Friday, September 28, 2007

Maintenance is bliss

At least it is today.... I gained 0 lbs this week...I also lost 0 lbs this week and for once, I'm actually pretty happy about that. I had a mid week weigh in that made my jaw drop but it must have been due to TOM and being sick because it seemed to balance out for WI this morning. Although I must say, compared to the successful WIs that the Christmas Challengers have been sending me, my 0 lb loss looks pretty darn pathetic. This weekend I have a plan and I'm NOT going outside of my 35 flex points. Not even happening. No chance. I'm kicking my own butt into gear and getting this last 9 lbs off before Christmas.

So ladies, start sending me in your Week 1 Weigh In Results and I'll be posting them up on Monday. I've gotten a few in but there are still quite a few of you left. You can also send them to Randi.

Tonight we have a little double date action going on and we are heading to East Side Marios (Hey Bada Boom Bada Bing!) for dinner. I've preplanned my meal and I'm having the Mariboli Chicken wrap with a side of Caesar Salad with Light dressing. Mmmmm can't wait! Then for a movie treat I am thinking of dipping into my flex points and having a Cadbury Thin for something to munch on. I think we are either going to see The Kingdom or Good Luck Chuck. Any reviews out there?

Tomorrow we have a wedding and I hear that Steak and baked potato is on the menu so I really shouldn't have a hard time there. I'm not a huge steak eater so I imagine Scott will be wiping my plan clean before I am even half way done. Although their wedding cake is a carrot cake...which just happens to be one of my little weaknesses. But that's what flex points are for right?? I will look up the points for carrot cake I go to the wedding. It might scare me enough to pass on the cake altogether! Doubt it. It's carrot cake girls!

Then Sunday I have the mother of all temptations. A Bridal shower. Ughh. Showers are a feeding ground for cupcakes and brownies and sandwiches and cheese and crackers and chocolate squares and sugary punch. It' my WW worst nightmare. My plan is to eat a nice filling lunch right before I go and then hopefully they will have a veggie tray that I can stick to. I know I can do this. Strategy is everything when it comes to showers. How do you girls handle baby and bridal showers?

That's it for me today girls. Good luck on all your WIs today and don't forget to e-mail me your fabulous results!


  1. OOOOO. Good luck at that shower. I think eating a nice lunch beforehand is really smart. Also IMMEDIATELY throwing your little plate away when your done might help. Sometimes it just helps to think, "ok. no more plate. done, katie."
    I don't envy you!

    (Oh yeah, and I'll be singing the maintain tune pretty soon with TOM coming up. Don't sweat it. Although Christmas seems like it's around the corner, we haven't even gotten to October yet! You've got plenty of time :)

  2. Good job on the maintain. That's great.
    Good luck with the shower too. You should consider eating something healthy right before you go. That will help keep you in line with the sweets!

  3. I love showers too much for me to hate anything about them. I love the way everyone is all ladylike and prim and proper, even when that's not them at all (uh me.) There's sometimes lots of fruit and veggies as well as that's lady food. So that's what I usually try and stick to. Rarely works but I try. Let yourself have your favorite treat as well. But only 1. and a cookie, they're free at showers aren't they?
    oh, and i heard bad things about Good Luck Chuck. haven't seen it though. I was interested in the Kingdom but again, haven't seen it.
    Have fun!

  4. I find that showers aren't such a hotspot any more -- so many people don't want to eat junk food, and although there's usually lots of junk there, there's often trays of fresh veggies & fruit too. Maybe it's just where I am?

    I've enjoyed your blog. You can do it! (Canada) D

  5. I just sent randy an e-mail before checking your blog, so she should have my results now.

  6. No suggestions on the movie, sorry. The last time I went to the theater was to see Stranger Than Fiction. I think my ADD doesn't allow me to sit through an entire film like most people are able to do.

    As for the shower...I don't go to many of those, but whatever you do, keep your back to the cake! That's the best advice I have for ya.

    WI official results for today:
    -1.5 (down to 171.5)

  7. Hi Carolyn, I think a maintain is not bad considering what you went thru this week with feeling sick and your fall. Besides, how do you know that you didn't lose an inch or two?

    Have fun at the events and take advantage of the fruit and fresh veggie platters and like Randi said...allow yourself a treat so you aren't deprived that is what Flex is really for.

    Umm I posted my WI at my blog and in case you didn't get my email I am down 1.2 lbs.

    Hope you have a great OP weekend.

    Hugs, Mel

  8. Hey Carolyn!

    Excellent news on the maintain - remember, a maintain is as good as a loss (you'll be maintaining when you reach your target weight, so it's good practice - that's what I tell myself!)

    As for baby showers, I don't really know (I've never been to one), but if it's a buffet, I think if you choose maybe 2 or 3 things you really want, have a little of each, and then get rid of your plate and utensils - that way, you're not deprived, and you don't blow your points. Also, like you said, eat a filling lunch, or take something to the shower that you've prepared - something low fat/low cal that you can munch on guilt free (like fruit salad... mmm).

    Good luck with it though :)

    Nat x

  9. Hey pretty lady... just to let you know, WW pasta = whole wheat pasta.

    I'm a lazy-one, I have a bad habit of abbreviating everything.

  10. Great job on the maintain!!!! And yes, showers are SUCH an excuse for ladies getting together and having a big cake-fest, lol! You've got a great plan for the weekend, I'm sure you can stick to it. Planning is half the battle!

  11. Is it too late to join the challenge?? I've been so busy at school I've missed the original posts about it. Thanks..

  12. Oh man, the food situation at a shower is both heaven and hell. Do you know someone else that is attending that also watches their weight? Perhaps the two of you can have a little secret pact to keep an eye on each other and stick to the healthier options..?

    Good luck and congrats on the maintain!

  13. Maintaining is good.
    Now I may be totally crazy but I say carrot cake is okay as long as it is a small piece because it has carrots and can maybe count as a veggie. Just eat it slowly :).
    As for the shower, well I don't think that we should ever deprive ourselves so eat a good lunch full of veggies/fiber and then if you want something at the shower have it but only half. I hate to waste food but when it comes down to tossing out half or putting that half on my hips I vote for tossing. IMO a bit will not be the end of it but 2 brownies a cupcake and 3 glasses of punch will. But a teensy taset of everything gives you satisfaction and no deprivation or guilt. :)
    Have fun!!!

  14. I'm pretty sure I"m going to have a gain for this week's CC WI so that sucks! Ah well, that's how she goes! I"d love a maintain this week too!

  15. Have fun at the wedding! I'm sure you will be JUST fine! The carrot cake sounds yummy though. :P


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