Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday!

It's Friday! I feel amazing and my jeans seriously look 10 times better than they did last week (a little bit of muffin top action going on last week) The girls are heading over tonight for some Margarita's and munchies. I ended up making a low fat lemon and dill dip and I bought low fat crackers and Multigrain Tostitos. I also made a guacamole which is amazing but I'll only try a few bites since it isn't the greatest for you. Who would think that an avocado has so much fat in it? I made it with low fat sour cream but still...not so low in points.

A friend at work gave me this quick, 5 min recipe and seriously, for 5 mins worth of work, you won't believe how yummy they are. I made a little batch last night during a commercial break and threw them in the fridge overnight. Try it!! (but only if you have the points!) YUMMM!

1-1.5 oz semi sweet chocolate chips (I used about 1.2oz.....plenty)
1 Tbsp of Peanut butter (I used reduced fat stuff)
1 Cup of All bran flakes

Melt PB and chips in microwave until smooth, add in All Bran and mix. Drop onto a plate or cookie sheet with a teaspoon and throw into the fridge over night. Voila. Seriously, you're not going to get over how yummy they are. AND you get 2 for 1 point. (each batch makes 12 "cookies" so they aren't huge but definitely satisfies the junk craving) I bet the ones I made are actually lower in points though since I used low fat PB. 1 Cup of All Bran is only 1 point. 1 Tbsp of low fat PB is 2 pts and then you just have to count the chocolate chips. Hmmmm......

So yesterday was my 5th time to the gym this week!! I think this may be the first week I've gone 5 times. I'm also planning on doing my new Billy Blanks DVD this weekend (I bought into the Tae Bo thing) A friend of mine has one and she said she noticed a huge difference in her butt after just a few weeks. Who couldn't use a firmer off I go. I'll let you know just how torturous it is on Monday.

Tomorrow is pretty low key. I have to go into work for a few hours to give a presentation at a local Nursing Home. Lots of food but I'm planning on eating lunch before I go. Tomorrow night I'm hoping to hit up "Cloverfield" with hubby. Heard it was great and I love those kinds of movies.

Sunday is my niece's 2nd birthday bash so we are quite excited for that. It's going to be a pizza party so I think I'll save some points and have 1 piece and then bring a salad or something with me to have on the side. I'm usually out of flex points by Sunday so I'll have a low point breaky and lunch to accommodate. Usually 1 piece of pizza is like 6 points right? I can factor that in no problem. The only worry I have is tonight since the girls are heading over and who knows what they will bring with them. I think the problem we usually have is that we all sit around the table and munch and gab, maybe this time I'll leave the food in the dining room and make everyone sit in the living room!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Those cookies sound really good! I found a similar recipe online that called for Fiber One instead of All Bran. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds delish!
    I love the Tae Bo series. That is my go to work out. We have a treadmill in the house, but I love what the Tae Bo does for me. Last night I did 40 minutes and earned 5 APs! Plus after a week or two, you will start noticing the definition in your arms. I think I might get wrist and ankle weights to make it harder once I get used to doing it again (taking a 3 week hiatus from exercise over the holidays was not a good idea!).

    It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. Enjoy the movie and margaritas!

  2. MMMM, I am SO going to make those cookies!!!

    I am so happy for you and your sexy jeans!!!! You TOTALLY earn that feeling after the week you put in!!! that is amazing!!!

    Enjoy your get together with the girls (was it Epicure guacamole you made??? my last batch didn't turn out so well...unripe avocado!)

    Also enjoy your movie and pizza!! Sounds fab to me!!

  3. wow - 5 times! you are awesome! we should do an exercise challenge next week? you in?

    its great to get rid of the muffin top - those suck!!

    have fun at your girls night and the birthday party. have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling great in your jeans! That's awesome! All your hard work at the gym really must be paying off! :0)

    Enjoy Cloverfield too... DBF and I went and saw it last Sunday and loved it!

  5. Firmer butt in just a few weeks? I've got to try it!

  6. First of all congrats on making it to the gym so much this week, thats fabulous!

    Thanks for the recipe I will have to try those out sometime, sound good but addictive for sure..haha!

    Good luck tonight at your bash, you can do it!

  7. how was your weekend? hope it was great :)

  8. Hi there.

    Came across your blog. Those cookies sound awesome. I'm going to try some next time i go shopping and get the ingredients. Looks like you're doing great, 5 times in 1 week, thats amazing.

    I wish i could work out on my lunch break, but there's no way i could fit working out and a shower and changing clothes into my break.

    Keep up the good work fellow weight watcher :-)



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