Friday, September 7, 2007

Weigh in, BB8 and weekend plans

Scale: 156
WI Results: -3lbs!

I knew that my first week back OP would give me a pretty good loss, especially since my first weigh in was immediately following a junk fest but I'm still super excited to tell everyone that I lost 3 lbs this week. 3 SOLID lbs. Feet firmly planted on the scale and standing up straight (I used to be one those weighers who would move their feet around and shift their weight until you get the number you were looking for, don't tell me you haven't done it yourself!!) I am a solid 156. That needle wasn't moving from that number. I was actually pretty excited to see that number. I'm slowly but surely working my way down to that 150 mark. I felt so great when I was at around 152 or 153 so I'm getting close girls! Although this weekend does present some pretty difficult challenges......

Challenge One: Dinner tonight at my brother's new house. One the menu? Homemade Lasagna (probably the best I've ever tasted at that) So in preparation, I have packed a super low lunch, AND I offered to bring dessert. I was thinking about getting some Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls and baking them there so that they are nice and warm and gooey and I am willing to use some of my bonus points to have HALF of one. I'm going to check out the point value before I make any decisions though. If I can find the reduced fat one, I'm getting those for sure! I'm WIDE open for suggestions though girls!

Challenge Two: Hot Air Balloon Festival tomorrow (including those greasy carnival vendors that smell SOO yummy!) We'll be there all day SO I was thinking of actually packing a little cooler. Making some egg salad sandwiches on WW bread made with low fat miracle whip. That way I can control the amount of points I'm taking in and I won't be craving the deep fried goodies. I'll also throw in some yogurt and some fruit to snack away on.

Challenge Three: Family BBQ on Saturday evening. Luckily I'm hosting this time so I'm planning the menu. Right now we have BBQ's corn on the cob, hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ'd potatoes, Salad and to top it all off I am making Roni's Simple Big Chocolate Cupcakes. They look yummy and I'm sure no one will be able to tell that they are WW friendly!! I'm planning on having 1 hot dog, some corn and salad and a cupcake for dessert. Downfall: Everyone is bring something so I'm going to try and hold back the temptation! But that's what flex points are for right??

So that is how my weekend is playing out. My Mom got into town late last night and it was SO good to see her. It's been about 4 months and it was great for her to finally see our new home. Oh before I forget, I did have a GREAT NSV last night. My Mom got into town around 9:10 last night....Which means I MISSED probably the most exciting episode of the SEASON for BB8!!! Fill me in ladies!!! I've read the BB8 website to find out what went on and I had it playing in the background while I gave Mom the tour so I know who got evicted but did anything else exciting happen? I heard Eric said the "L" word to Jess. I'm so upset that they went home, I just loved them together!!
Anyway back my NSV. My Mom and her boyfriend got in around 9:00 and they were starving, I offered to make them something but they had passed the Pizza Shack on the way to my house and they had a hankering for Pizza and Garlic fingers (my #1 weakness!!) so they ordered some and around 10:00 started in on a 12" Garlic finger and pizza. I was so tempted to just have 1 teeny weeny garlic finger with donair sauce but I resisted!! Scott and I just basically sat there and drooled until it was all gone. I knew I need something to nibble on while they were chowing down so I had some baby carrots and a diet ginger ale. It definitely satisfied that need to munch on something.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

I'm still trying to catch up on Sarah Food Photo Challenge but my camera is not cooperating so I may need to get it fixed before I can get in all my pictures!


  1. you should update your number, it says 169 at the top but didn't you say the scale said 156??? either way, congrats on the huge loss - that's awesome... and great job on passing-up the pizza, that is SUCH my downfall... have a nice weekend w/your mom... :o)

  2. Thanks Jodi!
    I don't even know WHERE I got that number?!
    Better get that off of there, it's bad mojo! I don't ever want to see that number again!

  3. Congrats on the loss! That's awesome!!
    Have a great weekend, sounds like you will have everything under control.

  4. roni's food porn makes me sooooooooo hungry.

    congrats on the big loss!! you're kicking butt! :)

  5. WTG on the great WI today, girl!

    You are so inspiring!

  6. I'm so excited about your loss - way to go!


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