Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yummy Finger Foods

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of my dinner last night for Sarah's Challenge. It was amazing, low in points and I swear when I was done, I felt like I had just eaten greasy pub food without the heavy bloaty feeling that comes afterwards. I should have taken the picture but by the time I was all finished cooking, I was famished and the thought of spending an extra 10 seconds to go get the camera seemed absurd to me at the time.

I took a few recipes from Hungry Girl and one from Roni's site and we had a "Pub Grub" night last night. If you haven't found either of these sites yet, oh baby, you're about to hit a goldmine of amazing recipes and tips for WWers. First on the menu was Chicken Strips found on the Hungry Girl Website and let me tell you, if you haven't tried it NOW! They are amazing. Honestly it is hard to tell that they aren't deep fried and with a little low fat BBQ sauce, honestly it feels like you are cheating! They are great with a honey mustard sauce too or even some low fat ranch dressing. To die for!!

Next we had battered Onion Rings. These rival the chicken strips and seriously there is no way to tell that these little numbers are WAY less fat and calories than their deep fried counterparts. It's amazing. These may have been my favorite but everything was so good, it's hard to tell.

Last but certainly not least we tried Roni's Zucchini Pizza bites. Mmmm Scott absolutely fell in love with these. They were pretty good actually and the topping was yummy. We used low fat cheddar instead of mozzarella but we got more cheese for less points and I don't think we sacrificed any of the taste. If your in the mood for some pub food, check these ones out. They are fantastic!

On other news, I tried out my mini trampoline yesterday. I wanted to start off slow so I was only on it for about 30 mins while I was watching TV but it was nice to get in some cardio and I can see how it could be a great workout. I'll let you know how it goes from here. It feels great on the legs and butt and you can really feel them working hard.

Scott and I have been thinking about joining the YMCA for the winter months. They have some great aerobics classes and I would love to have the option of using the machines right after work. I wish my work had a gym. We are going to go for a trial week next week and see how we like it. Anyone have any tips??

That's it for me today :)


  1. Just catching back with everyone after the weekend...and it's Thursday already! LOL

    So glad you are back on WW and feeling so good about it. I truly love the plan, knowing that I really can eat anything I want to as long as it fits in my DPA.

    And happy jumping on your mini trampoline. Way better than eating while you sit in front of the TV.

  2. Ooh, your pubby finger foods sound so good! I subscribe to HG's website but have never made any of her recipes, although because of her I AM ADDICTED to Fiber One cereal. Anyhoo, I'll have to try her chicken fingers/onion rings as well as Roni's zuchinni bites. I tried a cookie recipe of Roni's once and actually threw them away -they were awful, but perhaps I made them incorrectly? I dunno. Everyone raves about her meal ideas so perhaps I just happened to choose a dud that time.

    Long story short: sounds like an excellent, low point meal! Wahoo!

  3. those chicken strips and pizza bites do look rather tasty, i may have to try them... i think doing the trial-YMCA is a great idea - then you can see what they have w/out making a commitment... its totally worth the money if they have great weights, cardio machines, AND classes... :o)

  4. yum!! i will def. try the chicken strips & onion rings. i tried a recipe once from hungry girl: strawberry dream pie. the crust was fiber one and it really did not taste good so i've been hesistant to try any of her fiber one concoctions since then but i will definitely give these a try if you say they're yummy!! good way to substitute greasy food too :)

  5. Onion rings....*DROOLING*..... am going to give them a go!!!

  6. sounds yummo. plus I love the Y.

  7. I love having all the options I can get for working out. Gym, dvd's, etc. It IS nice to have variety with classes and such. Let us know how the trial week goes!

  8. The zuchinni bites sound yummy!

    OMG BB was awesome tonight. I'm kinda bummed about Eric though. I know everyone I know in real life is glad he's gone though. I don't know why I wanted him to stay. Did you see who won HOH? If you want to know, let me know. I'm watching the live feed and know already.


  9. Congrats on the loss Carolyn. That's awesome.


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