Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back on WW!! Finally!!

I finally recommitted myself to Weight Watchers. I have been off it now since the first of May and I decided that it was finally time to come back and start holding myself accountable again. I miss counting points and I really miss the freedom that WW gives you. When I was doing SFL It was great and the weight came off super quick but I was basically eating the same thing over and over everyday and it really got to the point where I was doing the SFL during the week and then on the weekend I would just eat whatever I wanted. Not healthy.

Last weekend was the last straw for me. I finally realized that I wasn't eating all of that junk on the weekend because I necessarily wanted to, I was eating it because I had convinced myself that the weekend was my splurge time so I HAD to stuff in as much junk as humanly possible. That is NOT a healthy way to live. I would find myself gaining 3 or 4 lbs in one weekend (I'm sure a lot of that was water retention but still!) and then I would do SFL during the week and be back down to my normal range by Friday. I certainly didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any either so I was able to justify all the garbage I was eating all weekend. Has anyone else ever had this problem? For example, we went to the drive in movie theatre on Sunday night, since it was the long weekend they were playing 3 movies. That's almost 6 hours of sitting in your car or out on a chair with nothing to do but watch a movie and snack snack snack. I didn't even want half of the stuff I scarfed down but I ate it anyway because it was the weekend and it was my "Splurge time". If I didn't eat it then, I wouldn't be able to eat it again (or at least this is what was going through my mind as I popped each peanut M & M into my mouth). Monday was a good day for reflection and I got to thinking about how my eating habits had changed from healthy eating with a little occasional splurge (in moderation) to the all out junk fest that I was participating in every weekend. I think it was good for me to get a little break from Weight Watchers because after being on the program for 17 months, I did get a little tired of counting points and I was getting sloppy with my weighing and measuring. So I do think that the break was a good things for me but now it's time to get back in the zone and stick with the program that has given me so much success in the past!

I have about another 15 lbs to get off and I'm determined to get there before Christmas. It is 16 weeks from today and I'm pretty confident that I can do this. I'm going to set myself up for success. My hubby is also doing WW which is such a HUGE motivator. I'm also thinking about going to Walmart today on my lunch to pick up a mini trampoline and maybe even a trampoline workout video. I plan on walking outside as much as I can but I thought that having a mini exercise trampoline in the house would be a great motivator as well. I can just plop it in front of the TV when I am watching an hour long TV show and the time will just fly by! A friend of mine swears by hers and she said it is amazing for toning your legs and butt. Plus it doesn't take up much room and it's pretty inexpensive. I would love to eventually get an elliptical but for now I think the trampoline will do nicely. So my workout plan for the next few weeks (until I get back in the groove) is to get in at least 3-45 min walks/week and 2 hours on the trampoline. Depending on how difficult I find the trampoline...It seems like such an easy concept but I remember I had one a few years ago and I was sweating it off after only 10 mins (of course I had a few extra pounds on then but still).

I am also DYING to try out some new WW recipes!! I am so anxious to go out and buy the stuff to make Roni's Spaghetti Squash and Zucchini Lasagna. It's so fantastic! Also if anyone has any great recipes for low point WW casseroles, I would LOVE to try a few. I need to get some new dinner ideas and I have decided that this fall and winter, I'm going to be way more adventurous in the kitchen. I need to explore new ideas and spend some time making new masterpieces in the kitchen. I used to LOVE to cook and I always thought it was very relaxing so I definitely want to get back to that.
I'm so EXCITED to be back on a plan that I LOVE! Just talking about it makes me SOO excited!!


  1. I have a recipe book that has all 5 pts recipes. The ones that I've tried are all quite tasty! If you're interested, e-mail me at fatinahdc@hotmail.com and I can pdf some of them to you so you can give them a try!
    How exciting that you're starting WW again.

  2. Congrats on recommiting! I also have 15 more pounds to get rid of and I want to do it by Christmas. We can do this.

    I totally know what you mean btw. I've maintained this summer by doing the same as you, great during the week and treats for the weekend. You should see the "long weekend" treats I ate! haha

  3. I hope the wee tramp does the trick, do tell how it goes cos I have been thinking about getting one for ages!


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