Friday, January 18, 2008

Days 3 & 4

4 days under my belt and I am feeling pretty fantastic. 4 days completely OP. 4 days of eating healthy and counting points. 4 days of exercise and determination.

I secretly weighed in this morning and I am down 2.5 lbs from Monday. I'm sure most of it was water retention but hey, 2.5 lbs is 2.5 lbs. I won't count my official weigh in until Monday when I weigh in at the gym. So hopefully that 2.5 lbs may even become 3 lbs by Monday. Although I'm going in with no expectations since tomorrow night may be a night filled with wine so I'm really not sure if that's going to throw me off for a few days. (now throw ME off, but throw my weight off) There's no stopping me now. On Day 25, I've decided to treat myself. Haven't decided on what yet but most likely a new pair of runners or a new gym outfit.

My exercise this week has been great but I'm hoping to step it up a little next week. This week:
Monday: 15 min elliptical warm up & 45 min Body Sculpt Class
Tuesday: 50 min Yoga class
Wednesday: 15 mins elliptical warmup & 45 min Body Ball Class
Thursday: 15 min on treadmill and bike & 40 mins on elliptical

I'm taking a day away from the gym tonight but tomorrow night will be filled with tons of dancing since we are going to a local pub that has a great band playing tomorrow night.

This week a friend at work brought in a cookbook for me to browse through. It's call Crazy Plates and it's by the same girls who wrote the ESBM book. I made the meatloaf last night and it is SO good. Scott's been asking me to make meatloaf for him for seriously about 3 years but I've never made it before so I just kept putting it off. I only tried a small bite since I only had 0.5 pt left but Scott had a whole piece and said it was excellent. I'm forgoing my usually Friday night homemade pizza tonight since I'm saving up my flex points for wine tomorrow so I thought I'd make it for tonight for dinner. Anyone else have a meatloaf crazed hubby at home - e-mail me and I'll give you the recipe. So good.

Other than than my night out tomorrow night, this weekend it pretty ow key. tonight we are going to either go to a movie or rent Good Luck Chuck. Sunday I have a bridal show to go to for the whole afternoon.

Congrats to Christy and Sonya who are kicking butt this week!! You girls are great motivation!

Randi also asked a great question: If I do go off plan for one day...should I just not count that day or do I start back at 0? Any suggestions? (Although there's NO way I'm falling off the wagon) I'm thinking that I should go back to 0. Gives me more motivation to stay OP!


  1. Usually when I go off plan for a day, I try to count it. If it's not possible for me too (or way to scary), I just zero out my flexies for the week, and continue strictly OP for the rest of the week.

  2. Great work Carolyn, you're doing fantastic!

    I'm not sure about that question. I wouldn't want to go abck to 0 because then I'd feel at the botom of hill again, BUT if I decided that I'd go back to 0 BEFORE ever going off for a day, it might be just the right incentive to stop me from doing it, so I see your point there.

    But you don't have to worry about that, now do ya? ;-)

  3. you ARE doing fantastic, keep up the great work! i'm sure monday's weigh-in will go really well! for me, when i go off-plan - i usually don't count anything because then i KNOW how much over i'm going... i just start at zero the next day - simple as that! :o)

  4. if you're down this week it is because you're working hard and staying OP. Don't sell yourself short with the old water retention story. I better read you patting yourself on the back when you have a good weigh in missy!!! You're doing great and it's so much fun to read your enthusiasm.

  5. Going back to 0 sounds pretty drastic! Just because you have one bad day doesn't mean that cancels out 5 or 9 or 16 good, OP days! And I'm with Fatinah - don't sell yourself short! You're doing great and it's not just water retention!

  6. I buy stickers and put them on my calendar for each day I'm OP. Right now I have 13 stickers in a row and today I'll earn another. Sometimes I go over my Flex by 1 pt, but I don't punish myself, because I know that when I only go over by 1 pt, it's because I'm so hungry I feel like I could throw up. It happens. I just went out and bought 10 new sheets of stickers! They're happy faces and they have little sayings like "You did it!", "Doing well!", "Good effort!" etc. I saw them and thought they'd be motivational, haha. I bought my calendar at Indigo after New Year's for $4! Anyways, it's just an idea if you'd like to try it. I find that seeing the visual of the stickers keeps me in line because I look forward to earning my sticker every day and putting it on my calendar.

  7. I just think it's unrealistic to be OP for 365 days a year. But I guess I don't know what OP means to you. Like to me, having wine would not be OP, not that I can never do it, but I would consider it a "cheat" or something. if you just mean not go over your flex then you're right you probably could do that 365 and should restart at 0. I sort of like the idea of stickers, or rather, 28/31 days OP in January or whatever. then anything over 90% or something could be a success. I dunno, you need to decide yourself. Whatever you can stick to and motivates you. (we already know that we're very different!)

  8. Your exercise log is impressive Carolyn! Look how far you've come on the exercise front - seriously!!

  9. I dunno about your question. What does OP mean to you? Like having a bottle of wine tomorrow night is OP because you are planning for it. For someone else that may be disastrous.

    I wouldn't want to have to start over if I was at day 20 or something, but maybe that motivation would be good too?

    I'm not very helpful today, am I?! LOL

  10. Amazing work, Carolyn! You're on fire - I am loving it.

    But most of all - yay on the weigh in!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!

    Be strong this weekend, okay? Let's turn that loss into 3lbs. I'm going to check with you first thing Monday morning, and we're going to set the right tone for another kick-ass week!

  11. I would go back to 0 - but it's not like you are gonna do that anyway! ;)

  12. I agree that going back to 0 is drastic...I would just add up the points and deduct the overage from your flexies.

    It looks like you are doing a great job otherwise...have a great week coming up.

    Hugs, Mel

  13. Congrats on your 4 days. Can't wait to hear your weigh in tomorrow. :)

  14. WOOT awesome job girl!!!!

    Personally, when I go off plan for a day, I start backm on the next...I also kind of penalize myself for it...for instance I knock off some flex or I won`t allow myself to eat my APs for the day...BUT I try to write EVERYTHING down that I ate so I HAVE to remain accountable for what I ate!!

    And I am SOOOOOO excited for you to be down this week!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for 3!!!


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