Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday...and the Challenge keeps growing!

Scott keeps telling me to appreciate Mondays because they make up 1/7 of your entire life. It's true...but who wants to hear that at 7:00am Monday morning on your way to work?!?

We had a super busy weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner (East Side Mario's....had the chicken wrap...soooo yummy) and then we went to a Hockey game. I brought a Toffee Cadbury Thin with me for a snack so I wouldn't feel left out when everyone else was chowing down on beer and nachos. Worked out great!! It satisfied my sweet craving and it was only 2 pts!

Saturday we had a wedding to go to. They had a Chinese buffet for the meal and it was great. I tried to stick with the veggies and not go overboard but my stomach felt so heavy about an hour later. I remembered why I never eat Chinese food. Yuck. It always makes me feel like a balloon.

Sunday Scott and I went to Costco with my brother, sister in law and their 20 month old little girl. We had a great time and spent about 3 hours walking around the store and then the mall so at least I got in some activity. Last night is where it all went wrong. We got home from Costco (about 1.5 hours away from home) and decided to fore go the preplanned tacos and have homemade pizza instead. Needless to say, I really should NOT have made this awful choice but I did. I have to live with it. I'm moving on. (Although I'm still kicking my butt over it) I should remember how awful I feel next time I think of making pizza instead of a nice point friendly WW meal.

Speaking of kicking butt..... I got my butt kicked last night. Before we left for Costco I put a book on the stairs that needed to go downstairs. Of course I was just too lazy and rushed to take it all the way down before we left. Last night I was going downstairs to put some clothes in the dryer and instead of turning on the light, I just ran down...well tried to. I didn't make it past the first stair before I stepped on the book and it sent me flying! I can't believe how hard I landed, both arms scrapping that metal piece at the top of the stairs. Then I slid down the stairs hitting my back and head on each step. Both arms are swollen and really bruised and I have a super sore back. I put ice on all the really swollen and bruised parts last night but sleeping was awful. Everything hurts. I'm SO lucky I didn't break anything though. I'm just sore and achy. I am going to try the elliptical tonight since I really didn't hurt my legs. The only thing is that I packed a little tank top for the gym so my bruises will be on display. Grrr. Sometimes my clumsiness amazes even me.

So on to the Christmas Challenge...We have 4 new Challengers to add to the list today! I've added them to my side bar so check out their sites and drop a little encouragement their way. :)

Natalie -12lbs
Teena -14 lbs
Melissa -12lbs
Becca -12lbs

Welcome to the Challenge girls!
For all of the Challengers, don't forget to e-mail me your WI results this week. I will be posting the results of Week 1 on Mon, October 1st so get them in before then. I would also encourage everyone to take a before picture. Before and after pictures are the best motivation and you'd be surprised at what 5, 10 or 15 lbs can do! Who doesn't love seeing Before and After pics?? If you've already posted some great Before and After pics on your own blog, leave a link to the post in your comment. I will see if I can find some before pics tonight and hopefully post my own before and after tomorrow :)

That's it for me today. Happy Monday ladies!


  1. i like scott's thoughts on mondays, that is so true. i think the worst part is waking up early for me. i LOVE my weekends bc i like to sleep in. always have, always will. i'm so sorry to hear you fell down! ouch! that happened to me 2 years ago, i slid down my whole flight of stairs and my brain was all shaken around, it hurt SO so BAD. i feel your pain and hope you feel better. good for you for getting to the gym even with your injury, you are awesome!!

    pizza is definitely a weekend treat for me. i'm sure if you made your own it couldnt be that bad. i had a delicious trader joes pizza. it was mediterreanian (sp?) and had feta, olives, fire roasted red peppers. YUM. so good. not huge but it was 450 calories for the whole thing and my sister and i split it. definitely a yummy treat and for 225 calories not bad, right?

    i'm so ready for the xmas challenge. i need to get back down to the low 130s and i want this to motivate me. friday i was 137.8 and this morning 137.2....hey, that works for me. as long as its not going up!!

    have a great night! do you watch heros? i do and its on tonight, i love it! i also watched kid nation on wednesday, interesting concept, i will definitely tivo it to see if it gets good! bye girl!

  2. YAY CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE! Boo falling down stairs! Oh well, I guess you learned your lesson! (sometimes, lessons are completely not worth learning though. And other times, there consequence is much too small - lose your purse, find it, no harm. But that's something you NEED to learn a lesson about. Putting a book on the stairs though, come on!)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Man, you were lucky!!!! I hope you're feeling better soon.

    As for the challenge. I miss my WI this week so the next time I will get to a meeting is October 1st. I WI at 7pm, but when I get home I'll post you right away. Hopefully, I'll have good news!

  4. That's one good way to look at Mondays...
    I did the pizza route too, and was pleased to find out that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Don't feel too bad about the pizza.
    Sorry to hear about your fall. I imagine that your fall hurt more than mine did this weekend! I hope it stops hurting soon.

    By the way, I'm actually doing a blogroll for the Christmas Challengers, so if you or anyone else wants the code when I'm finished just let me know!

  5. sorry about your fall. I've done that WAY too many times in this house!

    don't beat yourself up about your weekend. you have so much willpower during the week that you will do just great I'm sure!

  6. I am so ready for this challenge! A little scared to give you my number this week though, see, there was this incident that involved chocolate cake...

    What a fall! Glad to hear you aren't hurt more than you were. Take care :)

  7. Am in for the challenge Maria looking to lose 20lbs for my Birthday which is Christmas!

  8. OOOUCH! Hope you feel better soon baby-cakes! :)

  9. (Carolyn, I'll be back to comment for real later, but found thishummus recipe, and thought you might be interested)

  10. Ouchie! I'm sure you were quite sore the next day, but I am giggling at your "at least i can still get on the elliptical" attutide! Ha! :)

  11. Ouch! glad you make it down ok! I fell two years ago trying to pick up my cat (I know I know, how pathetic) and it was the start to my back troubles.

    The x-mas challenge is great b/c when I find myself wanting to slide, I just htink that I have to lose the weight for the challenge. thanks!!!

  12. Yikes! Sorry you took a tumble!

    On Saturday I was jogging and 'in my zone' (translation: rocking out to Kanye West) when I tripped over a rock and bit some serious dust. Lucky for me, I only bruised my ego. ;)

    Your homeade pizza couldn't have been toooooooo bad... and it WAS the weekend, not like you completely fell off track, you know?

    Anyhoo, YIPPEEEE for the challenge kickoff!

  13. Sounds like a busy weekend! I love East Side Marios!

    And Chinese buffets always seem like a good idea at the time. Ha!

    I hope you're feeling better after your tumble. Take it easy, Girl!

  14. Seeing that list makes me jealous like maybe I do need to join, but I don't have much to lose anymore. Tooo cool!

  15. i would be happy for a maintain this week too....the scale was not too friendly this morning, even after a perfect OP day. i was even under points i believe. i did have a huge mexican dinner though so maybe that food weight is still floating around if you know what i mean. i'm excited for the xmas challenge too. i need to start seeing results though, im definitely an instant-gratification kind of person. i will try to be patient though.

    you didnt miss too much on heroes (check, they may have online episodes). they only featured a handful of characters. basically hiro woke up back in china in the 1600s and met his idol (some guy whose name i forget) and he saved him from something. he was scared he messed up the future since he screwed with the past. claire (the cheerleader) and her family live in southern california now and they're trying to stay under the radar and appear normal. a new character maya was introduced, she was hispanic and was traveling from honduras to the US with her brother. she was actually kidnapped away from her brother at one point and when he caught up with her, she had killed the entire van of people going to the US. and she was crying. they want to get to NY to see mohinder. lets see what else....i think thats basically it. hiro's dad and peter patrelli's mom know each other and both think they are going to die. at the end they show 3 guys in cork, ireland trying to rip off a storage unit and they find peter petrelli inside and he has no idea who he is or how he got there (everyone thinks he's dead). also, nathan petrelli is an alcholic and looks like a homeless person.

    the honey wheat natures own tasted like regular bread to me, just a little bit on the dry side but its the same size. its definitely yummy though!!

    alright, good luck with your food & exercise today. i NEED to get to the gym. i didnt go yesterday :( went to the mall instead. hey, shopping is good cardio! haha

  16. Sorry to hear about your arms ...sounds like something that I would do! :( I hope you are feeling back to normal again soon. Try putting some Arnica cream/ gel on there, it will help with the bruising and help make it go away soon! I live by this stuff. :)

    I will try to get some before pictures this week and get them posted on my site. I mean I have some old ones but nothing that really just says "today .."

    Thanks for adding me to the challenge! I am super excited about doing it!

  17. Ah man, I'm way impressed that after a fall like that, you are still going to work out! Way to go!!

    I'm so excited about this challenge! Everytime I think about eating something bad, I remember that I have to answer to you and Randi, and everyone else that reads your blog. I don't want to be the one girl who doesn't even lose a pound! Thanks so much for pulling this all together!!

  18. Oh My! You poor thing! You are so lucky! You are likely going to be sore for a while though.

    I usually have pizza every weekend, but haven't really made my own with real homemade pizza dough. I'm thinking I might this weekend though.

    So excited about the Christmas Challenge! Before and After pics are a great idea!

  19. Ouch! I have (wood) stairs, too and slipped really badly about a year ago. I cried like a little kid it hurt so bad! I thought the fall would never end! It took about a month for all of the bruises to go away. Feel better.

    And, I owe you an email with WI info.!

    Thanks again for doing this! I can't wait! :))

  20. I've just put up befores: I hope the afters look a bit different :)

  21. I'm in for the x-mas challenge (not too late I hope!) my blog address... and my goal---8 pounds by x-mas.


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