Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Birthday with No Cake??

Thanks for all the girls who e-mailed or commented about your Christmas goals. Seems like we got ourselves a challenge here ladies! The challenge officially starts tomorrow so if you want to join in, e-mail me or comment about how many lbs you would like to say goodbye to before Christmas. Or you can e-mail or leave a comment for Randi. Check out tomorrow's post as I will be posting a list of the challengers and their Christmas goals! :)

So.....I said NO to cake yesterday! Actually it wasn't cake, it was pumpkin pie, which in my books, is worse! I LOVE pumpkin pie like you wouldn't believe. But I said no. I did have a 1/2 cup of low fat frozen yogurt though for 2 points so that satisfied my sweet craving and I felt like I was enjoying dessert just like everyone else. I even got out the measuring cup while everyone was scarfing down their pie and ice cream and measured myself out a 1/2 cup. Has anyone tried the Scotsburn Low Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt? YUM! Seriously you can't even tell it's low fat yogurt. It is really rich and creamy. I'm going to scout out my grocery store to see what other flavors it comes in. I usually try not to keep that stuff in the house because I seriously can't help myself. But I think this Christmas Challenge is really going to hold me accountable so I might decide to test my will power just a little and buy a tub of frozen yogurt to stick in the freezer. I know I can do it if I just put my mind to it. MMmm it comes in blueberry cheesecake....

Speaking of pumpkin pie though, I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and I would love to make a homemade pumpkin pie. Has anyone tried out any low fat recipes for pumpkin pie? I don't think I've ever made a pie in my life so it's about time! I just checked the points value for store bought regular pumpkin pie and it is 8 points for 1/8 of a 9 inch pie! I'm SO glad I said no last night!! You wouldn't think it would be so much since pumpkin is so good for you. I guess it the crust and all the things that you add to the pumpkin. Let me know ladies if you have any low fat pumpkin pie ideas :)

In other news Scott and I went to the travel agency yesterday to start planning a vacation for next year. We were thinking about going down south to Dominican Republic or Mexico but we've been down there before on our honeymoon and were thinking about trying something a little different so we came up with...............PARIS! I don't know if I've ever been so excited. We are thinking of going to Paris for 4 days and London for 3. Anyone ever been before and have any pointers? I've been doing tons of research online and I have a few travel books on Europe that I've been fishing through. I think it would be such an amazing getaway for us. It seems like such a romantic place.
Well that's it for me today ladies. Remember to sign up Christmas Challenge with either Randi or I! Just think of how hot we're going to look come Christmas!


  1. someone somewhere has a crustless pumpkin pie recipe. check mandy's blog or the boards. i think it's might even be a WW recipe.

  2. there is a crustless pie recipe on the WW board. I like it. I am with you on saying no to the cake - I will be doing just that at work today!

  3. Yep.. Mandy's blog

  4. YAY for saying no to the cake!!

    and Paris? I'm so jealous! THe only foriegn country I've been to is yours. (no offense :)

    Totally excited for the Christmas Challenge!

  5. so I'm totally late jumping in...but my goal is 15.4 pounds by Christmas. That's 5 pounds under my WW goal and my personal goal...and what I weighed in HIGH SCHOOL!!!

    Glad you are doing so great girl!!!

  6. yeah I don't like pumpkin pie. phew! dodged a bullet there. And Paris? I am DYING to go to Europe. I want to do everywhere. Somewhere with history older than 200 years (basically 100 years is all you get in SK!) but hubby isn't a traveller so who knows if it'll happen. Not till I'm skinny at least! (packing will take up less room right?)

  7. I'm not a pumpkin pie fan, but wow I need some giant will power to not dig into ice cream or frozen yogurt if it's in the freezer.

    Paris?? That is friggin' awesome! We have been to D.R., Vegas and are going to Cuba in April, so in a few years I'm sure Europe is a must.

  8. Yeah for passing up the pie! Apple pie is my weakness.
    Paris. I am so jealous, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

  9. ok, so I'm late on the christmas challenge too!
    My goal in to be back under 140 for the holidays. I've gained this summer and I'm having a heard time get that pesky 5 pounds off!


    YAY for saying no to the cake!! ;~)

  10. Paris sounds lovely!! I've never been, but I would certainly love to. Yes, completely jealous over here. How wonderful to have something like that to look forward to - talk about motivation!!

    Let us know how the pie turns out. I have a thing for pumpkin AND sweet potatoes. I don't think you could go too wrong with any recipe for either!

  11. both london and paris are great, went there a few years ago w/a friend, her parents, and a bunch of HS students (school trip)... the food wasn't the best in london but the shopping was great (org. doc marten store is there)... as for paris, i got to see all the 'tourist' sites and didn't have a chance to just hang-out... would've loved to have sat outside a small cafe, having some wine, and people watch... you'll have a great time! :o)

  12. I totally want to do the Christmas Challenge! 12lbs is my goal.

    Oh, if you have ANY questions about London or Paris, let me know! I just got back from both remember?


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