Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 1 down.....363 days to go

It's amazing what 1 good OP day can do to your confidence. Tuesday I felt sloppy, frumpy and basically just huge. But after a great OP day yesterday, I feel much more in control and I feel ready to take on these extra pounds that jumped on track over the Holidays AND get down to my goal weight (which is now about 15 pounds away instead of 10)

Last night I went shopping at Suzy Shier. I needed some new dress pants and although I thought maybe I shouldn't go shopping since I have these extra pounds on, I went anyway since I didn't want to miss the big sales. I figured that I could just buy the pants a little snug and then as the pounds floated away, they would be perfect. So I brought a few size 9's in with me hoping, I could squeeze my Holiday stuffed butt into them. I tried on a few pair that were no good (they fit, just didn't like them) Then I tried on the last pair and they felt a little snugger ( not even a word, I know) and there was a little muffin top action but not much and I knew if I dropped the Holiday weight, they would be perfect. (plus Scott said I look super hot in them) Off I went to the cash register. When the sales girl started folding them up the tag was on top and I realized they were a 7! A 7! I know many of you ladies have been talking about vanity sizing so I kind of had mixed feelings about buying a 7. Am I supposed to be happy or do I chalk it up to vanity sizing? Any shoppers notice vanity sizing taking over Suzy?

Anyway so today is another great OP day and I'm looking forward to staying on track. I feel so much better already! I'm hitting the gym tonight and looking forward to it. Yup, I said looking forward to it. It's been way too long. I'm actually anxious to get my butt to the gym. I'm thinking about hitting up some strength training today since I have a dinner date later and don't want to get too sweaty. We'll see though how it goes.

How is everyone making out back on the wagon?
Anyone have any great recipes for me to try out in the kitchen this weekend?? I think I've decided that Sunday will be my "try-a-new-recipe" day. Suggestions??


  1. ACTUALLY, I have always found that Suzy Shier sized SMALLER (I have only ever tried on tops) but yes, I have found them to be smaller!!!
    The worst culprit for vanity sizing that I have heard about is Lululemon...

    I told myself that I would try new recipes every suggestion is just to buy a cookbook like ESBM or something and just go's a good cookbook and has LOTS of yummy recipes!!!

  2. Suzy Shier stuff is vanity fo sho.

    I shouldn't have baggy size 5 pants and there's NO WAY I should be buying extra small shirts, but that's what happens when I go there. I don't know about vanity sizing in lulu though. They tend to be all over the place. I can buy a size 6 sweater or capris but end up with 8s for pants and tank tops. Tres weird.

    I am planning to cook up a storm this weekend and finding new recipes too. Want to avoid prepackaged meals for next week and soups are soooo good when it's cold!!

  3. That's what makes me think that I'm really not losing weight some times because of vanity sizing. I bought a medium shirt in the fall, and I can't even fathom fitting in a medium that is big on me. But hey.. I guess whatever works.. Maybe one day everyone will be a 00petite if they keep doing this vanity sizing.

    Also, I totally agree with you on the OP feeling great, not OP and feeling like a slob. That is why I weigh myself every day. Just to keep me in line with my head, since my head is much more powerful than anything else!

  4. I've collected some recipes that I enjoy at:

    Being back in control and on-point is one of the best feelings in the world.

  5. I don't think we have that store around here, but as far as other stores go, I am starting to find a lot of consistency in sizing. Or maybe it's more the brand than the store? Anyway, congrats on the size 7! Take it for what it's worth and enjoy it :) I found a pretty yummy crock pot chicken taco recipe that I'll e-mail if you want. You can throw it together before work and when you get home you can throw the mixture on top of lettuce and make chicken taco salads. Have fun at the gym! I'm going to go today and go through the motions but not get carried away until this cold subsides. Good luck staying OP, too!

  6. Great job getting through day one!

    interesting finding at suzy shier

  7. Not to rain on your size 7 parade, but I have totally found Susie Shier to vanity size... I own a skirt from there in size xs. Trust me, I am not extra small.

    But I took and still take joy in that extra small skirt, so rejoice in your size 7 pants!!!

  8. 7, 9...single digits are glorious even it they are vanity-sized, lol!
    I haven't even heard of Suzy Shier (Canadian thing?) But my guess is they've probably hopped on the bigger cut bandwagon too. That's ok though, you can just measure progress from there, maybe in a couple of months you'd even be able to fit in to a (gasp) three!

  9. i say... try to make french onion soup.

    cuz that's what i'm trying next!

  10. Vanity sizing or not, it always gives me an extra thrill when I can buy a size 8 pair of pants when I know I'm definitely more of a 10. Thank you for the ego boost, Gap and Ann Taylor!!

  11. It is amazing how much better one day back on plan will make you feel. Just take it one day at a time, and I know you can do it!

    I have about 16 pounds until my goal, so we are definitely on the same wagon....we can do this!

  12. I have been op for three days since December 1st and I feel great. Great job getting back on track. Don't you just love smaller size 7. Way to go girl!!! Keep it up.

  13. Good for you being back on the wagon, I know what you mean, one OP day does wonders. Here's to more OP days and being back on the wagon :)

  14. I have honestly never heard of Suzy Shier so Im no help on that one but a 7 is a 7 regardless so enjoy that new smaller size..wooo hoo!!

    Im another one who is looking for new recipes as well. I have one for green beans that are low in fat and awesome that was discovered over the holidays if you are interested let me konw.

  15. That's the spirit! Size 7 is great, I got so excited to be able to comfortably fit in a 10 while shopping last weekend. I personally didn't do too bad during the holidays btu I haven't weighed myself yet.

  16. Booo I wrote a huge comment and it didn't keep! It's amazing how one day back on plan can do wonders for us, both mentally and physically! Already I feel much better then I did yesterday.

    I haven't bought anything at Suzy Sheir in years (maybe I should revisit?) so I can't comment...

    I'll be posting any good recipes I try from my new cookbooks on my blog - or is that a copyright issue? At least I will pass them along through e-mail then... but I'm trying to dhte same, at least one new recipe a week. As soon as people stop inviting us to their place for dinner!

    have a great weekend... good luck!!! (my first post was way better)

  17. Suzy Shier sizes are just whack. I've bought everything from a large, to size 11, to small and size 6. The craziest is Stitches where I tried the same pair of shorts on in small, medium and large and couldn't tell a difference. Rule is: feel good when you wear smaller sizes, but realize it's all bull when you have to buy bigger.


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