Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm just plain scared to WI tomorrow morning. I have been sick all week and super stiff from my circus act with the stairs and this translates to ZERO gym visits. I just don't have the energy. Plain and simple. I know I should be going to the gym, I know I would probably feel better if I went to the gym but I just can't do it. I SHOULD go to the gym after work today and just get on the treadmill. I don't have to run a half marathon, I don't even have to run. I can just get on there and get my body moving. Even if it's just a walk for 30 mins. It's better than nothing right? I should do this. I really should. Can you tell I'm trying desperately to talk myself into it???

Do you guys still workout when you are sick with a cold and feel awful?? (Keep in mind that if you say yes, It may motivate me to get off my sick butt to the gym and get on the elliptical, my workout fate is in your hands girls) Although I already know what you're going to tell me. The same thing I keep telling myself. Go. To. The. Gym.

Well the Christmas Challenge has officially affected my WW plan now. Last night I had a small NSV and I owe it all to the Christmas Challenge. I had a few points left over last night after supper and I wanted some munchies to carry me through ANTM. (I liked the girl who went home. she was so sweet and I was sad to see her go) I went to the kitchen and grabbed 1 point worth of Melba Rounds and some Vegetable garden cream cheese from the fridge. I was just putting it on the plate when I thought to myself....Is this really my best snack option? Did I even get in all of my dairy and fruit/veggie servings today??? I looked it up and I was lacking in the fruit department so I put the Melba rounds and cream cheese BACK and opted for a cup of grapes and some vanilla yogurt. Mmmmm It's a small victory but I'll take it where I can get it. This Christmas Challenge has really got me re-evaluating my WW choices!

Don't forget to e-mail me or Randi your WI results! I'm assuming that most of you WI on Friday so I hope to see a flood of e-mails tomorrow with lots and lots of successes! I'm seriously just hoping for a maintain tomorrow but we'll see. I wouldn't be surprised to see a gain. Stupid Pizza.

Everyone's talking about TV this week and tonight is like the mother of all nights when it comes to Season premieres. ER, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy! Does anyone know if Shane West is going to stay on ER? It made it seem last season (after he lost his legs) that he wouldn't be coming back. I hope he does, He is my favorite character!

That's it for me today. Short but sweet. :)
Everyone enjoy their TV night!


  1. Good for you - thinking before scarfing something down has been really been a challenge for me. Getting the grapes instead is huge! I am currently trying to fulfill my calcium requirements (due to doc's orders, preparing my body for a baby in a year or two) so today at lunch, I made a conscious decision to NOT have the 1-point hostess and have the 2-point milk instead. SO HARD, but seeing that I'm still full, worth it!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are sick! That seriously sucks. Whether or not I exercise when sick depends on exactly how I feel. If I'm sick to my stomach, NO. If I have the sniffles, I try and see what happens. If I have a headache I skip, but that's because if I'm not EXTREMEMLY careful my headaches turn into migraines. I would say just try a light workout and stop if you can't do it.
    Good job on your snack choice. That's fantastic!

  3. yay! making a difference! one plate of crackers at a time!
    Yes I work out even when I'm sick. Get moving! (i honestly do if it doesn't make me sicker. I won't run outside with a cold but indoors I'll do some strength stuff or ellipticalling) you can take it easy while you're there, but get there and do something.
    I've got a couple WI's for you that I'll pass along tomorrow, does that work?

  4. for me, it all depends on what kind of 'sick' i am feeling... if it's just a cold, then i usually go but don't push myself too hard (esp. if i can't breath)... if it's a 'mental' kind of thing, i usually skip the gym because i know my heart won't be in and i won't push myself very hard... not sure if that answers your question though... ;o)

  5. I haven't been going to the gym either. I've been fighting a virus or something, and for me, when I'm sick, it's way to easy to get run down, and make the darn sickness last longer than necessary, just gotta do what makes you feel right.

    And as far as the NSV...GO YOU!

  6. just a quick comment to let you know my weigh in:
    starting weight: 138.8
    weigh-in: 138.0

    so down 0.8 lbs! hey, its a start :) ok gotta run to a meeting! take care and good luck with your WI!! :)

  7. i'm a little weird and still run when i'm sick - but i get a lot of comments about that. You can still do home workouts and resistance training without going to a gym if you can't find the time. all it takes is a mat, a couple of weights and a ball. surf the net for a few exercises and whammo - back in the game ;)

    feel better :)


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