Monday, September 10, 2007

First Monday in a long time....

that I don't feel like I weight 200 lbs again and my pants are actually still fitting me well!
I did pretty good on the weekend. I wasn't an angel by any means but I was very aware of my bonus points and tried to stay within them all weekend. I only had one small slip up with a few glasses of wine on Saturday night that I didn't count. I wasn't expecting to get into the wine but you know how it goes ladies, one glass leads to two and then three. But overall I'm happy with my weekend, I wish I hadn't of had that wine but there's nothing I can do about it now. I just have to accept it and move on I guess.

On Sunday Scott and I had a great NSV. Scott kept dropping hints about Pizza Shack all afternoon and when it came time for supper, he had ALMOST talked me into a 9" Garlic Fingers and a Caesar salad but my better judgement got the best of me and we both decided we would feel a lot better about ourselves if we just had something at home. I ended up making some Onion Rings and they were delicious! I'm pretty happy today that we didn't give in! I know I would have felt awful

This weekend we are having a housewarming party for our family. We had to have 2 basically because there was just too many people. We had our first one on August 25 and we had about 45-50 friends show up so we were pretty packed and we are having one for our family this weekend and are expecting about 40 people all together so it should be a good time. I'm planning out the menu so I'm planning on sticking with healthy options and I'm NOT planning on getting into the wine on Saturday so I will be better equipped to fend off any temptations.

I'm also hoping to go down to Maine (about 1 hour and 15 mins from home) to pick up some WW products like bagels, wraps etc and some other low fat low cal products. I need to stock up! I absolutely love going down there, I'm like a little kid in a candy shop.

I had trouble with my camera so I wasn't able to join in on Sarah's Food photo challenge :( I'm getting it back today though so Sarah, if you start the challenge for a second time around, let me know, I'm so in! It's such a great idea!

Scott and I are going to the YMCA after work today to get a tour of the gym and to see if we want to get a membership or not. We are both pretty sure we would like to join at least for the Winter months. They have some great cardio and yoga classes that I would love to try out. The gym is only about 3 mins form my work so we could go right after work and get in a great workout. The membership fees are really reasonable. The corporate rate is $39/month and your spouse gets 50% off of that so you really can't beat it! I'll let you know how it goes.

BB8 last night....I'm really starting to dislike Danielle. She is so smug and annoying. I think Zach did the right thing by putting them both up. I just hope that Jameka or Zach win the POV and they get rid of Danielle. She needs to go. I can't stand her anymore. Both her and Dick need to go. I would love to see Zach win! What did you guys think?

That's it for me today girls! :)


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! You're doing so well! Congrats!

  2. Good Job on the 3 lbs!!!
    And I think the gym sounds great, especially since it's so close to your work.
    And good job on staying away from the pizza shack!

  3. i'm not a zack or jameka fan. they didn't play the game. i am all for dink and dani. sawry. :( such a good show tho.

  4. You are doing so well and great job on this weekend fighting off the temptation of food:) Cant change the wine part but it could have been worst:)

    Hope the gym tour goes well!

  5. Congrats on resisting the garlic fingers!

    I also love shopping in the States. So differents isn't it?!

  6. Luna Bars are 3 pts. :D

    Well...I could tell you what has happened in BB, but you will see tomorrow. Did you get my response last time when I told you who won HOH? I sent it from my phone, so I didn't know if you got it. If it did go through and you want to do who won POV send me an email and I'll respond through my phone again. :D

    When I watch the CBS show, I've seen so much of it on the After Dark. I stillw atch though because I don't get to see how they all win the things. Tomorrow will be good. They have no idea tomorrow is a live eviction. They've talked about it, but they think the eviction is Thursday.


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