Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Heart Ellipticals!

Thank you SO much ladies for all your nice comments on yesterdays post! It's nice to know that there is so much support out there! It's so much easier when you are talking to people who are going through the same things as you and who are faced with the same struggles when it comes to this whole weight loss issue!

So I made a few minor discoveries yesterday...

1. No more mid week weigh's driving me insane. Weigh in once a week, Friday morning, that's it. Period. NO MORE.

2. No one can even tell that yesterday was my first visit to the gym and No, the entire gym is not going to stare at me while I try to figure out how to use the machine.

3. I actually love the elliptical. I burned 300 calories in 35 mins and worked up a great sweat!

4. Veggies wraps with mushroom, zucchini, cucumber, carrot and tomato with low fat cheese and low fat ranch dressing on a Light Flaout Wrap are DELICIOUS!!

5. I dislike Daneille Donato way more than I thought.

6. I'm extremely glad that we don't Dryer's Slow churned American Idol: Hollywood Cheesecake ice cream available in Canada. (I don't think I could resist eating the whole thing Kelly!)

So those were my Tuesday revelations. Scott and I went to the gym last night after work and had a great workout. We decided last night that we are getting a membership for sure. I only worked out for about 40 mins in totally (including stretching) I went for 35 mins on the elliptical and although I wasn't really breathing too heavy, I worked up a good sweat so I'm assuming it was a pretty good workout. I could have gone longer but I was scared that I would be insanely sore today since it was my first workout in 6 weeks but surprisingly, I'm not sore at all. So tonight I would like to go for 50 mins. I'm bringing this months WW magazine with me for a good read. Can you imagine?!?! Watching TV or reading a magazine while working out?!?! I think I'm gonna like this gym thing!!

On the food front I'm doing great, staying within my points and looking forward to my bonus points on the weekend. We are having a family BBQ so I would like to save up for that. The scale read 155 this morning (I swear, my last mid week WI!) It's down 1 lb from last week so I'm hoping to hold on to that or maybe even see a 1.5 lb loss by Friday but we'll see.

Tonight consists of going to the gym after work, then going out for a quick bite and then it's grocery night so we won't be home until late. We usually hit up Wendy's so I'm looking for suggestions on what to get. I used to always get the Jr. Hamburger Deluxe combo with a baked potato instead of fries but I'm craving something different? Any Wendy's eaters? What do you usually get??

That's it for me today girls!


  1. Glad to hear the gym visit went well! That's great.

  2. "No, the entire gym is not going to stare at me while I try to figure out how to use the machine."

    SO true! Everyone is way more concerned about themselves. Glad to hear it went well! :)

  3. Look at you! All motivated and going to the gym and all that.. good for you! Pass along some motivation my way please - I'm using guilt to make myself go.

  4. i love ellipticals too and am enjoying the workouts esp. since i hadn't used them when i was running all the time (got bored)... good luck w/your weigh-in on friday! :o)

  5. Awwwww thank you for the sweet shout out!! I love your blog too, and I am glad you enjoy mine!! :D Awww hugs!!

    How fantastic that you went back to the gym yesterday after 6 weeks! I went back tonight for the first time in 3 weeks! I'm gonna blog about it tomorrow night. I feel fantastic right now, so glad I went.

    I'm not liking Dani either, but I like her better than Zach. OMG the feed last night was the HOH challenge. They were still standing there with the rain on them. I guess the rabbit broke when it went live, so they were just standing there or running in place to stay warm. Let me tell you, it was brutal to watch. At midnight when it went off the air it was still going. I think it ended around 3am, so that's 9 hrs if I did my math right. Did you get my email about who won POV last time? I sent it on my phone, so let me know if it worked. If it did work let me know if you want to know who won the first round. I haven't figured out who won the second round yet, but I guess we will find out tomorrow during the live eviction....I think it's an eviction.

  6. OKay I've got new BB details for you. The first round lasted a little over 7 hours, round 2 ended tonight, and I just found out who won it, and round 3 will be LIVE tomorrow night on CBS. WOOOhOOOO! :D Gosh I am so sad it's almost over!

    Do you watch Survivor? That's starting up soon!

  7. How grat that you had a great's always great when what you are doing is enjoyable and doesn't feel like work.

    wendy's? I really love burgers, too...but I get their chili sometimes, too. don't remember the points, but it's low. you can find in on dotti'es site for sure...

  8. Mmmm.. Wendy's!

    I always get a grilled chicken (no sauce) and a side salad. 8 points.


    Chicken nuggets and a side salad. 8 points. YUM!

  9. hey girl! congrats on hitting the gym...that is awesome!! i think i'm going for a jog tonight after work or doing a workout DVD. i'm not feeling the gym today but i know i need to get my butt in motion!

    tonights episode should be good. i dont know how i feel about daniele's personality (she seems to talk down to people but not as agressively as her dad). she is a good competitior though but i am getting sick of seeing nick's bandana on her body in various places. get over it or at least don't flaunt the fact that you cheated on your boyfriend. gross.

    the cheesecake ice cream is delish. luckily its my sisters so i feel guilty if i "borrow" too much. haha. i'm not much of a wendys eater but did you check out i always go there and make my decisions beforehand if i plan on eating out. what about a grilled chicken sandwich or salad and a tiny kiddie frosty for desert? now im getting to lunch. have a great day :)


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