcited for this Challenge!) Take a few minutes to click the links to everyone's blog because we honestly have some truly amazing women who have signed up for the Challenge. I know I have found motivation and inspiration at each of your blogs and that is what's going to carry us through on our weight loss journey to Christmas. Not gaining weight, not even maintaining weight but LOSING weight! (How much did that sound like a cheesy infomercial?!?)

So here's the deal, we each have our own personal goals, we each have our own methods of losing weight, we are each faced with the same struggles. Randi and I wanted to make a Challenge so that we could all motivate each other during this amazingly hectic time of year...which also happens to be filled with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas baking, not to mention the everyday food challenges like office doughnuts, parties, baby and bridal showers.... and the list only goes on ladies. The Challenge is just another way for us to stay accountable. So the first results post will be on October 1st on my blog so make sure everyone e-mails me their WI #s before then. Randi will be posting the results from week #2 and we'll swap back and forth. We'll keep you posted though on what's going on each week.

Carolyn - 10 lbs
Randi - 10.6 lbs
ThickChick - 8.5 lbs
Anne - 7.5 lbs
Cory - 16 lbs
Sonya - 14.2 lbs
Angie - 10 lbs
Amber - 10 lbs
Glossy - 10 lbs
Adorav - 13 lbs
Kelly - 8 lbs
Candace - 17
Bridget - 7 lbs
Sherijung - 10 lbs
Meredith - 15 lbs
Katieo - 6.6 lbs
Michelle - 16 lbs
Moody - 19 lbs
Hazel - 6 lbs
Noelle - 15.4 lbs
Tara - 14 lbs
Swizzlepop - 7 lbs
Soapbox Girl - 10 lbs
Meg - 10 lbs
Roni -5 lbs
Christy -20 lbs
For those of you who want me to make any changes or if I didn't add your website or anything like that, just make sure to e-mail me. I'm not perfect (of course I'm seriously seriously close!)
DizzyDazey & Shannon. I think you guys wanted in but I didn't get any goals from you so if you're still interested (which I think you definitely should be), then e-mail me or Randi your goals and I'll add you to the list! Anyone else who wants to join, it's not too late! Just let me or Randi know and we'll gladly sign you up for the Challenge! :) We can SO do this girls!
(PS..I dropped my goal by one pound because I saw a 1 lb loss this morning on the scale! 9 lbs to go before Christmas!!)


  1. THanks for doing this Carolyn!
    (although I had to laugh, you may be callin in a favor from that pound loss in a couple of weeks, lol!)

  2. WOooooohoooooo! Let the games begin! lol

    Thanks girl!

  3. how fun this will be! to be all in this together...with such inspiring friends!

    and congrats on another loss...WTG!!

  4. Yay! I'm so excited (and a little scared about not being able to do it, but let's not go there!)

    Thanks for keeping track!

  5. Thanks for doing this, and congrats on your loss!

  6. Thanks for doing this! Would you mind updating my link to instead of my profile please?

    Congrats on the loss!

  7. This is PERFECT! I head back to work Dec 3rd so the next two months are going to be hard work!

    My blog is and my goal is to lose 20 lbs by Christmas!

    Thanks for running this challenge, it's AWESOME!

  8. Swizzle - all taken care of. :)
    Christy - Looks like you're signed up now, no turning back!

    I'm so excited for this challenge girls! I know we can all reach our goals!! This extra motivation and encouragment is just what we need to get these last pesky pounds off. :)

  9. Yipppeeeeee, thanks for the kick in the butt I've been needing!

  10. Hi! Please add me! I'd like to lose 14 pounds.

  11. Hi me too.
    I really need a good Challenge, my goal is 12lbs.

    My email is



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  13. Thanks for doing this:) Can you change my goal from 10 lbs to 10.2 lbs so I can officially hit the 150's..haha!

    Congrats on the WL!

  14. Hallo :)

    Popped a wee comment over on Randi's page, but will re-do it over here too, just in case :)

    I'm hoping to drop 12lbs... that would make me the lightest I've been since I was fourteen! Yay!

    Best of luck to everyone on here, too!

    Nat x

  15. And we're off! This is so exciting that I even swallowed my pride and posted a 'before' pic in my last blog entry. (Only because I can't wait to see the 'after'!)

    Congrats on your loss this week!


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